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Cute Split level house remodel project {house tour}

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Today I am sharing our 1970’s cute split level house remodel project in Foxboro Ma that has been in the making since last September.  Be sure to follow us on Instagram as I have been sharing the demolition process on Instagram stories. 

Split level house Foxboro Ma brown siding

1970’s Split Level Remodel

Last September, Jim sold his housemoved in with me and that same day, he purchased this split level fixer upper. 

split level house with cedar deck brown siding

The current exterior plan for our is to remove all the old siding, windows and roof shingles and replace with new white board and batten siding, new black windows and coordinating roof shingles.

By the time we are done with this house, it will be the cutest modern house in the neighborhood sporting a designer modern farmhouse look. 

The existing back deck is in actually in pretty good shape, just needs to TLC!

We will be removing all the dead trees around the property and renovating the existing landscape…it’s not looking too pretty right now! 

The split level house was built in the late 1960’s and has never been updated. In fact, I think all the door knobs and even the faucets are original! 

We have partnered with Horner Millwork, Masonite, Armstrong Ceilings and Wolf Home Products for this entire project and it’s going to be epic!

1970s split level house kitchen wall with dining room and living room

I took these pictures about a month ago after the previous owner moved out. 

1970s split level house kitchen wall with dining room and living room

Typical of a split level house or raised ranch, there are 3 bedrooms, a full bathroom on the main level along with the kitchen, dining and living room area. 

Split Level Removing Kitchen Wall 

1970s split level kitchen with black diamond linoleum brown cabinets

1970s small narrow bathroom with flower curtain

All of the walls will be torn down (update: See that post here where we tore down the walls) between the kitchen, dining and living room area providing a massive open kitchen living room. 

We are currently waiting for the architect to finish the engineered beam design so we can get moving on opening up the space. 

If you are in the construction industry or are currently remodeling your own home, you know that every field in the industry is backed up for months.

The price of materials are 3 and 4 times more expensive compared to a year ago and wait forever for things like design plans. It’s crazy!

Split Level Entryway 

A split level entryway as you walk in the front door is typically very small with two sets of short stairs leading to the lower level or the main living area. 

split level entryway with white iron stair rail

We have big plans for this cute little house and you are not even going to recognize it once we are finished.

The entryway will sport an oversized craftsman style door with sidelights and a gorgeous window transom above. 

Exterior UPDATE: You can see the front door and the brand new exterior featuring board and batten, black windows and accent roof by checking out our post, “split level house exterior remodel before and after.” 

Wait until you see the portico design for the front entrance! It’s going to look amazing!

If you are looking for ideas on how to modernize a split level home, check out the blog post, “how to modernize a split level house with black windows.”

The house currently is about 1100 square feet with an unfinished very scary basement. 

1970s split level basement unfinished

Unfinished split level basement with cement floors

All of the walls will be removed in the basement and new 2×4 framing, sheetrock, ceiling and flooring will be installed. 

One of the biggest things you can do to increase square footage in your home is to finish the basement or lower level.

If you saw last weeks post featuring Jim’s split level house that he sold, you know that he added an additional 1000 square feet by finishing the lower level adding a new master suite, office and laundry room. 

Basement UPDATE  : the basement in this split level house is complete! Check out the finished basement and why we picked these gorgeous vinyl planks for the flooring. 

split level home unfinished basement with cement floors

split level home unfinished basement with cement floors

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Be sure to follow our split level house remodel project on Instagram as you will see us tearing down walls and doing demo on stories.

That is where you can see us working live tearing down walls and real-time demo.

This cute split level house will hit the Foxboro Massachusetts market in early summer so hold on tight, lots of fun projects coming soon! For more split level ideas, be sure to check out Jim’s other split level house (click here) he renovated that sold for 80K over asking price. 






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  1. Wow! Your work will definitely be cut out for you but I’m positive this place will be awesome once you finish. Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Michele Taber says:

    That’s not a split-level, it’s a split-entry. Some call it a bi-level or split-foyer.
    A split-level has 3 distinct living levels. Some also call it a tri-level.

    1. Sheila Litz says:

      It is a split level, I own one and you have 2 or 3 levels, after you come into a main landing!