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Installing Engineered Hardwood Floors with Staples

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Installing engineered hardwood floors with staples was a new project for me as in the past, most of the hardwood projects I have been involved with have been floating floors which did not need to be nailed or stapled. Last weekend we installed this gorgeous Java colored engineered hardwood in our new master closet and Jim fastened the hardwood flooring to the existing floor with a Bostitch Flooring Stapler

installing hardwoods with staples

Best Way to Install Engineered Hardwood 

Bostitch flooring stapler with red noise underlayment

Our hardwood flooring is 1/2″ and we used 1  1/4″ flooring staples.

Last weekend we removed all the furniture from the bedroom which was the start of the master closet project, ripped up the old carpet and installed hardwood flooring.

Here is the bedroom we emptied below.

blue striped bedding coastal bedroom

The bedroom is being moved to the Loft where we will be creating a new bedroom this coming winter. 

Here is the bedroom empty and the carpet removed below.

empty bedroom, ripping up carpet, removing carpet staples

empty bedroom, ripping up carpet, removing carpet staples

It was amazing how fast Jim ripped up the carpet and removed the carpet tack strips.

ripping up carpet, removing carpet staples

How to Stagger Engineered Hardwood Flooring 

Jim staggered the hardwood flooring to create a random pattern. 

red noise reducer underlayment with java hardwood floor

Do you need underlayment for hardwood flooring

The red underlayment is a polypropylene foam that adds a cushion to the floor and also act as a noise reducer.

We used FloorMuffler from Home Depot and it was super easy to install. 

Once the underlayment was rolled out and flat, he layed out the engineered hardwood flooring and worked his way around the room installing the flooring with the Bostitch Flooring Stapler. 

The flooring underlayment is installed floating on top of your subfloor.

installing engineered hardwood floors with a stapler over FloorMuffler underlayment

Tip: use a scrap piece of hardwood as a buffer between your hammer and the hardwood to ensure a proper fit

He used a small scrap piece to tap the hardwood flooring pieces into place and ensure they were secure before stapling. 

Typically you would need to remove the existing baseboard if your flooring didn’t line up properly but we got lucky through most of the room where we didn’t need to remove the baseboard except for the small existing closet.

Jim was able to use a scrap piece of hardwood and gently tap the hardwood under the baseboard to make it fit properly. 

installing engineered hardwood under a baseboard

Have I told you how much I love this guy? The cutest ever!

In about 4 hours, the room was completely finished and cleaned up. It looks amazing!

Java engineered hardwood floors in a walk in closet

The Java colored prefinished engineered hardwood floors are going to look perfect with the white custom closet we have coming from Easy Closets. 

Java engineered hardwood floors in a walk in closet

The built in custom closet hanging racks and shelves will be along these two walls featuring a center island as well.

Java engineered hardwood floors in a walk in closet

The old wire shelving in the existing closet below will be removed and we will be installing wood custom shelves and hanging racks which will be where Jim keeps his work clothes. The man has a lot of clothes!

Update: Jim’s closet (the walk in below) is done! See removing wire shelving and installing wood shelving for makeover.

Java engineered hardwood floors in a walk in closet

The door to the right (above) leads to the hallway/Jack and Jill bathroom (our bedroom is on the other side of the hallway) which is next on the project list. We will be gutting that bathroom and removing the wall the leads to the hallway allowing for a bigger bathroom space.  Our Installing Engineered Hardwood Floors with Staples project is complete! Stay tuned, the closet installation is happening next week! Update: The closet is finished – See diy bedroom turned walk in closet makeover




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