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Jessica Bruno Four Generations One Roof

Hi and nice to meet you! My name is Jessica and I’m from a small town in Massachusetts and love sharing my unique multigenerational living lifestyle which all  started in 2008.

Prior to starting my blog in 2012, I had no experience with social media and didn’t even have a Facebook account. I am a self taught mom blogger who stumbled upon blogging while searching for Star Wars party ideas for my son’s 5th birthday party in 2011.

How It All Started

In 2008 my family moved into my childhood home, owned by my parents.  The original plan was to stay for a short time while we looked for a new home but we never left. Within a couple years, my grandparents (my dads parents) also moved in. We were now 4 generations all living under 1 roof.
Here is me with my parents and grandparents below.
Woman's Day feature + behind the scenes
Me below with my parents, grandparents, my son and step-daughter’s.
In 2011, Four Generations One Roof was born by accident which quickly became a popular spot for family, friends and new readers to visit on a daily basis. My dad, my grandfather and I  started renovating our home together and the blog became a popular hub for DIY interior design projects, DIY home renovations, room makeovers on a budget, family recipes and how to successfully live in a Multi-Gen Home while maintaining privacy, style and your sanity.
A closet and Office space | Cloffice | Organized office in a closet
In 2018, a lot changed and life as I knew it for so many years ended. My grandmother passed away on the eve of Thanksgiving, 2017 and my grandfather became a permanent resident at a local Nursing Home near my home in late 2017. My grandfather had severe Dementia which left us unable to care for him at home. This was one of the worst days ever, taking him to the Nursing Home knowing he would never return home :(.
In February 2018, my parents  sold my childhood home . My now ex-husband and I along with my parents purchased a new house 1/2 mile down the street with more land, one kitchen and a home conducive to now three generations under one roof. The funny thing about buying the new house was my ex and parents loved the house and me, well it wasn’t my ideal interior style (don’t get me wrong it’s really nice just not something I would have picked) but my ex really loved it and at the time it seemed like a good idea. My parents also loved the house so it was 3 yes’s and an “ok” from me with the idea of remodeling down the road to create a home that was more my style and something they still loved too.

Shortly after purchasing the new home, my grandfather passed away and my marriage ended. Boy, I had no idea what the next couple years had in store for me! If you had told me one year prior, that a year later my grandfather would die and my marriage would end AND I would meet an amazing guy (Jimbo!) and get engaged in 2020, I would have said “no freaking way!” I wrote a handful of blog posts during this time and you can read them below.

  1.  Surviving separation , divorce and the death of my grandfather .
  2. 3.5 Generations and marriage proposal 
  3. Answers to,  “where have you been Jess and is everything ok?” – adjusting after divorce & 2nd job” and “Jess do you still like blogging?
  4. Fast forward to 2023, we are modernize our home – finally!

Losing my grandparents who were like second parents to me and the end of my marriage all within the same 14 months just about caused me a nervous breakdown – literally. I am finally to a point in my life (2022) where I can talk about it without tearing up and not feel like a failure. It hasn’t been easy but the lessons I learned are invaluable.

My little blog that started off as a way to keep friends and family updated on life living with my grandparents and parents somehow turned into my full career and has landed us some pretty fun local and national features. We have been featured (see press features) in a variety of national publications, radio, print and online as well as magazine features. Over the years I have met some amazing people and now work with a variety of sponsors as well as contractual relationships for brand ambassadorship. Working with HomeGoods as a blogger, Better Homes and Gardens as a StyleMaker since 2013 and a freelance prop stylist for local and national brands has been a tremendous experience.

Friday Favorites | Gorgeous sisal rug for Sale

Some of the brands that we have worked with and/or currently works with are Home Depot, 3M, Shaw Flooring, Sherwin-Williams, Joss and Main, MasterBrand, HomeGoods, Wayfair, Better Homes and Gardens, Tylenol, Birch Lane, Proctor & Gamble, HomeRight, PineConeHill, Dash & Albert, Minted, Cree, Country-Time Lemonade, Flooring Decor, Kohler, Quaker, Ellios, Shaws supermarket, Whole Foods, Hood, Oreo, Old Elpaso, Folgers, New England Coffee, Jasco, Sears, Lightstream Banking, New Hampshire Travel and Tourism, Hinkley Lighting as well as a variety of smaller scale brands. See a list of full past and present sponsors here.

To wrap this story up, I want to say that I am grateful for all the relationships I’ve made over the years in this crazy little industry called “blogging” and am so happy you are here! If you would like to continue following along, you can Subscribe here to my newsletter to get an email every time I add a new post on the blog. I will also send you a FREE Decorating guide to transform your home in 5 steps. Don’t worry, I won’t spam you! ;).