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Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray Review

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Today I am sharing my review of Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray and why we painted our kitchen cabinets this beautiful neutral gray paint color.

In my opinion, there are few colors more attractive and calming than Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray. This beautiful neutral hue is perfect for walls, cabinets and accent pieces throughout your house to create a tranquil atmosphere no matter where you look.

One of the biggest surprises with this paint color is how different it actually looks in my kitchen versus the paint swatch.

The paint swatch appears greige (which is a gray and beige mix) but in actuality, it’s a light gray with a hint of blue undertone in my kitchen due to larger North-facing rooms adjacent to our kitchen.

I’ll explain more about how North and South facing rooms factor into paint colors below.

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray 7016 paint swatch
SW Mindful Gray 7016

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray

Lets take a look at mindful gray undertones, which colors coordinate with mindful gray and how this gray paint color is the number one choice for many kitchen cabinet paint projects.

  • Light Reflective Value: LRV is 48
  • Color Code: SW 7016
  • Color Family Collection: Living Well Renew Collection + one of the top 50 Colors
Sherwin Williams Nurturer Renew Color Collection 2023
Mindful Gray SW 7016 – Renew Living Well Paint Collection

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray is a popular paint color choice for many homeowners and a timeless choice for kitchen cabinets.

You will see what I mean when you see our newly painted kitchen cabinets below and how the space went from dark and dated to a light modern kitchen all thanks to Mindful Gray paint!

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray Cabinets

We still have a lot of work to do in the kitchen with touch ups from having the floors refinished, outlet covers to add, install the pot filler and a handful of cabinet doors that need tweaking but I wanted to share some phone pictures of the kitchen so you can see how amazing Mindful Gray is!

Painted kitchen cabinets in Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams with white quartz countertops
Mindful gray has a warm undertone and looks so cozy on our kitchen cabinets

reasons why Mindful Gray is a one of the best gray paint colors :

1. Versatility

Mindful Gray is a neutral paint color that works well in a variety of spaces, from living rooms and bedrooms to kitchens and bathrooms.

2. Complementary Colors

Mindful Gray pairs well with a variety of complementary colors, such as white paint colors, black, and navy blue. This makes it easy to coordinate with other design elements in the room.

3. Warm and Inviting

Mindful gray undertones are warm yet still neutral, which helps to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in any room. The blue/green undertone keep it a true gray color without making it look brown.

4. Reflects Natural Light

With an LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of 48, Mindful Gray reflects a good amount of natural light back into a room, making it appear brighter and more open. Our kitchen does not have a lot of natural light (one small window in the corner) so it was important to find a light gray that would reflect light making it feel larger and brighter but not seem cold.

The image below features SherwinWilliams Mindful Gray on a built in cabinet in my friend Cyndy’s dining room over at Creativity Exchange. Isn’t it beautiful?

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray Cabinet

Wondering what the LRV number means? Light Reflective Value is the percent that the color on “walls/cabinets/furniture” will reflect light with 0 being black and 100 being bright white.

North-Facing Room

Our kitchen only has 1 window around in a corner which is somewhat blocked by one of the kitchen walls so the only natural light it gets is from a larger North-Facing window in our kitchen nook area.

Painted kitchen cabinets in Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams with white quartz countertops
SW Mindful Gray Kitchen Cabinets

You will notice in the image above the recessed lights are on casting an artificial warm light and the cabinets still appear gray.

Here is a picture from my phone of the same view with the lights off and no filters.

Painted kitchen cabinets in Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams with white quartz countertops and full height counter backsplash
Mindful Gray 7016

North-Facing rooms will make Mindful Gray appear to have a blueish (sometimes even green) undertone which is basically what keeps Mindful gray from looking brown in my kitchen. Lighting plays a huge role in how paint looks so I will share another post soon about my crash course in how cardinal and ordinal directions make paint look completely different than a paint swatch.

5. Easy to Pair with Decor

Mindful Gray works well with a variety of decor styles, including traditional, modern, and farmhouse styles.

In my opinion, Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray was a great choice and I love how the paint color is warm, inviting, and versatile. The perfect neutral gray paint for kitchen cabinets! We had just gotten rid of all brown warm tones (stained cabinets and dark orangey toned floors) so we wanted no brown warm tones whatsoever but also didn’t want to feel like I was walking into a cold stark space either. Mindful gray has the perfect mix of warmth and coolness!

