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10 Theme Bridal Shower Ideas When Hosting Outdoors

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Theme bridal shower ideas can be overwhelming and costly if you don’t have a plan and budget. Today I am sharing how to host a bridal shower in your backyard on a patio, deck or lawn. There are many ways to save money when hosting a bridal shower and still throw an elegant party!

Trying to figure out how to have a bridal shower outdoors at your home? Today I am sharing 10 theme bridal shower ideas when hosting outdoors with help from my mom! There are many ways to create an intimate outdoor backyard bridal shower, baby shower or even graduation party at home by transforming your patio, deck or backyard.

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Theme Bridal Shower Ideas to Save Money

Theme bridal shower ideas can range from elaborate to a simple color scheme.  To save money, I decided to use just a color scheme of pink and gold as my theme while create entertaining stations on our patio using those colors.

A bar cart is a great way to set up a beverage or food station and adding balloons (in your color scheme) is a budget way to decorate. 

Backyard Bridal Shower Ideas on a budget, gold bar cart with champagne, donut cake

Unique Bridal Shower Ideas

I recently partnered with HomeGoods where they tasked me with creating a stay at home bridal shower and this is what I came up with! My mom was a trooper and I couldn’t have pulled this off without her! 

Backyard Bridal Shower Ideas on a budget with a gold bar cart champagne station on patio

patio rose gold bar cart, champagne, donut cake, pink balloon

bridal shower bar cart with champagne, pink balloon, donut cake, raspberries and plant

We took our bar cart from our foyer / dining room area and put it on our patio and created a cute beverage station full of goodies.

I love the idea of pulling indoor furniture outdoors if the weather permits.

Backyard Bridal Shower Ideas on a budget with a gold bar cart champagne station on patio

This bar cart was about $275 from Homegoods 3 years ago and I have used it everywhere in my house.

Here is the same bar cart in black and gold. This bar cart is a little more expensive but the soft gold is beautiful! If you need a larger bar cart, this one is 3 levels

This bar cart has also served as a storage piece in my adult glam office space. 

patio, rose gold bar cart, champagne, donut cake, pink balloon

Here is another bar cart idea I did last year that took all of 15 minutes to set up!

gold bar cart, pink balloon, champagne glasses filled with champagne and raspberry

Filling a large ice tub is also an alternative to using a cooler full of beverages. If you are serving a small amount of people, an ice tub works great and is pretty! Here is an ice tub that is large with handles and casual yet elegant. I consider entertaining items like this ice tub a staple that lasts forever and can be used for all types of entertaining.

If you are like me and do not want breakable glass on your patio, check out these gorgeous unbreakable champagne glasses! Perfect for outdoor entertaining and the best part, they are dishwasher safe :).

Backyard Bridal Shower Ideas on a budget with large ice tub filled with wine

Flower Theme Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal shower decorations do not only consist of balloons and paper goods. You can also use flowers and food to make pretty decorations. For example, I gave my mom a picture of a donut cake and she went to town creating it.

bridal shower grocery shopping cart filled with flowers, champagne and donuts

I ended up going to the store and buying leftover donuts from the previous day and it took her about 10 minutes to create the cake. Super cute and a great focal point for a beverage station or sweets table.

It is definitely cheaper to make a lot of your food but I never seem to have time so purchasing sweets, appetizers and main dishes are easier for me.

Bridal Shower Cake Ideas

Presentation is key. As you can see, the donuts above in the plastic containers do not look like anything special but once taken out and placed on two cake tier trays they look amazing and professionally created. The addition of roses (that were sniped short) and tucked in between the donuts were the icing on the cake.

bridal shower favor and donut cake-

You can create this look easily buy using this cake stand and staging your dessert styled cake. 

Bridal Shower Favor Ideas with a small plant on cake table

Backyard Theme Bridal Shower On A Budget

An at home backyard theme bridal shower affords you the opportunity to save money and utilize the spaces you have.

Whether you have a patio with a pool, a deck or an open space on your lawn, creating a gathering space that encompasses a gifting area will not only look pretty but functional as well.

Backyard bridal shower ideas on a budget seating and gift area

I get so many questions about where I got our patio set and umbrella. The patio set is from a few years ago but this set will help you get the look and this Crosley brand is excellent that comes in a variety of cushion colors.  The umbrella can be found here. Here are a handful of affordable patio conversation sets that I love and have great reviews! This 3 piece set comes in many cushion colors and is available now, this 4 piece set is slim lined set is great for small spaces ( I have this one on the other side of our pool!).

Utilizing your outdoor furniture and bringing the “indoors outside” is a great way to create a cozy seating area. We used indoor throw pillows, linen tablecloths and candles to add a little elegance to our outdoor furniture.

Gift Box Theme Bridal Shower Ideas

Backyard Patio Bridal Shower Gift Table with coordinating gift boxes and wrapping paper

Coordinating gift boxes, gift bags and wrapping paper can also be used as theme decorations especially when creating a gift table. We decided to have our gift table on the coffee table our our patio.

The simple addition of the tablecloth, floor pillows and indoor throw pillows changed the entire look of our casual seating area to a sophisticated seating area in minutes while staying on budget.

Backyard Patio Bridal Shower Gift Table with coordinating gift boxes and wrapping paper

My dad came home for lunch while my mom and I were setting up and he said, “who’s birthday and why are you having a party now?” -ha.

Backyard Patio Bridal Shower Gift Table with coordinating gift boxes and wrapping paper

Backyard Pool Patio Bridal Shower Seating and Gift Station

The brown wicker lounge chairs can be found here. 

Shop Theme Bridal Shower Ideas below by clicking the images.

What a day this was! The craziness around this post was the extreme heat wave we had during the week setting temps at over 95 degrees everyday. I wish I had gotten pictures of my mom helping me set up these backyard theme bridal shower ideas on a budget and the bomb that went off in our kitchen. The living room and patio were covered with bridal shower decor items, empty bags and trash along with props I didn’t end up using. I need someone to follow me around with a camera and shoot behind the scenes pictures. 🤷‍♀️






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