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DIY Floating Shelves {laundry room}

DIY floating shelves in the laundry room is one of the best investments you can make. When our washer and dryer stopped working within a week of each other, we decided it was the perfect time to gut our laundry room closet and create an organized and functional space.

Our laundry room was really a closet that is inside one of the bathrooms. To give the illusion that the space was larger, we decided to create DIY floating shelves out of plywood and pine. A laundry room shelf or two can make all the difference in a laundry room when it comes to storage and organization.

If you do not want to make your own laundry shelves, keep reading because I am going to share my favorite laundry room shelves (affiliate links) (this laundry shelving unit is great) that you can buy cheaply and get this laundry room look for yourself.

I have included affiliate links at the bottom of the post in case you are wondering where to buy something.

Laundry Room Shelving Ideas

I searched google and pinterest for updated laundry room shelving ideas for days before I finally settled on making our own. Honestly, if you have a little DIY skills, you can make your own shelves. 

diy floating wood white shelves laundry room closet + wood folding table

diy floating wood white shelves laundry room closet + wood folding table

These jars are perfect for laundry clothes pins and small items like wool laundry balls!

DIY Floating Shelves 

Once the space was empty, we measured to ensure that a side by side washer and dryer would fit.

Our goal was to create a wood folding table out of plywood so we opted to not purchase the pedestals that the washer and dryer sit on.

white laundry closet with side by side stainless steel LG washer dryer

Adding a floating shelf for laundry room is the easiest project on the planet. I am not kidding, you can do this! 

DIY Laundry Shelving Supply list

Items needed:

1. 4′ x 8′  AC plywood (sanded and plugged plywood)

2. pine for the shelves and cleats (or you can purchase 2 sheets of AC plywood and cut your shelves to size)

3. drywall screws and finish nails (if using a nail gun)

4. sand paper, caulking, putty for nail holes (or spackle) and paint

5. a level

6. stud finder

Laundry Shelving Installation Process

We cut 2 inch wide stripes of pine for our cleats. We used 3/4 inch AC plywood for the folding table and 2 pieces of 1″ x 20″ of pine for the DIY floating laundry shelves. AC plywood is basically plywood that is plugged and sanded. It’s “pretty” plywood.

 You can buy a 4′ x 8′ sheet for around $45 at Home Depot or Lowes. This is an inexpensive way to make a wide shelf and create a folding table.

wood cleats for shelves and DIY laundry folding table

I wish I had a picture of me standing on top of the washer and dryer nailing and screwing the cleats to the wall. Unfortunately, we had to do the shelves once the washer and dryer were in the closet.

It would have been much easier with the closet empty.

The floating shelves above the washer and dryer created so much storage space.

DIY floating shelves laundry room closet + wood laundry folding table

I measured the distance of how high I wanted the floating laundry shelves to be and tacked my cleats ( I used a small level on each cleat to make sure they were level) to the wall with finish nails using the nail gun.

Once the cleats were tacked in place, I used 3 inch drywall screws to screwed the cleats to the studs in the wall.

Laundry Room Shelving Quick tips:

Use your tallest object that you want on the shelves as a guide to make sure you have the right height for your floating shelves. I used the height of the baskets that I knew would hold my cleaning supplies.

The laundry detergent bottle is also a good one to use.

DIY floating shelves laundry room closet + wood laundry folding table

Use a level to make sure your shelves are straight and not crooked! Don’t skip this step.

Next, I wanted a backsplash at the back of the folding table. Losing objects behind the washer and dryer would be painful to retrieve so a backsplash was necessary.

We simply tacked a piece of 4″ wide plywood to the top of the AC plywood and added a 2″ inch strip to the back to create a lip.

There are many more ways to add a backsplash but this was the quickest and easiest.

I also decided that I wanted the DIY floating shelves to appear to be thick and wide. In order to create this illusion, we used finish nails to tack a piece of pine to the edge of the shelf. You can use any dimension you want.

For this space, I thought a 2 3/4″ inch depth looked good.

DIY floating shelves laundry room closet + wood laundry folding table

Isn’t it amazing what under $100 worth of wood can do for a space? The DIY floating shelves were so easy to make.

DIY floating shelves laundry room closet + wood laundry folding table

Laundry Room Shelving above a washer/dryer

We also added a 1 1/2″ piece of pine to the front facing edge of the folding table above (not shown) to tie it in with the thick looking laundry shelves above. The AC plywood was only 3/4″ and as you can see above, it looks very thin and it was sagging a touch in the middle. 

