Best Budget Paint Sprayer

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Are you a DIY enthusiast looking to elevate your home projects with a fresh coat of paint? Today we are sharing all the details on the best budget paint sprayers to help you make an informed choice without breaking the bank.

best budget paint sprayer for painting kitchen cabinets
best budget paint sprayer

As many of you know, we recently renovated our kitchen and painted our existing cabinets and many of you loved the paint sprayer we used but not the price tag.

So let’s take a look at some budget options and get you on your way to your next diy paint project!

What is the Best Paint Sprayer for Beginners?

If you’re new to diy projects that require a paint sprayer, starting with a user-friendly and affordable option is key. 

Start with small projects like furniture or even a bathroom vanity which will not require a high volume of paint. 

best budget paint sprayer for cabinets
best budget paint sprayer

For our kitchen cabinet paint project, our painting team used the Graco Magnum Prox17 but it’s not exactly budget-friendly.

kitchen remodel with grey cabinets and white quartz
best budget paint sprayer

This particular sprayer is a great choice if you have several painting projects on-going indoors and outdoors. It can handle various projects from cabinets to exterior siding.

The sprayers below offer a variety of price points and come with a variety of tools to make your life easier!

Graco Paint Sprayers

Graco Magnum X5

The Graco Magnum X5 Airless Paint Sprayer (which is currently 37% off on Amazon) is a great option for its balance of price and performance.

best budget paint sprayer graco magnum x5

Graco Magnum X5

See paint sprayer ↗

Compared to the Graco Magnum 17 (that we used to paint our kitchen cabinets), it’s a few hundred dollars less and hits all the marks as an ideal sprayer for DIY homeowners and remodelers. 

This sprayer is perfect for larger projects up to 10 gallons making it one of the best paint sprayers for a house interior, walls and ceilings.

It features fully adjustable pressure for versatile use with various paints or stains, and a flexible suction tube for direct spraying from 1 or 5-gallon buckets. 

Plus, it supports up to 75 ft of paint hose, enabling easy reach to higher areas without losing performance.

Handheld Graco Paint Sprayer (non budget)

While this paint sprayer is not budget friendly, it does have a lot of benefits especially for hard-to-reach areas and quick touch-ups.

Jim has the older version of this one and I love that it’s cordless!

best cordless paint sprayer

The Graco Ultra Cordless is unmatched.

Its portability, ease of use and ability to spray upside-down make it perfect for intricate spaces and small-scale projects. The all in one paint bucket and battery powered feature make this a great on-the-go sprayer.

Wagner Paint Sprayer

For wood enthusiasts and those looking for an option that excels in smaller projects, the Wagner Spraytech Control Spray HVLP is a good choice. 

Coming in under $100, it’s especially great for decks and furniture, offering adjustable spray width and variable paint flow for a professional finish.

best budget paint sprayer wagner spraytech

Wagner Spraytech

See Paint Sprayer↗

This HVLP (high volume low pressure) paint sprayer is five times faster than a brush and paint rollers, making it a great choice for smaller or medium sized projects. 

HVLP paint sprayers are great for paint jobs that require precision and will have less overspray. 

It delivers a smooth, brush-mark-free finish, and can cover an 8′ x 10′ area in under 2 minutes. 

The sprayer features adjustable settings for material flow rate, different spray patterns, adjustable tip size, making it suitable for a range of materials like thinned paints and stains. 

Plus, it’s easy to clean with removable parts for quick project turnovers. Trust me, easy to clean is a big benefit!

VONFORN Paint Sprayer

This is the cutest little sprayer by far and is packed with so many benefits for the price! 

The VONFORN 700W paint sprayer comes with 4 nozzle sizes (1mm to 3.0mm) and 3 spray patterns, making it versatile for various projects like furniture and walls.

Vonforn Paint Sprayer

See paint sprayer here ↗

vonfron best budget paint sprayer

It features unique dust blowing and easy-cleaning functions for better results and maintenance. 

With adjustable flow control, it’s easy to use and customize for different needs.

The package includes the sprayer, nozzles, filters, a viscosity cup, cleaning tools, and a manual, offering comprehensive support for your home improvement project with a smooth finish.

Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture

I have the older version of this HomeRight and it’s very easy to clean. I’ve used for small projects like repainting an outdoor bench and metal patio table. It works like a charm and is very affordable.

If furniture revamps are your forte, the HomeRight Super Finish Max is the best choice. 

Compact and easy to handle, it’s ideal for detailed work. Its versatility with different types of paints and stains makes it a top choice for giving new life to chairs, tables, and cabinets.

Homeright best budget paint sprayer for painting furniture

This bundle includes the Super Finish Max paint sprayer, Rapid Clean cleaning tool, and an extra 40-ounce container with a lid.

This sprayer handles a range of materials with less thinning required and the bundle ensures easy use and maintenance for all your painting needs.

Airless Paint Sprayers

When tackling large projects, an airless paint sprayer will more than likely achieve the best results.

Airless sprayers  work by pumping paint at high pressure, allowing for quick and even coverage on big surfaces like walls or fences. 

how to paint kitchen cabinets with a sprayer

They are particularly effective for exterior projects due to their ability to handle thicker paints and cover large areas efficiently. 

Some of the best budget paint sprayers on the market will be determined by paint job. If you are just starting out or have smaller scaled projects, you do not need to spend a boat load of money on a paint sprayer.

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