Our Jack and Jill Design Master Bedroom Project {phase 1}

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Our Jack and Jill Design Master Bedroom Project starts today! We are turning one of the bedrooms in our Jack and Jill design into a walk-in closet. I am so excited about this project! We have partnered with Easy Closets to make this space beyond amazing.

Here is a 3D rendering of the proposed walk in closet space with 2 walls of hanging/shoe space and a center island. You can click here to sign up to work with a free closet design consultant

3D Jack and Jill walk in closet space

Jack and Jill Master Bedroom

When I bought the house 2.5 years ago with my parents, they were the logical ones to take over the master suite on the first floor.

As they get older, having a bedroom on the 2nd floor didn’t make sense for them so we did a trade off.  They got the big master suite and took the smaller den as their TV room and my family took over the larger family room space as our tv room and our bedrooms were on the second floor.

The first floor master is the doorway below to the left of the large wood armoire. Their den/tv room is at the top of the staircase landing with the large glass doors.

large foyer entrance with stained stairs,arched wood door, italian columns, black iron balusters, wing back chairs

When you live in a multigenerational household, it’s a give and take all the time.

I was happy to let them have the first floor master but I won’t lie, I did miss having a nice big walk in closet and large bathroom.

Prior to Jim moving in last month, we decided to utilize the two bedrooms (the Jack and Jill Setup) on the second floor and create a 2nd floor master suite.

Here is the layout.

You may remember when I made this bedroom over below after my divorce.

white scroll headboard, mint green bedding, mint green comforter, white night table, white lamp, blue tassel throw pillow, green plant, french country bench, cable knit beige throw blanket

white scroll headboard, green high bureau, mint green bedding, mint green comforter, white night table, white lamp, blue tassel throw pillow, green plant, french country bench, cable knit beige throw blanket

This room above is our bedroom on the second floor.

The plan is to install hardwoods in this room, gutt the existing Jack and Jill bathroom as well as take down the wall in the existing bathroom and open it up to the “walk through” area to the adjacent bedroom.

Jack and Jill Bathroom

Here is a cell phone shot below of the door that leads to the Jack and Jill bathroom.

Jack and Jill bathrooms typically have a small walkthrough with a linen closet between the two bedrooms but we are planning to tear down the wall and make the bathroom bigger.

jack and jill master bedroom with hallway access

Jack and Jill Bathroom with Hall Access

Here is a shot of the bathroom wall where the vanity ends that we will be tearing down in order to enlarge the bathroom.

The entire door and wall will be removed below, opening the space up into the hall access / linen closet area.

We will shift the vanity and toilet down allowing for a large tile shower. 

Currently the bathroom has a standard fiberglass shower/tub unit. The bathroom makeover is going to be so much fun!

Jack and Jill Bathroom with hallway access

To the left of the bathroom is currently a guest bedroom (see below) that has a small walk in closet.

I currently use the small closet for my clothes and Jim is using the small reach in closet that is in our bedroom.

Lets just say that we both have A LOT of clothes and it’s not currently working out so great . -ha.

blue striped bedding coastal bedroom

Jack and Jill Master Bedroom

The gorgeous coastal bedroom is being emptied this weekend and we are installing hardwoods to get the walk-in closet project started.

I absolutely love this bedroom and plan to sell it so if you are local, the entire room will be for sale!

When we bought this house, one of the features that I liked was the Jack and Jill bedroom/bathroom setup.

I knew that it had potential down the road to be an amazing 2nd floor master suite.

At the time when I bought the house, I was married and all of the bedrooms were utilized with kids. See marriage/divorce update here. 

This coastal bedroom above (soon to be our closet) was originally my son’s bedroom (see below) a couple years ago when I bought the house.

Nature Inspired Brown Plaid Christmas bedroom | Scottish Highland Art Work

My son has since taken over his sisters room (see below) that has a private bathroom. Both of his sisters are now in college and it made sense to move him to their room so we didn’t have to share a bathroom. 

This entire space is also for sale if you are local. It’s the same headboard/mattress as the coastal bedroom.

queen bedroom, gray and blush bedding

Updated: Our closet has hardwoods! See the full room reveal with Java Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Stay tuned, our Jack and Jill Design Turned Master Suite Project {phase 1} is well under way and the closet system from Easy Closets arrives next week. The hardwoods were installed yesterday in the “new closet” so I will have pictures shortly of the progress.

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