By adding a piece of pine to the edge, not only did it give the illusion that the folding table was a thick shelf, it also added stability to the folding table and prevented the AC plywood from sagging. 

diy floating wood white shelves laundry room closet + wood folding table + baskets, wire hanging basket, green striped mat, LG side by side washer dryer

Shop My Laundry Room (click the links/images below) – affiliate links

You can see the 1 1/2″ piece of pine above on the front facing part of the folding table. After sanding the rough edges on the pine cleats, filling in the nail holes with putty, caulking the seams and paint, we now have a laundry room with DIY floating shelves that is organized and pretty!

wood floating shelves, wire hanging basket with towels, laundry sign, clothes pins, glass jar, Myers soap, sisal wicker baskets

DIY white wood laundry shelves, plastic storage bin, sisal baskets with paper towels , wire basket with laundry detergent

Laundry Room Shelving Ideas

If you have a door in your bathroom, this over the door ironing board works great and this retractable valet rod . We also have valet rods in our new master bedroom walk in closet that are perfect for hanging outfits or items that need to be ironed. 

Did you know that there are so many laundry room shelf design ideas that will make your head spin? I rounded up these amazing small laundry room ideas (click the highlighted link or image below to view) and you need to check them out.


Looking for more DIY laundry room storage ideas, check click through this post, “small space laundry rooms.” 

small space laundry room ideas

I am in love with our new laundry room even though I hate laundry.

These DIY floating shelves took my dad and I about 3 hours to construct. The part that takes the longest is cutting the wood. We removed the laundry closet doors and track so now the space is part of the bathroom.

I wanted to achieve an open laundry space that was stylish, functional and organized.

These inexpensive DIY floating shelves did the trick. Be sure to check out the full laundry room reveal where you will find many more pictures as well as the resource list for this space. With a little DIY know how and a few pieces of wood, you can get this look as well.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to shop the look.

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  1. Floating shelves aren’t always very sturdy, so I am loving this idea for our future laundry room reno. Also your new washer and dryer look dreamy! I hope you enjoying them!

  2. Rick Woodward says:

    Am in the middle of this project and had installed the cleats ( the 1X2s) on two sides. I discovered that there is a heating duct behind the third side. I was using plastic, self-screwing anchors because there was no stud behind the wall. Fortunately, I did not drill into the duct.The stud finder did not of course pick up the duct, which is almost touching the drywall. My question, can you think of any way to attach the cleat? I am stumped right. now. Thanks.

  3. Great tutorial! What is the color/brand of paint did you use on the walls?

    1. Yes! I’d, also, love to know the brand and name of the paint color! Love it!

  4. Shannon B. says:

    Do you know the source of those metal baskets? I love them!

  5. I love these! I am fairly new and inexperienced with DIY projects, and I still don’t have a lot of tools. Did you cut the wood yourself, or could I get Home Depot to do it for me?

    1. We cut the wood ourselves but they will cut the wood (if you bring the measurements) to Home Depot or lowes. Most local lumber yards will also cut the wood for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. George Manswell says:

    Just wanted to post a note, for the cleats… If you reduced the length by the width of the front piece, it would sit flush with the corner instead of protruding because of the front piece. That way it would look like its custom (since it is) and the whole thing would look much cleaner.

    Not to be critical, just my OCD kicking in.

  7. George manswell says:

    Why only post the positive comments? My previous comment was only to try and make your diy even better.

    1. Patience my friend! All comments are published once or twice throughout the day ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. George, Jessica took your comment as being positive. Therefore she thanked you for your tip.
        Stop being so OCD and chillax.

  8. Very lovely!! I really like the color of the walls. Can you share what color/brand that is?

      1. Thanks for the paint info. Loving your blog!!

  9. Mama Gina says:

    EXACTLY what I am looking for. Yours looks fab! And the how-to instructions are so clear, I may not even have to wait for my husband! I only have one side wall to attach to, so think I will place pillar like legs on the front end of the “folding table” to add stability. I do love the “backsplash” addition as well to keep things from falling behind the washer.
    I just found your blog, but I can’t wait to check out all the other goodies here. Beautifully done, thank you!!!

    1. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ I love that laundry room now…..even though I despise laundry! ha

  10. Where are those wicker baskets from?

  11. I LOVE this! This may be a stupid question, but do you have any issues with the plywood and splinters? Did you sand it? Or did painting it eliminate that? I wanted to get a countertop above my washer/dryer, but this looks so simple that I think I could do it!

    1. Never mind. I see now that you purchased “sanded” plywood. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Love the laundry room. Can you tell me how much weight you think the shelves may hold. My shelves would be about 6 feet long, and I am wondering if I could put something in the middle to hold it.

    1. You could always buy those shelf braces at Lowes or Home Depot and add it to the middle of each shelf

      1. Makes sense. Love this idea. Dragging the husband out now for supplies. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!

  13. What did you use to finish the shelves? They are so shiny and smooth they don’t even look painted. Curious what paint and if they are rolled or brushed. Thanks! Dreaming of implementing this in our cluttered, wire shelf space!

    1. Hi, I used the color extra white by sherwin williams (semi gloss) / Emerald Interior. Glad you like it ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Lovely laundry! How did you hang the metal basket?

  15. Stephanie Bodger says:

    Getting ready to implement this! Was thinking I’d paint first. You didn’t though. So you didn’t scrape the new paint?? Also wondering if you rolled, brushed, or sponged the shelves. Thanks!

