10 Best Herb Garden Ideas for Beginners

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Today, I’m happy to share some super simple, budget-friendly herb garden ideas that are perfect for beginners. Whether you’re planning to green up your indoor space or create a lush oasis outdoors, these tips are designed to help you get started without any fuss.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably looking for ways to add a bit of nature and fresh flavors to your home, whether you’ve got a sprawling backyard or a cozy little nook in your kitchen, I’ve got you covered!

Herb Garden Ideas

One of my favorite gardening approaches is container gardening.

It’s my go-to method for growing herbs. Why? Because it’s straightforward, manageable, and, let’s be honest, pretty convenient.

Whether you’re short on space or just love the idea of having your herbs within arm’s reach, container gardening ticks all the boxes.

How to Plant an Herb Garden | Ideas and Inspiration
10 Herb Garden Ideas

Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

If you are beginning your herb garden in the Summer, it is much easier to purchase small plants from your local home and garden center or nursery.  

I’ve even seen some great looking plants at our local grocery store.

If you begin in the Winter, you can plant seeds and then replant them in containers.

Mason Jars hanging on wall with basil, mint and parsley
herb garden ideas

 Mason Jar Herb Garden Not Just a Housewife

Hanging Herb Garden

Location is key when deciding where your herb garden should stay.  

Herbs need light and good ventilation to grow well.  

If you have an indoor garden, a south facing window is an optimal place for light, but east and west work, too.  Be sure to avoid putting plants directly on or near air conditioners or radiators.

hanging herb garden jars on a coat hook
herb garden ideas

Hanging Herb Garden by Itsy Bits and Pieces

Tea Cups

Tea Cup Herb Garden on wood shelf

Teacup Herb Garden by Mobly.Design

Be sure to avoid putting plants near air conditioning units or above radiators.  

Keep herbs indoors in a well ventilated area, too.

Tea Tin Herb Planter

Using a tea tin or even a decorative metal coffee container is a great way to feature herbs in a pretty setting.

Herb Garden - Tea Tin Herb Garden
herb garden ideas in a tin

Tea Tin Herb Garden by Mereio Designs

Do your research when you decide which plants to include in your garden.  Some have different requirements for growing conditions.  

For example, basil loves full sun, so plant it where it will get loads of light!

Outdoor Herb Garden Ideas

If searching for patio herb garden ideas, this herb garden design on a pallet is genius! If growing herbs on a patio, a pallet is a great way to add a fun focal point!

Pallet Planter with terracotta planters and herbs
Herb garden ideas

Pallet Garden by Kelly Moore

Wall Herb Garden

To avoid rotten roots, choose a container with good drainage.   

Something with holes or a container filled part way with rocks will help promote good drainage and healthy plants.

Wall Planter with terracotta planters
herb garden ideas

Wooden Wall Planter by Shanty 2 Chic

Be sure to water your plants well, but not over water them.  If you find that they have yellow leaves, you might be over watering them.

Window Box

Window Box Herb Garden by Vegetable Gardener

Window Box Herb Garden black iron box
window box herb garden ideas are my favorite!

I love these metal window box with a coco liner.

You guys know that I love pretty things, so get creative with your container.  An herb garden can be a beautiful focal point on a deck or patio and use it to your advantage.

Mason Jars

Use mason jars, small metal buckets or any decorative container to grow herbs.

These metal herb buckets are also great price if you are looking for more of a bucket with handle look.

Mason Jar Herb Garden with fresh mint

Mason Jar Herb Garden by Crafts Unleashed 

If you want to start with seeds, consider an herb garden kit, you can use mason jars as your containers.

Remember to have fun taking care of those plants and don’t forget them.  You will be so happy with the bounty of flavor that they will bring to your dinner table.

Wash Tub Planter Ideas

This vintage wash tub garden by On Sutton Place is the cutest ever! Wash tubs are great for any type of plant and decorative as well!

Wash Tub filled with basil
wash tub planter ideas

Shop: Wash tubs can be purchased on Amazon here and here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these beginner herb garden ideas and tips and are ready to try it out this year.

This post was loaded with some cool ideas for planting that garden and I can’t wait to see what you do.  Keep me posted!

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  1. Beatrice Langman says:

    I can only use pots. Have a small deck and only get sun in the afternoon. Have had some success over the years. but not last year. Do mostly herbs. Basil and parsley work, not much else. Get about 4 tomatoes if I’m lucky. I do buy the ones that are already started. Can you give me any suggestions?

    1. Buy a grow light off Amazon and bring your pots in when they start to look like they need it. Or every other day or so for a couple hours of extra light. & you might be able to use it to extend your growing season

  2. These are all such wonderful and cute ideas for growing herbs. I especially like the mason jars and washtub gardens.

  3. How can plants grow in mugs and glasses – they need drainage?

    1. Diane Lavoie says:

      I would drill a hole in bottom if using a mug or tea cups for drainage and not sure about placing some tender herbs by windows in winter months as they may get chilled from cold air seeping in especially evenings. If you purchase grocery store herb plants you can just leave them in the original pots and just find a cute/ unique container it would fit into ( perhaps place few pebbles at bottom of container in case of overwatering so won’t sit in the drained water) then” lightly” (let it breathe) top the soil with some sort of cover, mulch, moss, pebbles be creative . Read up on which herbs prefer moisture and which are happier dry

      1. Sandy Hirt says:

        My herbs winter over nicely. Not basil however.

  4. A small amount of gravel at the bottom of the cup would allow for drainage. Maybe 1/2 an inch then add the would and seeds.

  5. Hi, I haven’t had any luck with growing Herbs in Mason jars, I’m so disappointed. Any suggestions? Thank you

  6. It’s great to grow herb in the garden! It brings me a fresh feeling! Thanks for sharing this! I’ll definitely make one for myself!

  7. I love these ideas. I have herbs growing outside all summer but miss them in the winter times. I have lavender and mint growing in small containers but need more. However, I don’t like clutter on cabinets. These options are awesome. Thank you for the ideas.

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