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Our Organized Kitchen Pantry {closet} Reveal

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Our organized kitchen pantry closet is finally done! We had a lonely random skinny closet near our kitchen that was used for storing pots, dishes, dog food and whatever random kitchen items happened to land there.

Today I am finally sharing our new organized kitchen pantry closet.

I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out but I knew it would be organized! It’s gotten a thumbs up from everyone in the house including my dad who thought my idea was a waste of time.

Update: This kitchen pantry is at my old house and I recently updated it to add new shopping product links for 2022. If you missed our old kitchen and the crazy huge renovation we did by tearing down walls and adding 300 additional square feet, you can see that kitchen reveal post here. I miss those gorgeous white kitchen cabinets and super white quartzite counters!

organized kitchen pantry reveal

Much better than the before right?

organized kitchen pantry reveal

The food was always kept in this kitchen cabinet and it was always a mess.

organized kitchen pantry revealI started by removing everything from the closet and adding a fresh coat of white paint to the existing shelves and walls. 

Kitchen Pantry-2

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I did make an investment in plastic food storage containers (I love these (with chalk labels) and  these cereal containers here from Amazon – I picked the red containers) which honestly, has made a world of difference in keeping this pantry closet organized.

The lazy susan above works out perfectly for our baking sprinkles and toppings. They were always buried under piles of food or tipped over in the back of the cabinet.

Kitchen Pantry-3

I added a simple Closetmaid over the door rack to hold smaller plastic containers which worked out perfectly for granola, breakfast bars and other smaller food items.

Kitchen Pantry-4

The plastic storage food bins without the cover on the door rack are perfect for granola bars, puddings, nuts and any small snack items.

I love that they come in a variety of sizes too. This type of granola bar storage bin is also a good idea too for a shelf.

Kitchen Pantry-5

Kitchen Pantry-6

I paired woven seagrass baskets on the bottom shelf to store individual bags of chips and snacks. These woven baskets are a little more slim lined and would also be perfect depending on your pantry.

It’s amazing how food storage containers can change a pantry in minutes for the better!

Kitchen Pantry-7

The dog food storage bin on wheels is the best thing I ever bought! You can find it here on Amazon. So much easier than a bag ripped open and spilled dog food everywhere. 

Here is another before shot of the closet.

organized kitchen pantry reveal

Our new kitchen pantry now stores our snacks, baking items, cereal and dog food.

I may end up moving the tall dog food container on wheels to another spot but for now, this is the only place it fits. 

Kitchen Pantry-8

I ended up adding two additional shelves using the same method we used when we installed our floating shelves in our laundry room.

These airtight food storage containers are the perfect size for baking products, candy or cookies that you want to remove from the packaging. 

The clear lazy susan is small but it works perfectly for baking sprinkles ect. If you are looking for a bigger one, I also have this lazy susan that is amazing! 

Kitchen Pantry-9

A fun before and after for sure!

organized kitchen pantry closet

If you are loving this idea of turning a closet into a food pantry, check out the latest project at my neighbors house!

We created a DIY Kitchen Closet Pantry in a small closet off their kitchen. What a major transformation for under $100.

I cannot even begin to tell you how happy this little organized kitchen pantry closet makes me. It is wonderful to open the door and see everything in its place even after it’s been raided by multiple people.

Food storage bins and baskets are an easy way to organize a cabinet or closet and these guys are working hard at doing just that. 

This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience.


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  1. Stephanie baumann says:

    Love it! I wish you made house calls…I have so many closets and storage areas that I abuse -I bet you could work some magic in my house!!!

  2. It looks great and gives me inspiration to redo my pantry again. Your kitchen can never be too organized!

  3. Ok, gotta get a move on, your “before” pictures look like my cabinets….to the Container Store!

  4. Where did you get the pet food bin on wheels? I need 2 of those!

    1. Those food bins on wheels are at Target and Walmart ๐Ÿ™‚ Ours is over 4 years old and I think Walmart might be where I picked it up. I see them all the time though at both stores. In fact, The Container Store also has a variety of sizes on wheels as well. Good luck in your search, they are perfect for pets! We even use them for the “pet” rocksalt near our back door ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. And I thought I was organized….. Haha!! Wish I had time for that job. I think you should start making house calls!! Could be profitable!!

  6. And where did the items which you stored before in the pantry go?

  7. Great use of space! I need to add some storage containing system to my doors! Wish we had a container store nearby.

  8. It looks fabulous Jess! Will you come organize mine now. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  9. Another home run! Seriously, you continue to knock it out of the park with these organizing posts! Jaw on the floor drooling. So good! Those over the door racks are seriously the best thing since sliced bread.

  10. Sue Burrell says:

    Love your blog! You give me such great ideas! I’m on an organizing kick, so it was perfect timing! Can you tell me the name of the clear bins you purchased at the Container Store? I already have a wire rack for the back of my door, but need containers that fit inside and those you bought look perfect! I just can’t figure out which ones they are on The Container Store’s website. Thanks!

  11. Looks amazing! Where did you get the door rack? Is it the kind that goes over the top of the door?

  12. I did a similar organization re-do in my freezer. I found some cute labels on Amazon (link below) that are used in the deli trade. They are mark-off so you can change the type of “sandwich” each day. They are made for the frig/freezer and are laminated. I punched a whole on each top corner and tied them to my freezer baskets with cute ribbon. I found the wipe-off didn’t work for me because every time we bumped one, it wiped off. I plan on using a permanent magic marker on them. I labeled my freezer shelves from bottom to top: meats, vegetables, prepared (homemade meals), use now. The use now is on the top. It’s that 1/2 container of chicken soup stock, 1/4 lb hamburger when I only needed a pound, bits of this and that I save for soups, etc.

  13. I just moved into a new home and am really struggling with my new pantry. It hose very deep shelves so if you put something in the back you can’t see it. Bright now it is total chaos. Any ideas on how to organize it?