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Our Small Closet Organization Project {reveal}

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January, February and some of March are fabulous months to hibernate in your warm cozy home and complete random organization projects that you may dread throughout the year. We have a couple projects going on right now and I am happy to share our newly organized small closet in one of our bathrooms that was in desperate need of a little TLC. It happened to be a catchall for my husband’s random music equipment, bath towels and whatever else he felt like putting in there. When Proctor & Gamble and Home Depot asked if I would like to participate in their “Start Clean in ’14” campaign, I knew this closet was the perfect project to tackle. Keep reading, you will be amazed what a few inexpensive pull out wire bins and a little paint will do for your closet.

Small Closet Organization Project

My husband is going to call me guaranteed as soon as he reads this post and sees his mess all over the internet. BUT, that’s the way it goes honey :). Here is the before picture of our small bathroom closet.

Small Closet Organization Project

The only good thing about this closet is that it had a door and I could shut it to avoid seeing the mess.

Small Closet Organization Project

To get started, I removed all of the music equipment and stored it in another closet that I recently cleaned out in our basement. As part of the Start Clean in ’14 campaign, I headed to Home Depot and picked up a few supplies for my project. The wire pullout bins are a perfect solution for narrow deep closets or cabinets where items easily get lost in the back. I wasn’t sure if I would find a small enough pullout bin for our closet but Home Depot has a variety of pullout bin sizes which is nice.

closet organization project

Once I emptied the closet, I painted the walls and shelves with a fresh coat of white paint. If you have removable shelves, the installation process of the wire pullout bins is a breeze. I simply put the shelf on our floor and in less then 5 minutes, I installed the pullout bin. So simple!

closet organization project

Once the bins were installed, I decided that the closet would be perfect for storing laundry supplies, paper towels and other cleaning supplies. I used my new Swiffer SteamBoost, which I might add is a super rockstar, to clean the closet floor. It was pretty gross :(.

small closet organization project

After a few hours of painting, cleaning and installing the pullout bins, the closet was complete!

small closet organization project

If you are unsure how to install floating shelves, be sure to check out our DIY floating shelves tutorial that we did for our laundry room. We used the same cleat method for these shelves.

small closet organization project

I absolutely love this closet now and the top shelf is perfect for items that are not used often and the pullout bins make it so much easier to access items in the back.

small closet organization project

Organization is all about convenience in my opinion. By adding hooks inside and outside the closet, this gives you a place to store items easily without piling them on the floor.

small closet organization project

We never really had a utility storage closet before so this works out perfectly for the step stool, mop bucket and other cleaning items.

small closet organization project

small closet organization project

Our small closet organization project proved to be well worth a few hours of my time. Not only do I love the closet now, but the door can stay open :). My husband even gave it a thumbs up. Looking for some more organization and storage ideas?  You can find my project as well as 6 other amazingly talented blogger projects over at The Home Depot’s Bright Ideas website. I will be back next week with another organization project plus a great giveaway from Home Depot that you don’t want to miss!

small closet organizational project

Disclosure: The post was sponsored by Home Depot and Proctor &Gamble. I was compensated for my time and did receive complimentary products for this post. All words and opinions are 100% my own. 

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  1. it looks great! there is nothing quite like an organized closet to make everything all better!

  2. I totally agree, love organizing and have made a lot of progress due to the snow days!

  3. Aunt Jessie says:

    Looks great! Now if only I had such a closet like that! Would that steamer work on cleaning our Terrazo floor? Can’t use any chemicals!

    1. You use the swiffer pads that you buy to put on the bottom of the mop and you fill the tank with water to make the steam. You would need to read what cleaner is on the swiffer pads but I bet you could buy plain pads and wet them.

  4. Wow! Pullout bins it is! You’ve inspired me……I have a mess of closets to organize….perhaps I’ll be able to find everything in 2014 😉

  5. I just used my steamboost for the first time this morning. i loved it! my floor was gross – way worse than it looked.

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