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Create a Serene Oasis: Summer Patio Decorating

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Today I am sharing Summer patio decorating ideas and creative budget-friendly ways to transform your patio into a serene oasis this summer without breaking the bank. The warm weather is here, which means it’s time to start enjoying your outdoor space! Whether you’re a suburban homeowner with a large backyard and patio or a city dweller with just a tiny balcony, there are plenty of ways to create a peaceful and relaxing retreat right outside your door.

Our patio is fairly large and a bit overwhelming when it comes to decorating. I have struggled in the past with how to keep it cozy and not spend a lot of money filling it with outdoor furniture.  

Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

Whether you have a large or small patio space, start with the basics – furniture, decor, lanterns, throw pillows and lighting. Get creative with string lights, gas heaters, outdoor rugs, plants, or even a fire pit if space allows.

DIY resort backyard patio - how to set up a patio

Our patio has older paver stones that vary in earth tone shades. The patio leads from our back door to the pool house and pool.

Here is the patio before I started decorating for Summer. 

Big Backyard Patio Oasis Project Complete {Summer Patio Reveal}

We added a cozy seating area under the windows that’s perfect for lazy summer days and cool evenings.

Big Backyard Patio Oasis Project Complete {Summer Patio Reveal}

FLASH BACK a couple years ago:  Do you remember the swamp monster in our backyard post  and the 19.5 hours of power washing the pavers around the pool and patio?

If you are a new follower, be sure to check out the yard and excavation project and pool when we first bought the house. 

So the question is, how do you make your patio beautiful?

Let’s dive into a few simple steps to refresh your patio this year!

Add Greenery

5 ideas to add greenery to a patio:

  1. Add plants for a calm patio atmosphere
  2. Use potted plants or hanging planters
  3. Try trailing ivy or colorful flowers
  4. Create a vertical garden for more greenery
  5. Use a trellis or pallets for a DIY garden

If you’re on a budget but still want to make your patio feel lush and green, try mixing fake plants and trees with real flowers. I personally have a few faux trees that I keep inside during the winter months – they’re just too expensive to replace every year, and I definitely don’t have enough space to keep them alive during New England’s winter months.

Instead, I invested in a few high-quality fake trees and have been able to use them year after year. It’s definitely saved me a bundle in the long run.

Big Backyard Patio Oasis Project Complete {Summer Patio Reveal}

Elevate your plants also using a variety of different height plant stands. This will help add visual appeal and a designer look to your patio.

Patio decorating ideas: Tip

Word of caution when using artificial trees or plants outdoors – only use if you have a covered area similar to what I am sharing on my patio. Another option if you do not have a covered patio, you could purchase a cover similar to what is used for covering tall patio gas heaters.

Greenery Products You Will Love

Here is an example of how greenery can really add a gorgeous pop of color! The flower beds right after the winter below are dull and pretty ugly. ha.

Big Backyard Patio Oasis Project Complete {Summer Patio Reveal}

But once Spring arrives, the leaves turn color and wow, just beautiful!

Big Backyard Patio Oasis Project Complete {Summer Patio Reveal}

Create a Cozy Seating Area

5 ways to add patio seating

  1. Lounge chairs are perfect for providing an outdoor napping spot or just relaxing in the sun.
  2. Adirondack chairs are great for conversation
  3. Small bistro sets can create an intimate setting, allowing people to comfortably eat or have a conversation together.
  4. All weather sofa, chair set with coffee table and dining table
  5. Hammock

Make your patio a welcoming and comfortable place to relax with a cozy seating area. Invest in some comfortable outdoor chairs, sofa, colorful throw pillows, and an outdoor rug to make the space feel like an extension of your home. Hanging string lights or adding lanterns with candles can also add a cozy and intimate ambiance to your patio.

This outdoor patio set is from a few years ago and not available anymore but I rounded up a few similar sets with great reviews and decent price range.

Patio Furniture Products You Will Love

Big Backyard Patio Oasis Project complete {before and after reveal}
Big Backyard Patio Oasis Project complete {before and after reveal}

Creating a backyard patio on a budget can be easy and cost-effective when it comes to seating. Utilizing lounge chairs, Adirondack chairs and small bistro sets allows for multiple seating areas to be constructed with minimal effort.

outdoor patio bistro table and loungers

Related: See the before pictures of our backyard prior to excavation 

Add Some Shade

Add shade to your backyard patio with an umbrella. Our umbrella has proved to be a valuable part of our patio seating area as my mom sits under every single day and reads.

This budget friendly cantilever umbrella at Walmart is also a great choice and I love the price! 

sand color umbrella, brown gray rattan outdoor chaise lounge chairs, pool house, blue striped throw blanket, white plants, green shrubs,paver patio, japanese maple
Patio shade with an umbrella for seating area
Big Backyard Patio Oasis Project complete {before and after reveal}

Outdoor curtains at our previous home not only added character to our covered porch but created shade during the peak afternoon sun.

our large diy planter tutorial

Patio Shade Products You will Love

Incorporate Water Features

The sound of flowing water can be incredibly relaxing, so consider incorporating a water feature into your patio oasis. A small fountain, bird bath, or even a simple water bowl can create a soothing atmosphere. If you have a larger space, consider adding a pond or a waterfall feature for a more dramatic effect.

