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Why a Barn Door To Bathroom Entrance Was a Smart Idea

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Why a barn door to bathroom entrance was a smart idea in this home renovation project and yes, we would do it again!  A sliding barn bathroom door provides the ability to hide contents in a closet or provide closure to an entrance without a door swing. There are several bathroom barn door ideas and this is perfect if you are tight on space and still need to provide bathroom privacy or hide bathroom linen closet items. This post contains affiliate links. You can read my disclosure here. 

Sliding barn door on bathroom wall

3 panel white sliding barn door on bathroom wall

This particular master bedroom at a home Jim renovated and built an addition on was very large and while the bathroom had a lot of room, the awkward door swing into the bathroom would have meant a cramped linen closet area.

So we decided to add modern sliding barn doors on the closet and leading to the bathroom entrance which provided excellent results.

Step 1 – Install sliding barn door track

First we added a trim (header piece) above the door to mount the black sliding barn door track.

mounting barn door track header above bathroom door opening

We used this heavy duty black barn door kit and fastened the track to the door header and the rollers to the door.

First we measured with a level where the track would be placed.

measuring for barn door track with a level and pencil on door header

Once the measurements were taken, we drilled holes (this is a great screw gun) for the screws and then fastened the track to the header with the provided hardware.

screw holes for barn door track in door header

The barn door track slides beyond the door opening about 36″ or the width of your door.

Below, you can see him measuring the height of the door in order to obtain the proper placement of the track.

measuring the height of door for barn door track

Use your level to make sure the track is straight / level before you fasten the bolts tight.

measuring the black door track to ensure it is level

Once the track was mounted, we installed the rollers on the doors.

Step 2 – Install barn door bathroom hardware

black barn door roller on white door

Follow the directions provided in your kit to ensure you attach the door hangers in the correct spot.

hanging interior door on sliding barn door track

The door doorstop can be adjusted and tightened easily depending on where you want the door to stop.

We decided to hang the same interior door leading to the bathroom as the rest of the house so all the doors would match.

Best barn door to bathroom

I personally think any interior door can work for your bathroom entrance and if you want the barn door to the bathroom to match the rest of your house, then simply hang that interior door.

3 white sliding interior doors to bathroom and closet, white oak floors, blue walls

If you are looking for bedroom closet door ideas, sliding doors are a great alternative to traditional swing doors leaving you more room inside your closet.

We used this barn door kit for the double closet doors. If you are ordering a sliding door kit online, just make sure you order the correct length track for your door opening.

These are 3 panel solid core interior doors (similar to the 2 panel interior doors here that we installed at the split level house) and they look so good hanging on the black sliding door track leading to both the closet and bathroom. For some reason I didn’t get a picture with the door knobs installed but you get the idea!

This door set comes with the hardware which makes like very easy! I personally love the matte black hardware but they also have stainless steel.

Sliding barn door for bathroom for privacy

white 3 panel interior door on black sliding barn door hardware

The sliding barn door on bathroom wall provides privacy and  visual appeal as the black track was modern giving a fresh modern look to an otherwise boring wall.

3 white sliding interior doors to bathroom and closet, white oak floors, blue walls

One of the best things about sliding barn door tracks is you can mount any interior door. You do not need to mount a traditional barn style door. The sliding barn door to the bathroom proved to be a perfect choice to suit both function and style. It was a win win!

Here are some of my favorite barn doors from Walmart (yes Walmart is like Wayfair now – they sell everything and better prices) and Amazon that we have in our own house and have used on client projects. Click on the image below to shop:

We have installed several barn doors and hanging interior doors over the years so if you are looking for more barn door ideas, be sure to check out our basement makeover featuring the livingston 3 panel sliding barn doors, our blog post on how to hang a barn door without removing trim, how to make a pantry with barn doors and our split level remodel basement bathroom barn door on a sliding track.

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