Under The Bathroom Sink Storage Hack

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Today I am sharing my under the bathroom sink storage idea using a small shelf that I had left over from a previous project. An under sink shelf or pull out drawer are two easy ways to organize your bathroom sink cabinet.

Under Bathroom Sink Storage Ideas

First lets start by saying there are several opinions on what should or should not be stored under a bathroom sink.

For me personally, I like my makeup and toiletries within arms reach.

Many of you have emailed and commented that under the sink storage should be used for toilet paper and cleaning items. I have a linen closet that I prefer to keep items such as cleaning supplies in but that’s just me.

My DIY Shelf Under Sink Idea using premade shelf before and after bathroom cabinet

The amount of wasted height space under a bathroom sink is ridiculous and I am always amazed at how quickly the cabinet can become a disaster.

bathroom toiletries unorganized under bathroom sink

Under Sink Shelf Idea

In order to install an under sink shelf, you will need to either purchase shelf kit or create one out of items you have in your home.

1. Remove All Items From Under Your Bathroom Sink

Tip: I didn’t intend on lining the walls with drawer liner but I realized that the acrylic containers blended with the white bathroom cabinet walls so I decided to line the walls with the drawer liner. Purchase inexpensive shelf liner here.

empty white bathroom cabinet with black plumbing pipe under a bathroom sink

2. Add Decorative Drawer Liner

Drawer liner can make under a sink so pretty! I simply cut the drawer liner and used clear Scotch tape to stick the paper to the wall. I tried to line up the green flowers as best as I could so the paper flowed nicely. You don’t need to be as detailed as I was but I think it looks more cohesive.

Once the wallpaper drawer liner was installed, I measured the distance between the hooks on the back of the premade shelves and installed two small screws into the bathroom cabinet to hold the shelf.

Green flowered drawer liner from HomeGoods to line cabinet walls and shelf + screw for hanging a shelf
DIY Shelf under bathroom sink idea using a premade shelf

3. Install DIY Under Bathroom Sink Shelf

I am not sure if you remember but I recently added 2 small shelves in my son’s bedroom when I did his nature inspired bedroom makeover  and these two longer shelves were left over.

The two premade shelves were two different sizes and when they both fit snug right up against each other and didn’t interfere with the sink plumbing pipe, I was shocked. It’s like they were made for under bathroom sink storage.

DIY Shelf under bathroom sink idea using a premade shelf

If you purchase floating shelves like these, they will come with anchors and screws for mounting.

Best Under Sink Organizer

There are several options for under sink organizers. I prefer clear acrylic or plastic that can be washed. I think the clear looks nice and allows you to see what you have on hand.

Under Sink Storage Idea

See Makeup Storage Container ↗

Under Sink Drawer Idea

See Under Sink Storage Drawers ↗

Makeup brush holders and a variety of small clear storage containers are perfect for storing Qtips, makeup, hairspray and lotions.

under bathroom sink lined with green flower drawer liner, black premade shelf and acrylic organizers

This pull out tiered drawer is perfect for under a sink and I wish I had found this when I was organizing my cabinet.

Under Sink Tiered Shelf Idea

See Drawer Storage Container ↗

The black wood premade shelves literally couldn’t have been any more perfectly sized for the bathroom cabinet. By adding the shelf, it allowed me to have additional storage and utilize some of the wasted height space in the cabinet.

Pretty organized under bathroom sink with black DIY premade shelf + flower wallpaper - drawer liners + acrylic makeup and toiletry organizers

The larger lower acrylic containers with pull handles work great for vitamins, Q-tips and bottles.

Bathroom Sink Organizer

A bathroom lazy susan for face creams is also a great space saving idea.

Under Sink Lazy Susan Idea

See Lazy Susan ↗

A small lazy susan under the sink also is a great for storing bottles like hairspray, body spray and lotions.

Lazy Susan Bottle Storage Idea

See Lazy Susan ↗

You can purchase all the items in this post on our Amazon Storefront!

Pretty organized under bathroom sink with black DIY premade shelf + flower wallpaper - drawer liners + acrylic makeup and toiletry organizers

This clear container works perfect for storing your hair dryer or curling wand.

Nail polish holders also work great for storing lipstick!

Pretty organized under bathroom sink with black DIY premade shelf + flower wallpaper - drawer liners + acrylic makeup and toiletry organizers

It’s such a good feeling opening the bathroom cabinet door and having all of my toiletries and makeup organized!

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Under sink organizing does not need to be stressful! With a few key bathroom storage containers to keep items from tipping over and creating a cluttered mess, you can make your bathroom cabinet pretty and organized!

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  1. I never thought about lining the walls under the sink! It actually looks very nice. That is amazing how the shelves fit just perfectly. I have plastic bins under the sink too, and it’s such a pain to work around the pipe. I have things stacked on top of each other in the bins, but it would be nice to have shelves.

    1. Hi Brenda! I agree the pipes take up too much room 🙂 Have a great week and thank you for stopping by!

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