My Lazy Girl Tips to Increase Energy + Weight Loss

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Today I wanted to share my lazy girl tips to increase energy and weight loss. A funny thing happened when I started sharing my nutritional goals last Summer 2018, many of you could relate.  I wouldn’t say I am a lazy person, in fact I am the complete opposite but when it came to preparing healthy meals, snacks and watching my nutrition, I just didn’t have the time or knowledge about what to prepare and as a result, I did nothing. You know how that goes right?

How to lose weight

Jessica Bruno how to gain back energy and drop 10 pounds

Lazy girls tips to increase energy

Updated June 2019 – Not the best grainy cell phone shot but you get the idea!

I had no time to consistently buy, cook and prep all the right foods that I required.

jessica bruno orange top, white pants sitting on rock tips to increase energy

I had never blogged about nutrition, exercise or anything remotely close until early last Summer and I realized that a lot of you were interested in some sort of a balanced lifestyle whether it be eating more healthy, weight loss, tips on how to increase energy or simply the proper nourishment for your body.

12 Week Weight Loss Body Comparison tips to increase energy

I put together this collage above that shows the 12 week weight loss journey that I started last Summer. For me, I didn’t need to lose a lot of weight, I just wanted my clothes to fit like they use to.

My biggest issue was lack of energy and a mom fog brain that needed to go away. For all you mom’s out there, you know exactly what I mean.

Why I love my accountability partners

Boosting Metabolism over 40

I remember when I wrote that first post thinking, “my how things have changed in my perception of healthy living.” Something happens when you are in your mid-40’s.

You find yourself remembering when you made fun of your parents for using their $2 CVS reading glasses and now you need them. My mom giggled at me the other day when she had to read something for me because I couldn’t see the words.

Time to get my eyes checked.

Mom and Daughter a lazy girl tips on increasing energy and weight loss

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Metabolism Boosting Foods

The secret for me to a more healthier way of life was to actually eat. I know that sounds crazy but when you don’t eat what your body actually needs to burn fat, you end up doing the reverse effect to your body.

 YOU too can hit your health and wellness goal by putting the right amount of nutrients in your body 

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I hit my goal to lose 10 lbs over the course of 12 weeks last Summer 2018 and have maintained ever since.

How did I do this? These tips to increase energy below are exactly what I did.

I eat the right kind of food. Living in a multigenerational home, we have made a deal that we cook healthy during the week (most of the time) and watch the amount of sugar and carbs in our meals.

How to increase Metabolism to lose weight

#1 Eat but eat the right kinds of food 

I didn’t starve myself and I took a chance and tried something that I was totally against my entire life. I tried a meal replacement shake system that one of my friends suggested. Basically it has everything you need in it to burn fat naturally. For someone like me who has no time to consistently buy, cook, prep and eat many small meals throughout the day, this was perfect!

meal replacement shake tips to increase energy

Image compliments of my Nutrition Program

#2  Nutritional Cleansing and Replenishment System (intermittent fasting once a week or every other week)

I do a cleanse usually every other week for 24 hours. It’s not a starvation or poop cleanse! Those are not healthy. My cleanse allows me to eat or drink every hour and allows my body a day of rest from regular food. I use to think cleansing was weird but I was proven wrong!

There is nothing too crazy about this program. It’s the most simple concept on the planet. I drink one or two meal replacement shakes a day and fill in with healthy real food snacks and meal (s). 

I needed SIMPLE and convenient.  Quick and easy and all natural. If you have your own personal chef (wouldn’t that be amazing?) shakes may not be for you but if you are like me and do not, then this may be for you. 

I didn’t give up coffee in case you are wondering and I still splurge on the weekends occasionally with a glass of wine or sweet dessert.

 All in moderation. That is key.



 #3 Drink enough water, getting in your servings of greens everyday is most critical.

Eat healthy meals that fill you up that that are full of protein, fiber, fat and greens.

Nourish, don’t restrict.

tips to increase energy Salted Caramel Meal Replacement Shake - My secret to a balanced lifestyle that works

Image compliments of my Nutrition Program

I add ice and water, the best protein I’ve ever found.

Tips to increase energy – I also add a scoop of cold-pressed greens that’s the equivalent of 20 organic salads and a scoop of nature’s legit answer to stress, sleep, and belly fat to make the most delicious shake of all time. 

These are high-end nutritional products that are soy-free, gluten-free and non-GMO with dairy free options.

tips to increase energy Jessica bruno pink shirt, shorts and white converse all stars

The picture above is one that I took mid way (maybe week 7) through last Summer 2018.

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#4 Exercise – tips to increase energy

For the first 6  weeks (summer of 2018) , I was only walking 1 – 2 miles.

That’s not a lot!

Anyone should be able to do that even if it means walking around your house more. I found tracking my steps on an app helped.

The running and increased mileage started this past Fall 2018. 

Updated Summer 2019. I consistently power walk and run about 3 miles 5x a week. I cannot stress enough that exercise (even if it’s a mile a day walk around your house) and it’s free! You don’t need to join a gym. As long as your legs work, go outside and walk.

For me, I run 1/2 mile, walk 1/2 mile ect. and when I am feeling super energized, I actually run the entire 3 miles. NEVER in my life did I think I would enjoy running.

How Steph lost 10 pounds tips to increase energy

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2019 has been a year of new beginnings and fun adventures. One thing I love to do now is find healthy comfort food recipes to cook. I love comfort food (who doesn’t!!?) but it does me absolutely no favors so I am always searching for healthy comfort food recipes.

Cooking has always been a passion of mine (especially in the Fall and Winter) and there is something so relaxing about preparing a meal when I have the time. Do you know what I mean? I try to at least once a week, prepare something I love. My son also enjoys cooking and he is really good at it!

My neighbor Steph (above in her 10 pound loss picture) and I walk or run together most days and she also does the same nutritional program and follows these tips to increase energy. She is currently down 13 pounds and feeling great! When we first started walking last year, she swore she would never run with me but that changed quickly changed.

On a side note, it amazes me everyday how much more energy I have to get home and organizational projects done in my house and the ability to focus. If you follow me on my personal facebook page, you know that I am in the middle of a massive master bedroom makeover (Full Reveal Completed – updated 2019) and I can’t wait to show you. It’s looking great!

Meet Jessica

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  1. Wow, you are looking great. However, I am thinking now that you are in your 40’s and have reached your healthy body goal, you might consider a new hairstyle. You have beautiful hair, but it needs to match your new look.

  2. I think you look great! (Includingyour hair!!!)

  3. Jessica! You look awesome !Im starting my healthy eating and excersize tomorrow !! Wish me luck!! ????????

    1. Yay Yvonne!!! Email me what you are doing!! Would love to stay in touch and share strategies 😉

  4. You don’t need a new hairstyle. I fell for that “ you’re mature now and need a more mature haircut” and had 12 inches chopped off. I miss it every day. Being older, my hair growth has slowed down and I will probably never have longer hair again. No more pony tails, buns or braids. My advice is don’t cut your hair unless you want to. Don’t give into peer pressure!

    1. haha thanks Susan!! I always love to hear opinions but I never take them personally 🙂

  5. I agree with the hair comment. I went in for a trim and the stylist cut 7 inches off my hair. I was mortified! I miss my long hair. It will take me years to grow it back as I am over 40 as well. I think you are a beautiful person inside and out. Thank you for sharing your ideas! You look amazing! Just motivating to see your results. Keep up the great work!

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