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French Closet Doors Installation on Slanted Ceiling {Lady Loft}

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Have a large open loft or attic space with slanted ceilings and need a closet? Don’t miss the how to frame a closet with slanted ceilings post a couple weeks ago that we shared. Today we are sharing the french closet doors installation on slanted ceiling closet. The french closet doors make this awkward shaped closet, look amazing!

I can’t wait to get them stained or painted. I haven’t decided what color yet.

How to Install French Closet Doors

French closet doors are interior doors that swing outwards from the center of the frame. They are typically made with two panels, both hinged at the sides. They often feature decorative glass or are solid wood for added visual appeal.

unfinished wood prehung french closet doors, installation with shims, nail gun

38″ French Closet Doors

Technically, the rough door opening is 38″ and the prehung closet door is 37 3/8ths wide. You may be thinking, the door isn’t big enough. I learned the value of shims and the art of leveling during the closet door installation.

What are shims for a door installation?

Wood shims are thin pieces of wood used to fill any gaps and level the door frame when installing a door. To use them, slide them between the frame and the door until it’s level. Once all gaps are filled and the frame is level, wedge them firmly in place.

unfinished wood prehung french closet doors, installation with shims, nail gun
unfinished wood prehung french closet doors, installation with shims, nail gun

I have always loved french closet doors or double swing doors on a closet. I don’t mind bifold doors but wooden french closet doors give the closet a bit of an upgraded look in my opinion.

All of the bedrooms in the house have solid stained wood french closet doors so my goal was to keep the same look in the lady loft as the rest of the house.

loft attic french closet doors on a slanted ceiling

French Closet Doors Installation

It took longer to get the door up to the loft from the garage and unwrapped than it did to actually install the door.

The wood french closet doors from Horner Millwork (thank you Horner Millwork!) came prehung so you literally set the door in the rough door opening, do some finagling to get it level (this takes a bit of patience and the majority of the time to install) on all sides and nail the door to the rough opening.

You can read more about our work with prehung doors by clicking through this post, solid core prehung doors and why we love them.

unfinished wood prehung french closet doors, installation with shims, nail gun, level

As you can see the the two doors were not level. One side needed to come up so the shims did the trick.

Shims (shingles) are your best friend during a closet door installation or any door for that matter.

unfinished wood prehung french closet doors, installation with shims, nail gun, level

My job was to stuff the shims under the door until it lifted enough and was level.

unfinished wood prehung french closet doors, installation with shims, nail gun, level

The shims are used to get the door level on all 4 sides.  We then used the finish gun to nail the door jamb to the rough opening.

unfinished wood prehung french closet doors, installation with shims, stanley knife to remove shim

My job was to also cut off the shims with a utility knife. The trim will hide the edge of the sheet rock and shims.

French closet doors installation on slanted ceiling

Making the most of your slanted ceiling space is a must when you are dealing with an attic or loft. The loft now has a decent sized walk in closet for storing seasonal clothes, office items and most importantly, the toys that my 12 year old son can’t seem to part with.

If you have tween aged children, you know exactly what I mean!

Updated: See the final reveal of the loft featuring a dramatic before and after

empty loft with slanted ceiling, sky light window, beige carpet and sectional

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Wood french closet doors can transform a closet with a slanted ceiling by adding a classic and elegant touch. The design of the door will add an air of sophistication to the space, while also allowing for easy access to whatever is stored in the closet.

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  1. Hi,
    Your doors look very nice! I’m looking for some like that. Can you tell me the brand/style name and type of wood? I clicked on the Horner Millwork link, but have no idea how to find the doors you have.

    Thanks for your help!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hi! Everything looks beautiful and I love how you are working on this project with your dad. I am currently working on a very similar project with my father. Just curious, how did you end up organizing the closet?

    1. Thank you! Because the walls are slanted, cutting the inexpensive wire hanging and shelf racks from Home Depot work best. I still need to add mine! ha

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