How To Store Bed Sheets: Simple Organizing Ideas

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Today, I’m sharing some tried-and-tested tips to store your bed sheets effectively. If you don’t have a dedicated linen closet, you will love this post!

Do you often find yourself battling a closet chaos of tangled bed linen? I know the feeling! As someone who’s always looking for efficient storage space solutions, I’ve explored several methods to keep my sheet sets organized.

how to store bedsheets in a pillowcase
Learn how to store bedsheets in a closet and keep them fresh and tidy!

What is the Best Way to Store Bed Sheets?

Storing Sheets in a Pillowcase

One of the best ways to store bed sheets, especially if you’re dealing with limited closet space, involves the clever use of a matching pillowcase. 

This method keeps your fitted sheet, flat sheets, and pillow cases together, ensuring easy access when you need them.

How to Store Bed Sheets In a Pillowcase | 2 Minute Organizing Tips

Our linen closet serves as a multipurpose closet for cleaning, laundry, extra bedding, sheets, bath towels, toilet paper and toiletries. 

Today I am going to show you a smart way to store bedding that takes minutes!

Step 1: Fold Sheets

Fold your matching set of sheets together.

How to Store Bed Sheets In a Pillowcase | 2 Minute Organizing Tips

Step 2. Place Sheets Inside Pillowcase

Roll the sheets to a size that will fit inside 1/2 the pillowcase 

How to Store Bed Sheets In a Pillowcase | 2 Minute Organizing Tips

Step 3. Fold Pillowcase In Half

With the sheets and remaining pillowcase inside, fold the pillowcase in half

How to Store Bed Sheets In a Pillowcase | 2 Minute Organizing Tips

4. Tie End Of Pillowcase

Twist the excess bedding sheet at the end so you can tie a knot.

How to Store Bed Sheets In a Pillowcase | 2 Minute Organizing Tips

Tying a knot will be easy if you are using a king pillowcase.

How to Store Bed Sheets In a Pillowcase | 2 Minute Organizing Tips

In this particular case, this was a standard pillowcase so you can see it was a tiny knot.

How to Store Bed Sheets In a Pillowcase | 2 Minute Organizing Tips

You don’t need to fit all of the sheet through completely to make the knot, just enough to keep it together. 

How to Store Bed Sheets In a Pillowcase | 2 Minute Organizing Tips

If you don’t want to tie a knot (the end of the pillowcase will be wrinkled when you untie, just fold and tuck inside the pillowcase. I like the look of the knot so deal with a few wrinkles.

How Do You Store Bedding in a Small Space

I realize some of you may be saying, who has time to roll up sheets and place inside pillowcases? 

Honestly, it doesn’t take that much longer and if your household is anything line mine, you know that re-organizing and fixing stacked sheets that somehow end up in a messy pile, takes a lot of time.

How to Store Bed Sheets In a Pillowcase | 2 Minute Organizing Tips

For those of us with small spaces, using shelf dividers or storage containers can be a great way to maximize space. Rolling sheets instead of folding them can also save space and reduce wrinkles.

Creative Ways for Small Space Storage

  1. Fold and Stack – Fold them neatly and store similar-sized sheets together, making it easy to locate the right set when needed.
  2. Zippered Storage Bags – I love these storage bags (they come in many different sizes) for sheets and blankets. We use them at our Airbnb and our personal home. You can store the bags filled with linens under a bed or in a linen closet. If you want to go the extra mile and be really organized, a label on the inside clear part of the bag.
  3. Storage Bins – Storage bins inside a closet or under a bed are two effective ways to store bedsheets. 

Where is the Best Place to Keep Bed Sheets?

The best place to keep sets of sheets is in a dedicated space where they are protected from dust and moisture. Whether it’s a linen closet, a storage container under the bed, or a shelf in your wardrobe, finding an accessible place is key.

How to Store Bed Sheets In a Pillowcase | 2 Minute Organizing Tips

Bed Sheet Storage Organizer

Using a bed sheet storage organizer can transform your closet space.

This bed sheet organizer from Amazon is one of my favorites and very affordable.

Bed Sheet Organizer

See bed sheet organizer ↗

I also use these larger storage bags for comforters that fit under our beds but you can purchase smaller ones that would be perfect for storing bed sheets.

Also, consider a label maker to mark each set of sheets.

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How to Store Bedsheets So They Don’t Smell

Keeping Sheets Fresh

To prevent a musty smell, store sheets in a dry, cool place.

Also, ensure your sheets are completely dry before storing to prevent mildew.

An easy way to keep them fresh is to add lavender sachets or dryer sheets to the closet or storage bag.

Another option is to purchase vacuum storage bags but they are pricey and more for longer term storage.

I would not use plastic bags as they can tend to have a strange odor and in my opinion, it’s not worth it. 

How to Store Bed Sheets In a Pillowcase | 2 Minute Organizing Tips

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If you are lucky enough to have an entire closet dedicated to bed sheets and extra linens, then I envy you! One day I hope to keep all of our bedding in one designated linen closet. 

Throughout my journey to find the easiest way to store extra sheets, I’ve experimented with various methods. The pillowcase method has been a game-changer for me, not just for its simplicity but also for how it keeps my sheets wrinkle-free and ready for use. 

Storing bed sheets doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these creative ways and simple tips, you can keep your sheets organized, fresh, and easily accessible. Try out these methods and see the difference in your linen closet!

Do you have any unique tips on storing bed sheets? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below. Let’s make our linen closets the epitome of organization and style!

How to Store Bed Sheets In a Pillowcase | 2 Minute Organizing Tips

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  1. Using plexiglass on wire shelves will help with stability. A trick we learned with my mom’s closets,

  2. I love this! It keeps the sheets fresh and organized. You have such good tips and I pray for you and your family.

  3. mickie mclaughlin says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing your new creations. However, I don’t like the “twists” at the end of the pillowcase holding the sheets. Would look all wrinkly when I go to use them….. Now rolling the sheets and pillowcases together makes great sense and looks neat. I like Kara’s idea of using plexiglass to stabilize wire racks. Your new home is lovely and so different.

    1. Thank you !I love the plexiglass idea too 🙂 I think folding under the excess pillowcase would definitely work too!

  4. I love how you tackled this, Jess! I have attempted sheets in the pillow case in the past but didn’t like how I couldn’t make them lay neatly on the shelf- your method is PERFECT!!!

  5. Audrey Johnson says:

    I love this idea, just not too sure about tying it into a know. I would think that the edges of the pillow case would be all wrinkly. I would probably fold the end over itself or something. Still love the idea. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Such a great idea! Easy to get an entire set and a big space saver!

  7. Paulette M Cole says:

    Neat idea and too much work. I use a folded flat sheet , then place the folded bottom sheet on top on one end, then the two pillow cases on top of that, and then bring the free end up to cover and make a nice packet. Then stacked on linen closet shelf. When ready to use just place on the bed and open.
    I do use the pillow case method on the boat for spare blankets. I had large (king size) nautical motif ones made with the boat’s name. Blankets are placed flat into the pillow case and laid flat on a shelf. Don’t want stuff falling off when sailing.

    1. That sounds like a great idea too! Yes, boats are definitely tight on storage 🙂

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