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How to Hang Glass Shelves Easily with Glass Shelf Brackets

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To construct glass wall shelves using modern brackets, I purchased modern-looking glass shelves and brushed nickel finished hardware from Home Depot. Pine wood was initially considered but did not meet my vision for a clean, fresh-lined aesthetic. With the simple installation of the affordable and easy to use bingo brackets, I achieved the desired result in our renovated bathroom.

Glass Shelf Brackets

Glass shelves require a bit more attention. As they are breakable and fragile, extra care must be taken to prevent them from shattering or cracking. When installing glass shelves, it’s important to use the right type of anchor screws as well as wall anchors that are specifically designed for glass shelves. Proper spacing between each shelf should also be considered when mounting multiple shelves.

I purchased Mural brand shelving kit sand bingo brackets from Home Depot but you can purchase any type of clean simple shelf or mounting brackets.

These are a few of my favorite brackets that are perfect for glass:

Step 1: Bracket Location

Determine on the wall where you want your glass shelves to be and draw a line using your level. I am a visual person so I always mark the wall with a pencil. I like to see the lines visually before I start drilling holes! It’s much easier to wash off the pencil then it is to fill mistaken holes.

Then measure and mark with a pencil where to drill your pilot holes.

Step 2: Drill Pilot Hole

Once you drill your hole in the wall, insert the plastic anchor. Do not skip this part as glass shelves need proper support.

The kit comes with metal anchors as well. The type of wall you have will determine the type of anchor to use. I was not drilling into a stud but simply into sheet rock so I opted to use the plastic anchor.

Gently tap the plastic anchor into your hole. If it doesn’t go in easily, get a bigger drill bit and make the hole bigger.

The anchor is now placed into the wall.

Step 3: Install Bracket into Plastic Anchor

Remove your drill bit (that you used to drill your pilot holes) and screw the long metal bracket into the plastic anchor in the wall. Use your drill to screw the long metal screw (bracket) into the wall.

Screw slowly into the plastic anchor.

You will screw to the point where the metal stop is on the rod, leaving about an inch showing. Notice that the “metal” stop is screwed into the wall leaving on the threads showing to attach the bracket to. Be sure the rod is secure to ensure the glass shelves are secure.

Step 4: Add Finish Washer

Add the round washer and then screw the end of the bracket to the metal rod in your wall.

Note below, the bracket end of rod.

Step 5: Install Bracket

Screw rod into the wall which will support the shelf.

Step 6: Level Bracket

Use a small level to ensure that the rod/bracket is level.

Step 7: Add Floating Glass Shelves

Add your glass shelves and use a larger level to ensure that they are straight and lined up with one another.

I chose to hang three glass shelves using six bingo brackets. The entire process for all three shelves took under 45 minutes. Once you do one, the others move much quicker.

This project was completed around Christmas time and I love how the glass shelves look with decorative baskets and hand towels.

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Why are Glass Shelves Great For A Bathroom?

  1. Modern and Sleek Look: Floating shelves provide a contemporary and stylish look to any bathroom.
  2. Reflective Quality: Glass has a reflective quality that enhances the natural light in a room, creating a bright and open feel.
  3. Versatility: can be customized to fit any bathroom decor, as they come in various shapes, sizes, and finishes.
  4. Easy to Clean: Glass shelves are easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical addition to a busy bathroom.
  5. Display Options: offers a unique way to display decorative items such as plants, candles, or artwork, adding a personal touch to your bathroom decor.

To make the most of your bathroom wall space, try adding glass bathroom shelving with brushed nickel glass shelf brackets. Not only does this create a functional storage area for bath amenities and towels, but it also provides a stylish modern vibe that pairs nicely with glass mosaic tile.

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    1. Hi Nancy! The glass shelves just sit on the top but there is a groove that they kind of fit in. There is also a rubber ring that goes around the rod so the glass isn’t sitting directly on top of the rod. It’s pretty clever how they are designed and very inexpensive. Like $5 per pack of rods?

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