How I lost 10 pounds by eating food

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Who would have thought that my recent blog posts about losing weight and gaining energy would be so popular. Certainly not me. Today I am sharing how I lost 10 pounds by eating food. It sounds a little silly to write that because honestly, we are all programed from an early age that you “lose weight” by eating less. While mindful portions certainly play a role in losing weight, eating the right kind of food and often also plays a role. A very big role.

It’s a little strange to share cell phone pictures on the blog as most of the images I share are usually taken with my fancy camera but this health and wellness journey has taken me by surprise and as of right now, these are the only pictures I have. So don’t judge the quality please! 😘

How I lost 10 pounds by eating food


Last week I shared a post, “Styling a Room is like Styling Your Life” and that post talked a lot about how I could make a room look pretty, neat and tidy but my inside body and life was not pretty, not neat and not tidy. Many of you totally related! Mission accomplished. I share to inspire. I share to see if maybe someone else can benefit from my experience whether it be home decor related, family or nutrition related. 

How I lost 10 pounds by eating food

{Pants I have not worn in YEARS!}

So how did I lose 10 pounds by eating food? I ate food! No joke. Your body cannot burn fat unless your metabolism is working and your metabolism doesn’t work if you feed it crap. That’s the truth. By nourishing my body and not depriving it, my body was able to burn fat naturally. 

How I lost 10 pounds by eating food

{Shorts that I don’t need to shimmy into anymore!}

A friend of mine introduced me to a Nutritional Cleansing and Replenishment System which was a game changer for me. Why was it a game changer? It gave me the flexibility to have 2 amazing meals a day loaded with super food in the form of a shake. What I love about the program is I don’t have to think about what I am having for 2 of the meals a day. My schedule is crazy, on the go and often times, I would skip meals leaving me eating everything under the sun after 4pm.

How I lost 10 pounds by eating food

{Vanilla Chai shake mix is my favorite flavor right now}

Can you relate? 

How I lost 10 pounds by eating food


How I lost 10 pounds by eating food

What I learned, which isn’t really rocket science, is that you actually need to feed your body so it can burn fat. The key though, is to feed your body the proper amount of nutrients often, through out the day. That’s when my ignorance came into play. I couldn’t have told you what was good nutrient or a “proper amount” of nutrients was if my life had depended on it. 

How I lost 10 pounds by eating food

I didn’t know the first thing about what to eat, how much of it to eat and my biggest issue was, what to buy in the grocery store. I mean, unless you are a nutritionalist, a scientist who actually cares about that stuff or a person who has taken an interest in researching health and wellness you probably have no clue, just like me. 

How I lost 10 pounds by eating food

My dad and son posing before they left for Maine on vacation last week.

My son said, “gramps, you are almost as straight as me!”

My dad said, “Oh no Nuch (he calls him Nuch), you are straight like me!”  

I am really proud of my dad, he has lost so much weight, he is almost a different looking person. He enjoys a shake during lunch time 😊 and is mindful about his meal portions. 

How I lost 10 pounds by eating food 

How I lost 10 pounds by eating food

Honestly, I don’t care about science, I don’t care about why I need what I need, I just care about feeling good. 

The program I am doing consists of WAY more than just 2 shakes a day but today, we are talking about the food part of the program. The full meal replacement shakes are delicious, super easy to make and loaded with everything you need to stay active, healthy and full of energy throughout the day.

What’s in a shake?

8G Fibre = 4tbsp ground linseed

24G Carbs = 1/4 cup cooked quinoa with 2 small beetroots

24G Protein = 500ml skim milk OR 250g yogurt OR 4 eggs

70mcg Folate = 3/4 cup brussels sprouts

200mg Calcium = 1 1/2 cup cottage cheese

2.5mcg Vitamin D = 200g cod fillets

3mg Iron = 170g tenderloin

I had no clue what most of these ingredients do for you hence, the example of what the real food is beside the ingredient. Did you know that your body requires a certain amount of carbs, protein, fibre ect. a day? I had no idea but the kicker is when you finally wrap your head around what you are suppose to feed your body per day to make it function like it was designed to, you come come to the realization that it’s pretty complicated to actually buy this stuff, prep and make the food that would you actually give you the nutrients you need.

I don’t know about you but I have no time to buy, prep, cook any of this stuff never mind “eat all this stuff.” 

Are you with me so far?

Makes sense right? 

How I lost 10 pounds by eating food

NOTE: You can find these outfits, similar products and my blender on our Favorites Page. 

Hopefully this post about how I lost 10 pounds by eating food was helpful.

I never thought I would enjoy shakes so much but I do. Sharing my healthy journey with you has kind of taken me by surprise. It really all happened by accident when I took a chance and said, “Yeah, I’ll give the program a try a few months ago.”

I have since partnered with the company (which means you can order the products through me) and joined as a coach which REALLY surprised me because I am just a girl who wanted to have more energy and drop a few sticky pounds that refused to leave for the past 12 years. How I ended up here, talking to all of you about it, blows my mind.  BUT this is too good not to share and my blog has always been about sharing what works for me and my family whether it be affordable home styling ideas, easy recipes and now my nutritional journey. Email me at jessica (at) fourgenerationsoneroof (dot) com if you would like more info! 



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  1. Hi, I tried emailing you for more info on the shakes but the email wouldn’t go through.

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Hi Jessica; I am soooooooooo HAPPY for you, you look fabulous! Your face looks brighter and younger and your body has changed so much. I wondered how 10 pounds can do so much and then I remember that you have a small frame. When I lose 10 pounds no one can tell, lol. Last month I was in the hospital for a week and when I got home I realized that I really had to do something about my diabetes. Since I seemed so sensitive to carbs I decided I had to let them go if I wanted to feel better and stay alive. My habits reminded me of the Roberta Flack song “Killing Me Softly”. So I had a funeral for PASTA, BREAD, RICE and so much other stuff that I LOVED {including dark chocolate M&M’s with peanuts} but, didn’t LOVE me back. I was so pleased to eat a Greek Salad, with the flat bread, on Fri. and Sat. and my blood sugar remained in the low 80’s. Keep up the great work that you are doing and continue to share with us…everyone is going through something and you never know how much they can be helped by reading your posts. TFS.

    1. You are so such an inspiration Juanita and my most faithful reader who always leaves me the best comments šŸ™‚ Thank you so much and that was funny , having a funeral for pasta and bread haha. My dad and husband are also diabetic so I understand the sugar level issues that happen. They are also loving the program I am doing as the shakes and other products in the system are low glycemic. Thanks again! šŸ™‚

  3. Jessica,
    I have tried to email you, but the email will not go through.

    I would like information about his program, Nutritional Cleansing and Replenishment Systems


  4. Hi Jessica ,
    you look amazing!
    If possible please send me your recipe for the Vanilla shake. Iā€™d love to try your cleansing system also. Your an inspiration!
    Have a blessed day????

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