How to Enhance the Look of Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray Cabinets with the Right Hardware and Accessories

In order to modernize our existing cabinets and create a modern contemporary look, we decided to add these stainless steel long cabinet pulls to every door and drawer.

We replaced all of the hinges as well which you can see on our updating kitchen cabinet post.

Painted kitchen cabinets in Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams with white quartz countertops

Coordinating Paint With Hardware Tip!

  1. Go with longer cabinet pulls to create a contemporary look
  2. Install extra long pulls (appliance sized) for extra tall cabinets

We installed stainless steel (which look great with mindful gray) cabinet pulls 1/2 the size in length of the door or drawer. For example, if the cabinet was 24″ tall, we installed a 12″ long pull. Read this article, how to choose kitchen cabinet hardware, to learn more.

FAQs about Mindful Gray

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray has a warm undertone but does not look beige or yellow. Our kitchen does not have a lot of natural light and still appears light gray and can even look slightly blue gray at certain times during the day. This is the perfect light gray paint color!

I would say Mindful gray has a neutral undertone, neither warm or cool. Depending on lighting, the warmer look creates a greige (gray/beige) color but in my kitchen the undertone is gray with a slight blue gray undertone. Mindful gray has absolutely no yellow undertones.

dark brown orange stained kitchen cabinets with traditional mozaic backsplash

If you missed any of our kitchen remodel project (yes that is our kitchen before we painted the kitchen cabinets Mindful Gray), you can click through these posts:

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Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray Coordinating Colors

SW Mindful gray also coordinates with a variety of white trim paint colors. We painted all of our trim and walls Sherwin Williams Westhighland White lightened by 25% lighter which looks amazing with the Mindful Gray paint color.

I will share another post about the purpose of having the paint store lighten and darken paint colors – it’s fascinating how creative you can get with paint!

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray coordinating colors
Mindful Gray coordinating colors

Mindful gray also coordinates with SW Pearly White, SW Elder White and a darker gray SW Homburg Gray.

I personally like the darker colors like navy, dark greenish gray (like Homburg) to provide a nice contrast.

Sherwin Williams Gray Colors

There are several Sherwin Williams gray colors to pick from making the selection process a bit overwhelming!

Silver Strand Sherwin Williams

If you are looking for a light gray with a hint of silver, Silver Strand is a great color that we used at our lake house and it’s the perfect wall color to brighten up a space. It’s more of a cool undertone with a slight blue greenish tint at times, providing a neutral backdrop that works well in a living room or bedroom.

Sherwin Williams Silver Strand basement wall color with black ceiling
Silver Strand Sherwin Williams

Our finished basement at the lake house which you can see above, silver strand really brightens up the space (and has a blue-ish undertone) as it doesn’t have a lot of natural light.

It does have a set of patio doors that open to the lake but the deck above blocks a lot of the natural light.

Lighting tip for basements: I’ll share a little secret, I use daytime bulbs at 3500 lumens to get this bright look as well!

Mindful Gray Vs Repose Gray

Repose gray Sherwin Williams is one shade lighter (with color code 7015) than mindful gray on the paint chart but has more of a beige warmer undertone where mindful gray has more of a blue green undertone.

I did get a sample of Mindful Gray lightened 25% and 50% to try in my kitchen and didn’t care for how light it was – the Repose Gray in my kitchen also looked washed out and blah so 100% Mindful Gray was the ultimate winner.

I have to thank my friend Cyndy at The Creativity Exchange for helping me narrow down which paint color to choose. We spent hours on Facetime trying different scenarios! haha.

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Closing Remarks About Mindful Gray Paint Color

If you’re looking for a versatile and timeless paint color that I believe will be in style for many years to come, then mindful gray should be at the top of your list.

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or just want to refresh your living space, mindful gray is an excellent choice that will add value and beauty to your home.

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  1. Wise choice on painting the cabinets. Your kitchen looks a thousand times better!

  2. Louise Sunde says:

    Hi, I love the mindful grey on your north facing exposure but how about a southern exposure? I wonder what it would pull? Thank you! Louise Sunde

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