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How to Convert a Room Into A DIY Walk In Closet

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Today I am sharing how to convert a room into a DIY walk in closet by adding built in shelves, hanging rods and a center island for clothes and shoe storage.  I have always wanted a big walk in custom closet with a center island and couldn’t be happier with how the new closet turned out. 

If you missed the walk in closet installation post, be sure to click through how to install a closet in a bedroom.  If you have been following along, you know that we partnered with Easyclosets to create this dreamy walk in closet. 

spare bedroom turned white walk in closet system, closet island , caprizi light

How to turn a room into a closet

Turning a bedroom into a closet is as simple as lining the walls with shelving and hanging rods. We worked with the free e-designer at Easyclosets who helped design our closet but you can also use the free tool yourself and play around with storage and design ideas.

walk in closet with white cabinets and island with drawers, hanging clothes
spare bedroom turned white walk in closet system, closet island , caprizi light

Our DIY walk in closet was easy to install and took a full weekend. Jim is a general contractor so this project went a little faster than it normally would have but this is a very DIY friendly project and the installation instructions are super easy to follow.

spare bedroom turned white walk in closet system, closet island , caprizi light

Here is the closet before as a spare bedroom. The bedroom was used as a guest room and it connects to our Jack and Jill bathroom which is shared with our master bedroom. I continually found myself getting dressed in this bedroom and my clothes were constantly all over the place! -ha. Finally one day I said, “lets turn this bedroom into a walk in closet!” Once we decided to convert this bedroom into a closet, there was no turning back!

blue striped bedding coastal bedroom

Here is the closet after we ripped out the carpet and installed engineered hardwood with staples.

Java engineered hardwood floors in a walk in closet

Once the hardwood was installed, we installed the Easyclosets white closet system with center island. If you are loving our closet system, be sure to click here and work with a free closet design consultant to create your own walk in closet. You can install this same system in any roof or existing closet. 

DIY Walk In Closet 

Looking like a pretty dreamy custom walk in closet right? 

It’s by far the nicest and biggest closet I have ever had! Making a room into a closet, even if it’s a small bedroom, will create more storage and provide an organized space or dressing room. 

An L shaped wall closet system can really pack in a ton of storage, hanging space and organization if you utilize every square inch of the space.

spare bedroom turned white walk in closet system, closet island , caprizi light

How to turn a bedroom into a closet

A few questions to ask yourself before you turn a room into a walk in closet:

  • What type of storage space do I need? Will you be storing sweaters, jeans or both.
  • Do I have long dresses or jackets that will need a long space to hang?
  • How many pairs of shoes do I have?
  • Do I need space to store jewelry?
  • How many hanging items do I have?
  • Do I need drawers to store socks, underwear and personal items?
  • Do I want a built in ironing board, valet rods and belt holder?

Depending on how you answered those questions will depend on what type of closet system you install. It’s important to pre plan so that you design a space that will not only be pretty but functional.

spare bedroom turned white walk in closet system, closet island , hanging clothes,caprizi light

How much space do you need for a walk in closet? In a perfect world you would have around 8′ x 5-6′ so that you can walk inside and have room to move but don’t let that deter you if you have a smaller space. It’s amazing what you can fit in a small room if you plan accordingly and utilize the space effectively.

spare bedroom turned white walk in closet system, closet island , caprizi light

When Patty (my designer at Easyclosets) and I were designing this space, my goal was to have enough shelving storage for shoes and jeans folded in half. 

I know many people hang jeans and fold sweaters but I am the complete opposite.

Hanger marks on my pants and ironing (even though I have an amazing pull out ironing board – keep reading …it’s fabulous!) isn’t my thing. 

spare bedroom turned white walk in closet system, closet island , caprizi light

Jim and I share this closet and he also has the original walk in closet (seen below) for his everyday work clothes. 

spare bedroom turned white walk in closet system, closet island , caprizi light

Click here to see Jim’s “before and after”small  walk in closet once we replaced the old wire shelving with this gorgeous white wood closet system. 

walk in closet with white wood shelving and hanger system, center island

We decided to have two valet rods installed as well. 

As you can see, the one below is perfect for hanging outfits. 

I have always been envious of walk in closets that I would see online with valet rods showcasing cute outfits and I can’t believe I now have one!😀 

white cabinets in a closet with valet rod showing womans outfit

Should I turn a bedroom into a closet?

I personally think if you have other bedrooms in your home and you do not need the extra bedroom, then turning a bedroom into a closet is 100% ok. A walk in closet adds value to your home. We opted to lose a bedroom as we desperately needed more closet space and honestly, when we sell this house if the new buyer does not want the closet and prefers the bedroom, we will remove the walk in closet system, repaint the walls and convert it back to a bedroom. 

Jewelry Storage In A Drawer

The built-in drawer unit has storage for jewelry, a pull out ironing board and folded clothes.

I actually have the iron and steamer stored in the bottom drawer as the center island drawers provide a ton of storage for folded clothes. 

Easyclosets white wood closet system, womans clothing, valet bar, jewelry drawer, pull out ironing board

Easyclosets has so many fun closet accessories and I was so happy when Patty suggested the top drawer have a jewelry storage insert.  If  you already have drawers that you use for your jewelry,  this jewelry drawer organizer is a perfect addition to any closet. 

walk in closet, white cabinets, pull out jewelry drawer with jewelry, women outfits hanging

Built In Ironing Board In a Drawer

The drop down door below hides a pull out ironing board!

built in ironing board in a drawer in walk in closet
walk in closet with built in pull out ironing board , hanging clothes and white cabinets

The pull out ironing board is so cool and very functional.

Pull Out Valet Rod

Easyclosets white wood closet system, womans clothing, valet bar, jewelry drawer, pull out ironing board

Here is the view into Jim’s work clothes closet (the old walk in closet) and entrance to the bathroom. 

The bathroom is on the list to renovate this year and I am looking forward to designing that space.

If you look closely, you can see Bentley laying on our bedroom floor :). 

walk in closet with floor mirror and mens hanging clothes

We are planning to remove the hanging door above and install a sliding barn door track. The mirror will be fastened to the barn door which will slide the entire length of the wall space. 

Here is the view from standing inside Jim’s closet.

large walk in closet with white cabinets, closet island with drawers, his and her hanging clothes sections
DIY walk in closet with white cabinet shelves, drawers, valet rod and shoe storage
walk in closet with white island, caprizi flush mount, hanging space for womens clothes

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Bonus: Closet Organizers & Accessories You Will Love

If you are looking for DIY closet organizers or accessories to add to your current closet system, I have rounded up some of my favorites below. Just click the link or images to shop!

Fabric striped storage bins |Versatile closet organizerModular storage closet | Modular cube closet | Closet island with drawers | Wire shelf organizer | Valet rod | Velvet Jewelry Drawer organizer | Pull out ironing board | Reach in closet organizer 

Looking to install your own dream walk in closet in a spare room or simply update an existing closet, be sure to check out Easyclosets or the links I shared above and consider a DIY install. You can save a lot of money by doing it yourself! 

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Easyclosets. All opinions and words are 100% my own. 

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  1. Wow! I’d be happy if I had a closet the size of Jim’s for his work clothes. You are one lucky lady! I’d actually be happy to have your old bedroom and the closet in there! Beautiful set up.

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