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$325 Laundry Room Makeover On a Budget

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Today I am sharing a $325 laundry room makeover on a budget and wow, it’s amazing what you can do in a small laundry room closet if you get creative! We decided to switch to side by side washer and dryer units and build a laundry folding table and two additional shelves above – utilizing the space above the washer and dryer.  We did buy a new washer and dryer as our stackable units both stopped working within a week of each. I factored out the cost of the appliances when I say this is a “budget” makeover.

Minus the cost of the new appliances, this makeover is affordable and completely doable by anyone and the idea of adding your own DIY floating shelves and folding table is fairly inexpensive. For the cost of wood and a little DIY know how, you can “get this look” in a weekend (well maybe 2 weekends). See how we made our wooden laundry shelves by clicking through this post, “diy floating laundry shelves tutorial.”

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Laundry Room Makeover Before & After

laundry closet, side by side washer dryer, diy shelves, storage baskets, lazy susan, wire hanging basket, laundry sign, paper towels, folding table, green paint

Here is the laundry room before,

ugly white laundry closet with wire shelving and bifold doors

First, we removed the laundry room closet doors. 

We removed the laundry closet doors in an effort to create a more open laundry room look. A sliding barn door in a bathroom is also a great way to save space and create a designer trendy look. Click through these posts, sliding barn door installation without removing door trim tutorial, our double sliding barn door tutorial or our bathroom sliding barn door option for more ideas.

Here is another shot of the laundry room before.

ugly white laundry closet with pipes

Here is the room during the floating laundry shelves and folding table installation. I wanted a budget friendly laundry closet and the DIY floating shelves accomplished that. The closet looked so much better with new paint and the bifold closet doors removed.

If you decide to remove your laundry room closet doors, you will need to remove the hardware, patch the holes and paint the trim.

laundry closet with side by side washer dryer white paint

green laundry closet, white wood floating shelves, side by side washer dryer

I searched google and pinterest for ideas to update a laundry room that was either small or in a closet and I found many ideas with stackable washer and dryers.

If you are trying to make your laundry room look bigger, a stackable may be a better alternative, especially if you want some room to walk around but for me, I really wanted a folding table so the side by side washer and dryer was the perfect solution.

If you have a stackable washer and dryer, click through this post, “our basement laundry room makeover” for more creative ideas. 

I think the after is much better don’t you?

Mission accomplished! It’s amazing what adding diy laundry shelving (don’t miss this floating shelves tutorial) and utilizing the space above the washer and dryer will accomplish.

laundry closet, side by side washer dryer, diy shelves, storage baskets, lazy susan, wire hanging basket, laundry sign, paper towels, folding table, green paint

DIY laundry Room Makeover

This is a true DIY laundry room makeover as adding shelving and painting is a fairly simple process. If you are not able to make your own wooden shelves, you can purchase inexpensive shelving and install it yourself. 

By placing the washer and dryer side by side, this allowed us to create a folding station as well as two large floating shelves above for storage. I removed all the old wire shelving and hardware, filled the holes with putty, sanded and repainted the space.

The walls were very old, rough and some spots were marked and scratched from the previous washer and dryer so I did add a coat of white primer first.

The green color on the wall is called “Dewy” and the white trim is “Extra White” by Sherwin Williams .

laundry closet, side by side washer dryer, diy shelves, storage baskets, lazy susan, wire hanging basket, laundry sign, paper towels, folding table, green paint

Budget Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

I did purchase a few hyacinth (these in natural) baskets and these wire baskets from the Container Store for storage. This set of 3 wicker baskets as well will work for smaller items. I cannot even begin to tell you how much better it is doing laundry because everything is clean and organized.

A glass jar like this one works great for clothes pins.

I decided to remove the bifold doors permanently permanently and open up the laundry room (closet) to the existing bathroom.

This gave us more room inside for the new washer and dryer. The doors, when opened, “took up 5 inches inside the closet which we needed in order to put the washer and dryer side-by-side. So guess what, we just got rid of the doors.

laundry closet, side by side washer dryer, diy shelves, storage baskets, lazy susan, wire hanging basket, laundry sign, paper towels, folding table, green paint

The top plastic decorative bins hold batteries and lightbulbs as well as a few other random items that we don’t use often.

