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Best Wooden Kitchen Drawer Organizer for Silverware {lake house}

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This is the best wooden kitchen drawer organizer for silverware and utensils ever! We only have one pull out kitchen drawer at the lake house so we needed an expandable drawer organizer that would maximize space. Jim found this one and it’s awesome!

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Silverware Kitchen Drawer Organizer

Our kitchen drawer at the lake house seemed to be the catch all for junk and silverware. We don’t have a junk drawer so this drawer happened to be the easiest “laziest” place to put everything that didn’t have a home but before we knew it, the kitchen utensils were a disaster. 

I took a picture of the drawer before I cleaned it out and cannot find it! So here is the kitchen drawer after I cleaned it out. 

empty kitchen drawer which cabinet black pull handle

I ended up ordering a bunch of plastic storage containers in a variety of sizes and so that I could use a smaller one as the new “junk drawer.” Actually, it’s called a “junk box” now that lives under the kitchen drawer full of organized utensils. 

How to organize deep kitchen drawers

Personally, I love the idea of expandable kitchen drawer organizers because you can make them smaller or larger depending on your drawer size. Plus, you can reuse the organizer down the road in a different drawer if need be. 

Step 1. Remove all contents from the drawer

As I said earlier, I removed all the contents that was not silverware or utensils and created a junk box with a small plastic container.  Mine in the pretty blue cover is sold out but this one would work too!

plastic storage bin with blue top filled with junk drawer items

Step 2. Donate or throw out old silverware and/or utensils

We bought all new silverware including steak knives, serving utensils and cooking accessories for the lake house so we donated and tossed what was old and not being used. We had a hodge podge mix of utensils left from the previous owner as well as some items we had brought from home last year when we bought the house. It was time to get organized and having 5 spatulas for example was not necessary! 🙂 

Step 3. Buy an expandable kitchen drawer organizer to the drawer

Kitchen drawer organizers are the best way to keep items organized. There really is nothing better than a heavy duty wooden kitchen drawer organizer to keep forks, spoons, knives and other kitchen utensils organized. The wooden expandable kitchen drawer organizers are a little more money than the plastic ones but well worth it in my opinion. They are neater, more heavy duty and stay cleaner. The wooden dividers are also sturdy and higher than typical plastic drawer organizers. This one below is the best from Amazon. 

best expandable wood kitchen organizer on Amazon

Step 4. Add your silverware/flatware to the kitchen drawer organizer 

The expandable drawer organizer fits perfect (buy here) when fully expanded offering 10 different spots for utensils and silverware. 

wooden kitchen drawer organizer

Here is our kitchen drawer organizer filled with these new forks, spoons and knives. This is a 72-Piece Heavy Duty Silverware Flatware Set for 12 people and is extra thick. It comes with steak knives, fancy stainless steel cutlery eating utensils, has a mirror finish and is dishwasher safe. It’s nice and heavy with an affordable price tag. 

wood kitchen drawer organizer for silverware and utensils

The nice thing about this drawer organizer is you can make it smaller as well if down the road, you want to swap out to a different drawer.

Kitchen Drawer Organizers for Utensils

Here are a few of my other favorite drawer organizers for the kitchen. This one is a little cheaper than mine but not has heavy duty but will do the trick if you are trying to save some money. If you only want a handful of spots for utensils, this bambo one is perfect!

Shop my kitchen drawer organizer and silverware below by clicking the image.

It feels so good to have an organized kitchen drawer and have the junk drawer now be under the cabinet in a plastic container. Do you have a kitchen drawer that needs organizing? This kitchen drawer organizer is the best leaving great results! It’s the perfect solution to keep your drawer neat and tidy with great overall customer ratings.  

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