Aquascape water feature fountain in a flower bed
patio water fountain

We added a water feature to a flower bed at our previous house and the sound was so calming.

Water Feature Products You Will Love

Outdoor Throw Pillows

Outdoor throw pillows can enhance a patio design by adding pops of color, patterns, and textures, instantly transforming a plain seating area into a vibrant and inviting space that reflects your personal style and enhances comfort for lounging or entertaining outdoors.

Outdoor Trow Pillows You Will Love (get the look)

Big Backyard Patio Oasis Project complete {before and after reveal}

Add A Bar Cart For Beverages

Last year I spray painted an old bar cart and created a beverage station on our patio. This patio decorating idea for not only entertaining but also adds another functional area to your patio.

I cover our bar cart with an outdoor chair cover so be sure to do the same unless you purchase an outdoor bar cart.

15 minute black metal bar cart setup | wooden tray filled with liquor and mixers | champaign glasses | chalk board sign
Bar Cart Beverage Station

Bar Cart You Will Love

Outdoor Rugs

Just about every patio decorating idea will consist of rugs to anchor your space. Outdoor rugs are my number one go-to item when decorating a patio. Many rugs are now very affordable and it’s the perfect way to create an indoor/outdoor look while setting the stage for your furniture.

Big Backyard Patio Oasis Project complete {before and after reveal}

Rugs That You Will Love

If I have more than one seating area, I like to add a different rug for each space to help create distinct seating areas. Plus the rug helps say, “come sit and relax!”

Here is one more look at our patio before we started decorating for Summer.

Big Backyard Patio Oasis Project Complete {Summer Patio Reveal}

Here is our summer patio decorated with furniture and seasonal decor.

This picture below shows our pool house before we added on the addition! Click through to our 12×13 pool house addition project.

Big Backyard Patio Oasis Project complete {before and after reveal}

Bonus: Backyard Concrete Patio Decorating Ideas

Here is a bonus tip! A concrete patio is an affordable alternative solution to pavers which are typically more expensive. Although, stamped concrete can also be pricey from what I have read. If you do not have a patio but want one, research concrete patio ideas.

This is a picture below of Jim’s precious house and he had gorgeous concrete patio that wrapped around his cabana and pool area. 

inground pool with patio and pool cabana with metal roof

You can see how he incorporated outdoor furniture, a fire pit seating area and bar area.

inground pool with patio and pool cabana with metal roof

This is also another example of how incorporating natural and faux greenery can elevate and enhance your patio. 

You can see more of Jim’s yard and split level house tour by reading this post, “Jim’s split level house that sold for 80K over asking price.”

inground pool with patio and pool cabana with metal roof

Other Outdoor Patio Living Spaces You Will Love

Big Backyard Patio Oasis Project complete {before and after reveal}

Summer Patio Decorating Ideas Wrap Up

Decorating outdoor patios and transforming into a serene oasis is all about creating a space that feels like an extension of your home. With a little creativity and some budget-friendly patio decorating ideas, you can turn your outdoor space into a peaceful retreat that you’ll never want to leave. Whether you’re looking to create a cozy reading nook, a place to entertain guests, or a quiet sanctuary to unwind, these tips can help you create the perfect summer patio oasis.


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  1. Looks beautiful!!! I like the idea of using rugs to complete the areas. I have never used an outdoor rug. Do they hold up well and can they be cleaned by just hosing them down?

  2. Juanita in OH says:

    Beautiful! May everyone enjoy it to the fullest degree. All of you should be very proud of your accomplishments! TFS

  3. It’s beautiful, Jess! You execute a vision so well!

  4. Beautiful! You yards and patios look like a park.

  5. Absolutely fabulous. A true show place. Be proud of all your hard work it was worth it!

    I find those big clean up projects like power washing a great form of exercise. (I hate going to the gym.) I like my exercise to accomplish getting a project done and working out my body!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful transformation, enjoy!

  7. It looks amazing!!!! I wish I had your talent of putting things together!

  8. Anonymous says:

    so pretty and inviting!…..Jacquelyn

  9. It looks just beautiful and a perfect place to relax. Can you tell me where you got your rug, and what size it is? Were are also working on an outdoor space and I am having trouble finding a rug. thank you!

  10. Can you tell me where you got your rug? I am working on an outdoor area as well and am having trouble finding a rug that is big enough. What are the dimensions of yours? It is all absolutely beautiful, and gives you many areas in which to hang and entertain. You have a gift!

  11. Can you tell me where you got your rug as well as the dimensions? I am having trouble finding a rug for our outdoor area. Your space is beautiful and gives you lots of options for entertaining and just hanging out. You have a gift

  12. Your place is gorgeous. Enjoy the beautiful outdoor space you created.

  13. Shirley Emitt says:

    What a fabulous look,your hard work shows.

  14. Just beautiful. I would suggest a rug with more color to anchor your furniture. Maybe that wouldn’t work for you. Please don’t use chemicals to kill the weeds and moss. You have a pool and the chemicals will migrate into the pool and your children will be walking on the pavers with chemicals. So many natural things you can use. They aren’t as strong but sure a lot safer.
    You are a very talented lady.

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