The plastic bins are also from the Container Store.

laundry closet, side by side washer dryer, diy shelves, storage baskets, lazy susan, wire hanging basket, laundry sign, paper towels, folding table, green paint

The white lazy susan (affiliate link) is one of my favorite finds. It holds the detergent and dryer sheets along with a few other spot cleaners. I love that it spins!

laundry closet, side by side washer dryer, diy shelves, storage baskets, lazy susan, wire hanging basket, laundry sign, paper towels, folding table, green paint

If you are looking for storage for paper towels, these hyacinth baskets hold six roles perfectly. I couldn’t believe it when I found these, it’s like they were made for paper towel storage.

Small Laundry Room Ideas On A Budget

I found the cute laundry signs for the wall in Home Goods.

Not a bad looking laundry closet right? You too can create a budget laundry closet with DIY floating shelves and create a functional and pretty laundry room.

laundry closet, side by side washer dryer, diy shelves, storage baskets, lazy susan, wire hanging basket, laundry sign, paper towels, folding table, green paint

Our laundry closet would have more room if we decided to go with a stackable washer and dryer but I wanted a folding table so we opted for the side by side washer and dryer. The laundry shelves were very inexpensive to make and with a little sanding and paint, boring old wood can shape up quite nicely!

laundry room reveal-12

The wire basket is hung with picture hook nails. Just tap the tiny nail into the wall and leave a little bit of the nail protruding from the wall. The sign below sums up my view on laundry 100%.

laundry room reveal-13

laundry room reveal-14

Pink duct tape from a previous project was the solution to cover the existing electrical box.

laundry room reveal-15

laundry room reveal-17

This is probably the greatest invention on the planet. A grocery bag holder (see it here). I have always wanted one of these but never got around to buying one. 

laundry room reveal-18

This little framed dog saying is near and dear to my heart. My grandmother (my mom’s mom) had this in her bathroom when I was a kid and before she died, she gave it to me. Now it lives in our bathroom/laundry room.

laundry room reveal-19

This vintage inspired laundry sign was only $5 at Home Goods on clearance. I thought this sign (drop your pants!) and this sign (I’ll do it later!) were so cute!

Having a laundry folding station directly in the laundry closet has helped me tremendously. I despise laundry and I will admit it, I am awful at keeping up with it. However, the clothes are now getting folded and not dumped in a pile on the couch.

By removing the bifold doors, the entire bathroom/laundry room looks much bigger. I repainted the bathroom in the Dewy color and will share the entire space soon. I still have a little trim work to paint near the door.

Shop this laundry room (click images below)


budget laundry room reveal {laundry closet}

We were sad when our old washer and dryer stopped working. There is never a good time to invest in a new washer and dryer but it was the perfect opportunity to renovate the space and create a functional and stylish laundry room.

budget laundry room reveal laundry closet

It’s not the biggest laundry room that’s for sure but every square inch is now utilized and organized. The total budget for this makeover, minus the new washer and dryer, was under $325. That includes all the wood, baskets, storage boxes and other laundry accessories. We are so happy with our Budget Laundry closet with DIY floating shelves!

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  1. I love it! I really love the sign, I need that!

  2. Jessica, Looks fabulous! Love the shelving and the wire basket with the sign. The paper towel holder is a great idea. I would get one but we never seem to have more than 1 or 2 paper towel rolls at a time. They disappear as soon as they come in the house! Such a nice touch with your Grandmother’s framed dog saying.

    1. Your comment made me bust out laughing Nancy about the paper towels! It happens here also…..I just happened to go shopping before I took these pics so they were nice and full! ha. Hope all is well!

  3. Love the color – very fresh and clean looking space. We are in the process of updating our laundry room as well… Can’t wait for it to be done.


  4. Looks great! I love the thick shelves and color on the walls.

    Lucky you that you have such a great space to fold laundry! Maybe it’ll make it more bearable. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. I love, love your laundry makeover!

    Also – when I clicked on the link to Tidy Mom, it took me to an ‘adult’ advertising site!

    1. I know Denise, I fixed the link . UGH. I got the wrong extension. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. Your laundry room makeover looks great! Like the signs. Just thought you might want to know that the ‘tidy mom’ link goes to a porn site….at least it did for me, when I clicked on it.

  7. I love what you did with the space Jess! I thought I would love my front loaders on the pedestal/drawers – because of the extra storage, and it makes the machines at a height so I don’t have to bend over —but it makes it harder for me to fold on top AND I can’t reach the shelves over them.

    Love the color you chose too!

