Fridge Organization Ideas That Work

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Today I’m sharing our fridge organization ideas and how a clean organized refrigerator can relieve stress and save money! I am going to show you which refrigerator organization bins are the key to keeping fruit, small condiment bottles, juice boxes and snacks organized.

Refrigerator Organization Ideas

What makes these fridge organizers so amazing? The everyday curse of the refrigerator being a gross and disorganized mess which drives me crazy is real! Clear bins for the refrigerator that are easy to clean and in different sizes will help keep an organized fridge. 

Pull out organization bins are what help keep your refrigerator tidy, organized and food from getting lost in the back of the refrigerator. I have tried several fridge organization ideas in the past and none of them compare to using clear containers that are dishwasher safe to keep like items together.

 Refrigerator Makeover with pull out storage bins

Prior to the refrigerator being organized, kids snacks, drinks, random food items and items were stacked all over the place. The shelves were sticky, dirty and gross!

Here is the refrigerator before.

Tip: dispose of the cardboard boxes that the food comes in (yogurts ect.) prior to putting in your refrigerator.

Messy Refrigerator

How To Organize A Fridge

An organized fridge starts with emptying the refrigerator and checking expiration dates. 

I removed “everything” from the refrigerator, washed the walls, the shelves and drawers and oh my, it felt good to clean this thing!

First, trash refrigerator items that are expired.  

Use Clear Storage Bins

I used refrigerator storage bins for the juice boxes, jello, pudding and other smaller snacks. These bins are a set of refrigerator bins in a variety of sizes for a great price.

The top shelf is the perfect place for fridge bins that can store containers like sour cream, butter or random items.

Refrigerator full of plastic bins and containers to organize food

The pull out bins (click here) are perfect for deep narrow cabinets or a refrigerator and provide a clear view. The are 16″ inches long and fit nicely tucked next to each other.  These pull out bins are also a little bigger and great for storing fruit or soda cans. 

If you need several and have the space in your refrigerator, these pull out bins come in a pack of 8 and a great price! They are also great for pantry storage too (snacks ect). I have two sets of these and also use them in our snack cabinet. 

The 5.75″ wide plastic pull out bins are perfect for a kitchen Pantry, a cabinet, refrigerator, freezer food storage and so convenient with handles. I personally think they are great organizing bins for fruit, vegetables, yogurt, snacks or even pasta. 

Clean refrigerator with plastic pull out bins for snacks, drinks and fruit

Refrigerator Organization Ideas

If you have time to go the extra mile, labeling can be a great way to keep kids organized by putting things back in the right spot. It’s also a neat idea for kids who are learning to read as the labels will help them learn.

These plastic pull out bins have a nice grab handle opening making it easy to remove the bin from the refrigerator. Like I said, if you need several, check out these bins  or these bins (in a variety of sizes for under $30!)

Fruit and juice boxes in plastic containers

I didn’t end up buying one of these plastic lazy susans but I think a lazy susan would be perfect for condiments. I have one in our laundry room and our kitchen cabinets for spices. Lazy susans are very handy!

Here is another shot of the refrigerator before.

As you can see the crisper drawers were not being used for fruits and veggies, the bottom shelf and middle shelf were full of stacked items with not a lot of space available.

Organization Refrigerator Makeover

One of the biggest problems we had was the soda boxes being stacked on top of each other. Soda organizer in a refrigerator

soda organizer Organization Refrigerator Makeover

I also love the idea of a can organizer in the fridge or soda organizer.

This stackable beverage organizer would also be perfect for cans of beer. 

Depending on if you use a can organizer, you may have more room on the bottom shelf for larger containers like milk and juice. I personally prefer the larger drink containers on the bottom shelf but that is not possible if you have a large can organizer. 

Pull out acrylic snack bins in a refrigerator

Having two containers for fruit is ideal because it’s so easy now for my son to pull out the bin and get his own snack. This size food container fits lots of different food items and comes in a pack of 6 for under $25 so that’s a great deal!

I also have this lazy susan in my pantry closet but it also would be great in a refrigerator for salad dressing storage!

Pull Out Storage Bins in a refrigerator

Best Refrigerator Organizer Bins 

If you found these refrigerator organization ideas helpful, get busy and clean out your refrigerator! If purchasing new organizer bins for the refrigerator is not in your budget, shop your house! You may have clear plastic bins that will help provide easy access and keep food organized.

You will find that your refrigerator is easier to clean, have less food waste (saving you money), save you time trying to figure out what food to buy at the grocery store and provide more space. Check out our Amazon Storefront for these refrigerator organizer bins and more. 

You won’t regret the hour or two it takes to get your refrigerator organized! If you are feeling ambitious, check out my DIY cell phone charging station for a kitchen counter (I converted a bread box!) and my top kitchen organization ideas. 


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  1. looks great! but where do you put things like leftovers?

    1. The top shelf πŸ™‚ The juice and butter stay on the side door now so the top is open πŸ™‚ You can always get a single soda organizer that doesn’t take up as much room.

