15 Covered Porch Ideas That Add Value

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Are you looking to spruce up the curb appeal of your home with a covered porch? Whether you’re in need of ideas for a covered patio, front porch, or another type of outdoor space, these 15 covered porch ideas are sure to inspire! From classic to modern designs and rustic charm, there’s something here for every kind of homeowner.

I have always been a partial to a farmers porch but as time goes by, I am loving many of the newer modern designs that incorporate covered porches with slim lines and metal balusters.

Covered Front Porch Ideas

Whether it be rocking chairs or casual wicker furniture that suits your needs for an outdoor space, a covered porch is a worthwhile home investment in my opinion.

If you are looking for ways on how to decorate a covered porch or patio, these 15 covered porches range from coastal, rustic, farmhouse and modern, will be sure to get your creative juices flowing!

covered porch ideas
Front Covered Porch


I also love the square columns on the porch above. They are so stately looking and add sophistication and stature to the front entrance.

multifunctional covered porches
Side covered porch

Southern Living

What a great idea combining a bench and traditional chairs for seating.

Covered porch

Better Homes And Gardens

I love the idea of having a ceiling fan in an outdoor seating area. The addition of the lamp, side tables and planters make this space look as if you were indoors. So comfy looking!

Does a covered front porch add value to your home?

Yes! In my opinion a covered porch whether it be on the front or backyard patio of your house, definitely adds value to you home. Not only does it add additional square footage to your home if it’s partially enclosed as a 3 season room but it adds additional space for rest and relaxation outdoors.

sunset covered porch

Southern Living

5 Reasons Why Adding A Covered Porch Adds Value To Your Home

  1. Outdoor Living Space: Covered porches can provide an excellent extension of your indoor living space, offering a comfortable area for relaxation, entertainment, or dining.
  2. Protection from the elements: With a covered porch, you can enjoy your outdoor space even during bad weather. It offers a sheltered area for you, your family, and your guests to stay dry from rain or shielded from the sun’s harsh rays.
  3. Additional storage: A covered porch can also be utilized as an additional storage area. You can add cabinets, shelves, or containers to store outdoor equipment, tools, or other items.
  4. Landscaping and decorating opportunity: Covered porches provide a perfect opportunity to add plants and flowers, creating a green and serene outdoor space. You can add hanging planters, pots, or create a garden bed under the porch.
  5. Curb Appeal: Covered porches can increase your home’s curb appeal, creating an inviting entrance to your home.
classic white covered porches

Southern Living

Rustic stained beams coordinate nicely with the white rails.

A classic white farmers porch lined with perennials and annuals make this front entry beautiful.

I would love to enclose our back porch area with screen and add a long skinny table with slender chairs as shown below in this photograph. You don’t always need a large space for a full table and chairs. Slender furniture is perfect for this space.

covered porches

Better Homes and Gardens

covered porch brown wicker

Better Homes And Gardens

Covered Deck Ideas

Covered deck ideas are also a great property investment adding additional covered space for gathering. You can see below the deck is setup as indoor space with a sofa and chairs with decorative columns and a planked roof. 

This breezy porch flanked with white columns and Louvered shutters is my kind of space! The apple green accents look fabulous paired with the white brick wall, ceiling and columns.

OUtdoor covered porches

Southern Living

Covered Patio Ideas

Looking for ideas to decorate a covered outdoor patio? Look no further!

Our patio design was created with a roof area from the house to protect a portion of the patio space from rain. We used this opportunity to create an indoor outdoor living room last Summer that we love! It’s a great extension off the back of our house and while it’s not fully enclosed, it provides a nice outdoor patio space.

Click through to this post, covered patio to see the full makeover and why we picked the outdoor furniture that we did. 

Big Backyard Patio Oasis Project Complete {Summer Patio Reveal}
Covered porches

Country Living

Oh my a hanging swing. I would be here all day if this were my front porch.

front covered porch with swing

Martha Stewart

I love covered porches with elegant white columns. It appears that this covered porch steps down to a patio area as well which is quite dreamy if I do say so myself!

white columns covered porches

Tiered Covered Porch

covered farmers porch

Coastal Living

Coastal covered porch on the back of the house with blues and greens + hanging swings = dreamy.

covered porches +coastal blues and greens

Coastal Living Magazine

I love the idea of using outdoor rods and outdoor fabric to create drapes on a covered front porch.

covered front porch

Better Homes And Gardens

Interesting way to incorporate lighting is mixing and matching task, overhead and accent lighting. Love it!

covered porches

Screen Covered Porch

Here is a picture of our covered porch from last year that I would love to add curtains to this year.

pink + orange deck reveal

Pink + Orange porch

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Closing Remarks about Covered Porches

In conclusion, covered porches offer a versatile and functional outdoor living space that can enhance the overall appeal and value of your home. By incorporating different themes and design elements, you can create a unique and inviting covered porch that suits your preferences and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a rustic charm, a Mediterranean vibe, a beachy atmosphere, or a bohemian feel, there are endless covered porch ideas to choose from. By implementing these ideas, you can create a comfortable, protected, and stylish outdoor space that you can enjoy all year round.

15 dreamy covered porches
15 covered front porch ideas

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  1. These porches are lovely, but I have a long, skinny poch, with the front door in the center. How can I make it inviting?

    1. ValenzMom a/k/a Helen says:

      Norma Jean:

      I would suggest placing two chairs on top of a rug with a small table between them on one side of the door, then angle a chaise lounge with another small table topped with a cute lamp on the other side of the door. Toss a couple of pillows on the chaise and a comfy throw to wrap up in on a cool evening. Don’t forget a vase with some flowers, a couple of potted plants on either side of the door and even a ceiling fan on either side of the porch.

      What do you think, Jessica?

      1. I have two rockers already. I would never have thought of a rug or lamp out there. I knew you would have some wonderful suggestions. Thanks so much!!! I will try to send a photo when I have rounded up everything (as soon as it is warm enough to work out there!).

        I love the idea of a chaise on the opposite side. I didn’t like the symmetry of two more rockers. The chaise will be perfect.

      2. Sounds like a great Helen! I think small porches have lots of potential. Even if you put two potted planters on either side of the door and a small chair with a table and rug. It will look beautiful!

  2. ValenzMom a/k/a Helen says:

    I love your deck/patio! It would be perfect to screen in with the plastic mesh ground cover that you can purchase by the yard at any home improvement or garden center. It comes in tan, black and green. I think tan would blend in nicely with your deck. That mesh is normally used to cover the ground to keep your soil from running down a hill when it rains. It’s not to be confused with the fabric ground cover used for weed control that only comes in black, though. This mesh is meant for plants to grow through. We used it on our back porch, only our half wall was an actual wall instead of a lattice wall like yours and we had a gate. Hubby just screened in the sections separately so that the pretty wooden columns still showed on their own. We just wrapped the edges of the mesh around thin wood strips, then nailed them into the sides of the columns for a finished look and so the mesh wouldn’t tear away in a strong wind.

    1. Hey Helen! Yes, screening in our porch is on the to do list. I think it would be fabulous to be out there at night with no bugs! ha

  3. I love covered porches! I have one in the front of my house and it’s fun to watch the people and wildlife! I definitely love curtains and I have them in my backyard! Just makes it feel like a whole nother living space!!!~~Angela

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