    1. Thank you Cheryl! I almost ordered the pedestals b/c I love the look of them but then decided I wanted a folding station and you are right, they are way to high to fold on when using pedestals. Hmmmm, maybe Steve can remove them and make you a folding table ๐Ÿ™‚ hehehehehehehe

  8. So nice! Everyone should have a beautiful laundry room to distract us from the burden of actually having to do the laundry. I am in love with the sign! Cracks me up! Gorgeous Jess!

  9. It’s fresh, beautiful and amazingly gorgeous. You know, for a room we have to work so hard in ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love the Dewy wall color. So pretty and happy. I’m sure you just grin when you go in there now. Love it!!

    1. Thank you Shannon! I do like laundry kind of right now ……I hope it lasts ๐Ÿ™‚ ha

  10. I am not going to lie, I have been blog stalking since you started this makeover, in extreme anticipation of the final result. And in true Jessica fashion, you rocked it! Loving every last details, those beautiful baskets and built in shelves paired with the soothing colors… sigh… So good! Way to knock it out of the park!

    1. Jen you just made me bust out laughing! You crack me up ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for your sweet words and glad you like it! Hopefully my enthusiasm will continue with regards to laundry! haha

  11. It looks lovely and does LOOK larger…the light airy colors and storage make such a difference. And of course all the small details make it beautiful…wonderful job you all did. And your mom may want those baskets but so do I LOL!

  12. I love your new washroom.. those shelves,,omg, great job. The room looks completely different. Love that “I do” sign and the little puppy photo.. so cute.

    1. Thank you Debbie. I swear I replied to your comment but I can’t seem to see it anymore :(. Thanks again!

  13. I saw the clothes pins, are they decorative, or do you use them? Where do you put clothes to dry. My space is about the same size, but I can’t figure where to put our clothes that can’t go in the dryer!!

  14. Great job Jessica, LOVE this – the laundry room looks amazing!

  15. Love the wire baskets!! Where are they from?!

  16. Love your laundry detergent holder! Where did you find it?

  17. I’d love to know more details on how you installed your folding station shelf. I’m wanting to do the same, but have some concerns about supporting that large of a shelf.

  18. Love this. Going to try in my laundry.

  19. you know, I think I am the only woman I know of that likes to do laundry. I even like to iron, omg do I sound crazy, Lol
    your redo looks good.
    I live in an apartment and we do not have the best washers and dryers, so it makes it a pain. But a Laundromat we use has front loaders and it makes good with getting our clothes clean. But like I said I think im the only one I know that like doing laundry. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Where did I miss the link on how you made the folding table and floating shelves?

  21. I have a question for you. I see a container with a blue liquid in it. Do you make your own fabric softener? If so, could you send me the recipe?

    Is it hard with 4 generations in the same house?


    1. The blue liquid is not homemade. It’s store bought ๐Ÿ™‚ Living with four generations is super fun (most of the time) but we do have our challenges just like every other family. The key to making it work , for us, is being respectful of each others privacy. Thanks for stopping by!

  22. Hi, this looks great! I just told my husband that I have a new project for him.

    Do you know how much weight the floating shelves can hold? Thx!

  23. How did you make the countertop? It all looks so nice! Gets me excited to do mine!

    1. Hi, we used plywood to make the countertop surface. Good luck with your project ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. Hello, LOVE your laundry room makeover. We are going to do the same thing to our laundry space. I had a quick question. What color and type of paint did you use on the plywood and shelving. I love the look and color. Also curious did you use paint brush or spray gun to paint.

    Thanks so much…I can’t wait to get started with this project. Off to Lowes I go to get the wood. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi, thanks so much! I used interior emerald satin extra white paint / Sherwin-Williams semi/gloss (has a built in primer). You may also want to add a coat of BIN or Zinser 123 primer before painting white. I brushed the paint on ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I know this is an older post, but where did you get your shelves or did you make them?

  26. I am getting ready to re-do our laundry closet. I was curious how the paint has held up over time? Especially on the folding counter.

  27. Hi Jessica, Love your laundry space. I am in the beginning planning phase of my small laundry room makeover and came across your post on Pinterest. Glad I did. Do you remember the brand/name of the paint used on the walls? Since my space is small I want a light and fresh color. This seems perfect. Looking forward to your reply.

  28. GREAT make-over job!!! OMG so lovely!!! We’re planning on doing something very similar with our laundry room. Your images and ideas are an inspiration to keep me going! Thanks for posting! (found you on Pinterest)

  29. What size of the hyacinth baskets fit the paper towels? We buy in bulk and I am in desperate need of something like this!

    Thanks:) love your laundry remodel!