  2. Looks fantastic! I see you have a T1D in the house. My 16 yr. old son was dx in Dec. =/

    1. Yup, my husband has T1D (since 18 years old) and I finally put all his meds in a plastic container to keep them organized and from falling out of the fridge! πŸ™‚

  3. This is wonderful. It looks so clean and appealing. My fridge is always a mess and this gives me great motivation to clean mine out! Thanks!

  4. Hi! I LOVE this! I’m going to do this as soon as I can find the containers! Can you tell me where you got all of your containers? They’re perfect! Thanks!

    1. Thank you! I will be sharing a resource list this weekend on the blog with the links to the sources but most of them came from HOme Goods and The Container Store πŸ™‚

  5. Christine says:

    Looks so clean and fresh! Where did you get the plastic bins? Home Goods?


  6. Hello:) I am new to your blog and I read that you have two refrigerators. I am just wondering do you share a kitchen or do your parents have one and you have one? I have had fun looking around your blog when I get a chance. It is something I am just curious about. I thought I read somewhere that you had a separate living spaces (I.e. kitchen, living room, dining room, etc.) Just curious! Love your style and your blog:)


    1. Hi, we have two kitchens but we still end up in both! ha. We added a secondary to accommodate another refrigerator ect. There is only so much room in one πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for stopping by and stay in touch!

  7. Where did you get your soda holder and other items to make this look pretty! I plan on adding this to my early spring cleaning list.

    1. It’s from Joss and Main (it was on sale). I think has one as well.

  8. Your fridge looks awesome. Having said that,you know how they say there’s one in every crowd ? Well I just can’t heck myself, but honey should not be stored in the fridge. Pancake syrup either. But most especially the honey. I would love to organize mine like this instead of finding scary stuff in the back, or a 15.00 packed of lamb I bought at whole foods as a treat for myself 5 days later stinking to high heaven, haha. I follow your blog all the time but this my first comment I think. You guys are awesome cheers Frances

  9. All of your organization posts have really lit a fire under my butt to work on our kitchen/bathroom organization! Which in turn has inspired some projects for when the weather warms up! I’m ready for spring!

  10. I love it. Is there something I should look for on the container labeling that means it is ok to use for refrigerators and will allow for proper airflow etc. ???I try to keep my fridge clean and it is fairly well organized but the containers really take it over the top.
    Thanks for great pictures.

  11. Charlotte says:

    Hi! Thanks for a great idea.

  12. Awesome ideas. So neat, clean and organized. I am so doing this. What size is your refrigerator?

  13. Where can I buy these pull out bins .

  14. where did you get the extra bins for the fridge?

  15. Although I have ADD and tend to jump from one project to another without completing the first project, I am always thinking of things I want to get organized. There is only the two of us but our “Fridge” seems always a mess. Leftovers get pushed in back, never to be seen again till they get “mold.”. I see you have Fridge Binz to hold a lot of your stuff which helps not only to keep the shelves clean but organized. I am surprized you don’t have them labeled or did I miss that part?
    I see you have grouped your sour cream and stick butter/margerine together. We use tub butter and LOL Stick butter..Do they sell shorter Fridge binz for smaller quanities?

    I hate to clean the’s so time consuming but necessary every few months. You womder how it can end up so gross inside when there are two Sr. Citizens

    Need to organize my garage freezer too..Love the idea of the see through bins that frozen stuff are stored in. Do you recall where you purchased them? They might be magazine storage containers.

  16. Looks great but where would you put the raw, thawing or marinating meat?

    Thank you,


    Where did you purchase the clear plastic containers? How much were the large and the smaller ones?

  18. My husband LOVES his soda too, i was wondering where to get my hands on one of those soda organizers…it holds the most soda I’ve seen them hold πŸ™‚

    1. This one came from Joss and Main but not sure if it’s still available? Try Wayfair, Amazon or overstock πŸ™‚

  19. I love the idea of an organized fridge like this but my question is where do you put those leftovers or take out items left over. How about meat defrosting for dinner? I’m not being sarcastic. I really would like to know.

    1. We have two refrigerators . So many people in one house, we need a couple! πŸ˜‰

  20. It’s so great to open your fridge and see what you have quickly to get a meal together! I try to clean mine out often and it makes list making for groceries a snap too! It’s key to healthy meal planning and stress-lowering as well!

  21. This is great! Hey, do i see lantus and humalog in the butter keeper!? I have the same πŸ™‚ T1 diabetic child in the house! We actually have lots of the same things in our fridge πŸ™‚

  22. Jeanne DeShazer says:

    I have seen these bins at the store. They are pretty pricey. I am interested in where you get yours. Have you listed the source? I found you on pinterest.

  23. Where did you get the soda bins?

  24. How do you get everyone else to keep it clean? It looks amazing!!!!

    1. Well I purge like 2x a week when I grocery shop so it makes it easy to keep up with ;). We also have 3 refrigerators (for each family (my parents/me/my grandparents). They are responsible for their own fridge! haha

  25. That looks amazing!! It’s so pretty. I seriously need to do this. Thank you. Hugs,

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