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One Day Narrow Bathroom Renovation with Big Results

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Today I am sharing our fabulous new Corbelle toilet with Continuous Clean by Kohler and how to tackle a One Day Narrow Bathroom Renovation with Big Results. The toilet features a ContinuousClean system and I picked one of our bathrooms that needed a spruce up and the new toilet is perfect. Not only did we replace our old toilet with the Kohler toilet with Continuous Clean, but we decided to add a new paint color, shower curtain and new bathroom accessories.

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Narrow Bathroom Kohler ContinuousClean Soft Close toilet, gray shower curtain

How to Install a Toilet

The installation process was very easy and quick.

Narrow Bathroom Renovation Kohler Toilet Installation ContinuousClean

1. Remove the old toilet

 2. Install the ReadyLock System that comes with the Kohler Corbelle Continuous Clean toilet

3. Fasten the base with the braces provided

4. Place the new toilet onto the base.

Narrow Bathroom Renovation Kohler Toilet installation process ContinuousClean Soft Close Toilet

5. Fasten toilet to the base with the provided screws

6. Place screw cover over hole to provide clean sleek look

7. Install Continuous Clean Mechanism (uses AA batteries) inside tank

8. Install cover and add cleaning tablets of your choice

Narrow Bathroom Renovation, Kohler ContinuousClean Soft Close toilet

One of the best things about this toilet is that it offers a “always-on” clean bowl which helps fight germs, grim and stains with every flush. This is particularly important being a multigenerational family under one roof as our toilet seems to always be in use!

Toilet Features

A pet peeve of mine with a traditional toilet is cleaning around all the corners and arches on the base. With the Corbelle toilet with ContinuousClean, not only is your toilet bowl staying cleaner longer, but the base is a sleek skirted design and is so easy to wipe clean. The toilet comes in two pieces (the base and the tank) and was super easy to install.

One Day Narrow Bathroom Renovation with Big Results

One of the best features in my opinion of the toilet is the Revolution 360 swirl flushing technology. The flush is very powerful which keeps your bowl cleaner longer than a conventional flush. The Corbelle Continuous Clean toilet also features Clean Coat technology which prevents bacteria, mildew and mineral deposits from sticking. Let’s face it, toilets aren’t exactly the first item in our home we want to clean on a regular basis so I was extremely excited to install one with impressive cleaning technology. My mom especially loves the ease of keeping this toilet clean.

Narrow Bathroom Renovation, Kohler Continuous Clean Toilet with Powerful flush, view toilet tank mechanism

How does the cleaning process work?

So how does the cleaning process work? The Corbelle toilet comes with a factory-installed system and all you need to do is pick your favorite toilet bowl tablet. Simply add the tablet and each time you flush, the cleaning solution is dispensed. This technology also helps cut down on cleaning time as well.

Narrow bathroom renovation, Kohler Continuous Clean Toilet inside tank mechanism

Toilet cleaner is safely tucked away

The Corbelle toilet with Continuous Clean is housed in the toilet tank and dispenses a consistent dosage of cleaner during each flush. The cleaner is safely tucked away from kids and pets. The new system works with any toilet bowl puck-like tablets, allowing consumers to choose (bleach or not) and is optimized to extend the life of the cleansing tablet for more than a year. All you do is lift the cover, add the tablet and that’s it!

Narrow Bathroom Renovation, Powerful one flush Kohler ContinuousClean Toilet, toilet flushing water

Here is a picture of the bathroom before.

Narrow bathroom with old white toilet, brown tiled floor and brown walls

Paint your bathroom for a fresh clean look

It’s amazing though what new coat of paint will do for a space. Here is the bathroom after I painted the walls white, installed the new toilet and added a new shower curtain.

Narrow Bathroom Renovation, Kohler Continuous Clean Toilet, Gray Shower Curtain

Installation was really easy with the ReadyLock™system which eliminated the need to drill holes while offering the same secure installation as non-skirted toilets. I was so happy to get rid of the old toilet! There is something to be said for a brand new toilet 😄.

Narrow Bathroom Renovation, Kohler Continuous Clean Toilet, Gray Shower Curtain

Soft close feature great for kids

The soft close feature above is also nice considering my son would consistently slam the cover down on the old toilet.

For those of you who live in a multigenerational household, you know the importance of keeping a bathroom clean and tidy especially when so many family members are sharing a space. Next year I plan to replace the floor and countertop on the vanity creating a more modern fresh look. For now, the new toilet, fresh coat of paint, new shower curtain and bathroom accessories worked perfectly to spruce up the space.


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  1. Talk about timing. We are getting ready to remodel our kids bathroom and I saw this toilet but couldn’t remember who made it. Thank you so much.

  2. A soft close feature would be nice! With 2 boys and my husband, my daughter and I are always hearing the slamming of the toilet seat! I also would like that it’s easier to clean. It is hard to clean the bottom, so with the design of this toilet, it would be much easier on my back.

    1. Yes Brenda exactly! It’s so nice to just quick wipe on the outside and have no grooves!! My mom loves cleaning this toilet and yes the soft close is perfect for kids!!

  3. susan hicks says:

    Any chance that toilet also sits higher than standard ones! That self-cleaning feature sounds really good, but my husband also wants a taller one. BTW, from the pictures, the counter looks great already! What is wrong with it?

    1. Hi, I am not sure on the height question but you could probably call customer service and see if they make it in a higher version. I will tell you though, it is higher than the one we removed if that helps 🙂 The current counter has a lot of paint specks all over it from when the previous owner painted the bathroom and it’s almost impossible to remove them all but it’s also not really my color style either so hopefully down the road I can swap it out! 🙂

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