  16. Hi! I know you posted this awhile back but I am curious as to how your folding table is holding up. Do you notice it sagging at all in the middle? I love the way you did yours, not having a center “brace” but just wondering after months of use if you have noticed any change.

    1. The folding table is perfect! We ran a center brace along the back wall so that prevents the sagging. Also, by adding trim on the front of the table, that helps as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Hi! Love your blog! We’re purchasing a new home and I’m seriously considering this project for our new laundry closet which will be in a bathroom – very similar to your set-up. Just wondering if you’ve encountered any issues with having to get to the back of the units for any reason? Are the shelves just resting on the cleats?

      1. Hi,

        I was wondering if you could provide the link for the folding table tutorial? I am having trouble finding it. Thanks so much!

  18. becky ezra says:

    thank you very much!
    Is it possible to use it for wall draw too?

    Thanks again!

    Enjoy yr weekend

    The Netherlands

    1. I hate he washers. Do you like the way they wash. Btw love the tutorial on floating shelves. Thanks

  19. Love this, I have 4 separate rooms that need shelving, and it doesn’t have to be heavy duty… This is perfect and look great..

  20. thank you for a wonderful tutorial as that’s exactly what I’m planning to do. I have a few questions. How did you handle the pipes and other hook ups? i saw them on the in-progress photos but not on the final ones. My electrical plugs and pipes are above the floating shelf level as well. Thank you for your kind response. Leanna

    1. All of the pipes and electrical outlets are still there, they are behind the washer/dryer. The folding table also is a couple inches above the units so it hides most of them. You can still see abut an inch of the water pipe in the far corner but it’s mostly hidden ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Love! I was wondering.. What’s the wall color?

  22. My laundry room is also in the bathroom closet. Problem is that the dryer is gas, so the whole thing had to be stacked. Now I have no idea where to find space with just 15 inches on each side. Any advice??? Thanks!

  23. That backsplash is a great idea! Can’t count how many times I’ve had to retrieve a sock from behind my washer!

  24. What an amazing way to add storage. My kitchen has little storage space but enough room to add a whole new cabinet. I Love , love this thanks for sharing.

  25. Hi there,

    We love your shelves! How did you attach the piece of 2″ pine to the front of the floating shelves?

    Thanks for your response. We hope to do this DIY this weekend!

    1. Gorilla glue and finish nails (just gently tacked). Fill nail holes with putty and paint ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Can’t wait to try these floating shelves , thanks. One ? Though what does the term. Cleat mean?

  27. I know this was a while ago, but I just found your beautiful shelves and would love to know approximately how deep they are? I’m getting ready to add a similar setup in my laundry closet.

    Thank you!

  28. Catherine says:

    What is a cleat? I’m in the UK and new to all this DIY stuff but I would love to be able to do this project!

  29. How did you installed yuor backsplash ? You have the faucets and one pipe of plumbery sitting agains the wall?

    Nice project

  30. What color is the paint on the walls and who makes it? Your room is lovely.

  31. Sorry if I missed this in an earlier comment, but I am curious as to the kind of weight that this style of floating shelf can hold (we would likely put plates and what not on it). Do you have any sense of this, particular since you didn’t provide any sort of perpendicular support to the wall so as to offset the weight? Thanks.

    1. Hi, we did cleats along the back and the side but you are right , we didn’t do a middle support. Our weight was probably around 10 lbs with everything on it so you may want to do a center support or connect the clean from each end across the front and run a support clean down the middle. L brackets are useful too but will not give you that clean/floating look.

  32. What do you think of your front loading washer? I want one so I can build a folding table above, but I hear they can have a mildew smell.

    1. I actually like mine but yes, if water sits too long on the water drain it can cause a smell but it’s not really an issue with the washer , it’s an issue with the drain setup . We found that our pipe was raised above the drain (we moved it below the drain/faucet) so it was below. That way the water doesn’t have a pocket to sit in!

  33. This is great. Can I ask what you used for the shelves, the pine? How deep are they? Sorry, new to DIY and wanna give this a try!!

  34. Hey! Do you happen to know how much weight the floating shelves can support? Our walls are about 6 feet apart, and Iโ€™m wondering if I need to put some sort of support rod under the center of each shelf. Thanks!

    1. I would add support to yours . We did a cleat along the back wall so it was floating (I didn’t want to visually see a support center piece) ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Lyndy Orange says:

    Hi, thank you so very much for this. I almost gave up with my Laundry room remodel due to the expense. This gave me the motivation to continue with my laundry room remodel.
    I noticed that you completed the room a couple years ago. I am a little nervous about how the Plywood held up on top of the washer dryer especially with the sagging problem. Have you had any issues?

    1. Hi, we actually ran cleats along the back wall which prevented sagging. Yes, it was at our old house. If you are worried about sagging you could always run another piece of wood underneath (more towards the back so you can’t see if from the front) to give it more support.