Why We Picked Prehung Solid Core Interior Doors by Masonite

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Lets talk prehung solid core interior doors today! I am absolutely loving the Craftsman 2 panel solid  interior doors by Masonite that we picked for the Split level home renovation and I am going to share why prehung solid core interior doors are well worth the money vs. hollow core doors. We partnered with Horner Millwork in Massachusetts for our interior doors and as always, Horner Millwork never disappoints! Everything from placing the order to constructing the doors to delivery is always exceptional. 

Prehung solid core interior door

Did you know that one of the most searched terms on google regarding doors is what is a solid core interior door? Until we installed solid core interior doors in our basement remodel a couple years ago, I had no idea the features and benefits of solid core interior doors. 

Prehung interior doors are definitely the way to go and it doesn’t cost that much more money to get them “prehung.” 

split level basement with white 2 panel solid core interior door and wood flooring
The Black round door knobs are from Amazon and provide a fresh modern feel to the shaker style door. You can find them here. 

The modern prehung interior door above is in the basement where we created a closet under the stairs. If you missed the basement tour and flooring installation, check out the basement flooring post from 2 weeks ago. 

Here is the basement staircase/closet door area before the renovation. The old stairway door (see the entire house before we renovated here) was a hollow core door, very flimsy and very ugly!

I guess warm tone stained doors were popular in the 1970’s!

old split level basement with concrete floor

1970s split level basement unfinished

Solid Core Interior Doors

We picked the high quality Heritage Series 2 panel solid core interior doors by Masonite for all the bedroom doors, closet doors and bathroom doors. The specific style is called the Craftsman Logan door. 

The closet doors below slide open to a large his and her closet providing a fresh modern look in this bedroom.

2 panel solid core white interior closet doors with light green wall paint and natural oak floors

Here is what the bedroom looked like before the renovation. It’s a doozy!

Jim ended up adding on a bump out addition (where the brown built in bookcase/shelving is below) providing a walk in closet for the new owners.

The bedroom looks pretty amazing compared to the previous space right!?

split level 1970's brown hollow interior doors

Solid interior doors are filled with wood or wood composite materials that feel durable, sturdy as well as sound reducing.

If you have ever opened a hollow core door (there is nothing in the middle of the door), they feel flimsy and light weight.

The old doors that we removed were actually hollow core and I think original from when the house was built in the 1960’s. I was very happy to see them tossed in the dumpster!  We opted for bypass sliding doors as there was not enough room a traditional door swing. 

Installing prehung interior doors

Here is the other new bedroom door below. I love how the black hardware looks with these 2 panel  doors.

white solid core interior door 2 panel masonite bedroom door

black door knobs

To create an upgraded look in the bedrooms, we opted for sliding closet doors vs. bifold doors.

Personally, I think the 2 panel solid core sliding doors are visually appealing and look better than bifolds. Solid core masonite interior doors come in a variety of styles but for this project, we picked the minimal modern style. 

Don’t get me wrong, bifolds provide a purpose when you are tight on space and need a larger opening in a closet area but for this project, the sliding door option was the best bet. 

white solid core interior sliding closet doors with blue walls

Solid core interior doors that are prehung cost more than hollow core doors. Honestly, there is no comparison and solid core is by far the best in my opinion. There are basically 3 pricing tiers when it comes to an interior door. Pre hung doors are easy to install and worth the extra money.

Hollow is the cheapest (around starting around $60), Solid Core is middle to upper end (starting around $180 – $400) and solid wood is the most expensive. Of course if you add the prehung option to any door, the cost of the door slab itself will be more money. 

Is it Worth Upgrading Interior Doors?

Yes! In my opinion,   it’s absolutely worth upgrading your doors. Upgrading your interior and exterior doors will not only provide a new modern feel but will also add value to your home depending on the scope of your project.  I would encourage  you to research solid core doors before you invest a penny in updating your interior doors if you prefer to not take my word for it. Think of it as an investment in your home!

As you can see the below, the hallway looks amazing with all new 2 panel solid core interior doors by Masonite. The craftsman flat style trim that Jim installed throughout the house also adds a gorgeous modern feel while keeping with the craftsman style.

Personally, I think these are the best solid core interior doors and at a great price point. We have several Masonite solid core interior doors and the fact that they provide a soundproofing element a room and durability are two of my favorite features. 

One thing to note, 1 panel solid core doors are many times less expensive than a 2 or 3 panel door so if you are working in a tight budget but really want good quality, research 1 panel solid core interior doors on google and pinterest for ideas. 

hallway with white oak flooring, blue walls and 2 white solid core bedroom doors

black round door knobs

Here is a picture of the hallway living room area before the renovation started. The previous owner left their furniture so I snapped these pictures literally the day after she moved out. 

1970's split level living room and hallway

Here is a picture of the laundry room door that we decided to hang with barn door hardware. We originally planned to install a hinged door but opted for the sliding track instead. 

white masonite 2 panel solid core interior door on barn sliding track

As you can see, the door is the same white solid core interior 2 panel door that we used in the remainder of the house.

Barn doors do not always need to look like “barn doors.” Hanging the same style door that you have in the rest of your house is very easy to do! Just buy a sliding barn door track and mount the door panel to the track. Easy peasy! 

I will be sharing a tutorial soon on how to hang prehung interior doors. You will be amazed at how easy it is!

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What is a Prehung Door?

We always order our interior and exterior doors prehung. It’s makes life much easier when installing the door and well worth the extra money.  Interior prehung solid core doors include a door slab that is already hung in the frame and pre-cut for the doorknob and the strike plate. Basically, the door is all ready to be placed in the door hole for installation providing a flush fit. 

If you missed any of the remodeling posts (especially when we tore down the kitchen wall and opened up the ceiling to install shiplap planks) for this split level house, you can find them all by heading over to our “split level house renovation” category page where I share how to update and modernize a split level home.

Stay tuned, I will be sharing the full exterior reveal, kitchen and bathroom reveal and exterior door post over the next couple weeks.

Thank you to Horner Millwork and Masonite for sponsoring this post on interior solid core doors! The doors are as always, gorgeous! All opinions and words are 100% my own.

PS. if you want to see the 3 panel solid core Livingston doors that we got from Horner Millwork, check out our basement remodel we did …..they are spectacular! 

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