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What Is A Duvet Cover and Why You Need One

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What is a duvet cover? A duvet cover is typically a thin protective layer with a zipper or buttons to enclose a duvet insert. Duvet covers are much easier to wash and come in a variety of styles, colors and patterns. I absolutely love them and today I am going to share why.

A few of you messaged saying I was wasting my money and didn’t understand why I would spend extra money when it’s easier to buy comforters or quilts. Well, you are partially right but in this case, I prefer to spend a little extra and here’s why!

brown waffle duvet cover on a queen bed with coastal farmhouse decor
I love our waffle weave brown duvet cover

Many of you were confused (after I posted our board and batten wall post) about the differences between a duvet and comforter and why I prefer a duvet.

Personally, a duvet cover is easier to clean (regardless if they are natural materials or synthetic materials), especially in our Airbnb and easy to swap out for seasonal design changes.

What is a Duvet

A duvet is the top layer of bedding. The duvet typically consists of fill material being goose down feathers or a hypoallergenic filler that gives you the same fluffy feel as feathers. I always buy hypoallergenic as I’m allergic to feathers. A duvet is typically encased in a duvet cover (see my brown cover below).

Duvet = A duvet insert + a duvet cover.

The duvet is my brown thick cozy looking bedding below. The brown cover is on the outside and the white duvet insert (it’s like a comforter) is on the inside.

khaki waffle weave duvet cover
Khaki Waffle Weave Duvet Cover

Duvets are known for their warmth and comfort and are commonly used as an alternative to traditional blankets or comforters. They are popular in many parts of the world, especially in Europe, and come in various sizes to fit different bed dimensions.

When shopping for a duvet, be sure to read the washing instructions. Some require dry clean, which honestly, is not for me. I need to be able to remove, wash and put back on quickly.

What is a Duvet Cover

The duvet cover is a stylish cover (they come in a variety of colors and patterns) and is used for protecting an insert.

You can put a comforter inside a duvet cover to get the same effect as a duvet insert but comforters do not have the duvet tabs or ties to keep it in place.

this Amazon duvet cover is very similar to the more expensive brand Restoration Hardware

The cover slips over the duvet insert and acts as a barrier protecting the insert from bodily fluids, dust and anything that comes in contact with it. (I’ll share links to the duvet cover from Amazon below)

Can you use a duvet cover by itself?

I suppose you could use a duvet cover by itself but it would be like a “top sheet” and you would freeze! ha.

The purpose of a duvet cover is to add a patterned or solid color bedding theme to your bed and they are easier to wash vs a big bulky comforter. Plus, you can swap out the duvet covers for each season creating a mini bedroom refresh every few months.

Think of the duvet as the final layer of a bed.

They coordinate perfectly with quilt or blanket and the option to pull up at night if cold, is amazing! If it’s a warmer night, simply leave at the foot of the bed. Plus, they look great!

How to protect your duvet insert – I personally buy a zippered waterproof duvet insert cover to protect my “insert” investment.

The first time someone spills liquid in the bed or worse, a kid has an accident, you will be happy you bought one!

button closer and duvet cover ties

Duvet Ties
The ties attach to the loops on the Duvet Insert, keeping it in place

My Duvet Cover below:
See Cover Here

khaki waffle weave duvet cover from Amazon

It’s so simple to remove and wash a stylish duvet cover vs washing a big heavy comforter, especially at our Airbnb.

What is A Duvet Insert

This brings me to the term “duvet insert.”

Think of the top layer of bedding as two parts.

Instead of one big heavy comforter (that is impossible to wash if a king size in a normal washing machine) the duvet insert acts as the “comforter” but has a separate cover (a duvet cover that you buy separately) that fits over the duvet insert and usually zippers, snaps or buttons closed.

duvet insert tie tabs

Duvet Tie Loops
The loops attach to the ties on the Duvet Cover, keeping it in place

Duvet Inserts
We have several of the white inserts below but they come in different colors too! See Insert Here

duvet inserts from Amazon

Is a Duvet The Same As A Comforter Cover

A comforter is one piece and a duvet is two pieces (the duvet cover and insert).

A comforter is just that, a traditional heavy thick blanket that traditionally comes with matching pillow shams and is impossible to wash and dry without taking hours.

I’m not saying I don’t like them, I own plenty but they can be costly and never tend to wash well. For example, ever buy a comforter that is plush and fluffy until you wash it?

I’ve had several that once washed, the inside material gets clumped together and never regains its “fluff.”

Can you put a comforter in a duvet cover?

An alternative to purchasing a duvet insert would be to put a comforter inside a duvet cover.

I have done this before (any fluffy blanket will work) and while it works, it’s impossible to keep the insert in place and not get all bunched up at the bottom of the cover UNLESS you use these duvet clips. I find these to be the best duvet cover clips.

That is the biggest difference between a comforter and a duvet insert. The duvet insert will have tabs, ties or snaps to attach to the duvet cover where the comforter will not.

FAQs about duvets

A duvet is a blanket that is interchangeable with covers. Similar to a comforter but the key difference being that you can purchase a “duvet cover” to change style of the bedding. For example, during the holidays, swapping out an everyday duvet cover with a holiday themed cover is a great way to decorate a bedroom during Christmas.

In a perfect world, you would put a duvet insert inside a duvet cover which both tie or snap together, making the “duvet.” However, duvets can be expensive and if you already have a comforter, you can place that inside the duvet cover and use these duvet comforter clips to attach and keep the comforter in place.

A duvet is a type of blanket that comes in a variety of weights and can be filled with different materials like feathers, cotton/poly blend or even hypoallergenic fill.

What Is The Point Of A Duvet Cover

I personally love duvet covers as they are inexpensive ways to change a look for each season. The investment is in the duvet insert.

Purchasing a duvet cover bedding set, which includes matching pillow shams, is an alternative to purchasing a comforter or quilt set.

Our blue and green plaid duvet cover is the perfect set for this 3rd bedroom at our lake house.

This particular set is very affordable and has a button enclosure with ties to attach the insert. I also have 2 sets of blue gingham duvet covers in the bunk room.

green and plaid duvet cover
Green and Blue Plaid Duvet Cover
duvet cover ties

Duvet Ties
The ties attach to the loops on the Duvet Insert, keeping it in place

My Duvet Cover below:
See Cover Here

green and blue plaid duvet cover from Amazon

Here is an example below of how I used a duvet cover in our guest room below.

This particular duvet cover is from Pottery Barn and it’s so simple to remove and wash. You can see the full room makeover by clicking through to this post, small guest bedroom makeover.

blue and red plaid duvet cover
Blue and plaid duvet cover

All of our duvets coordinate with the softest sheets and pillowcases on the planet (you can see all my favorites here) and if you have sheets on your mind, be sure to click over to this post, “Sateen vs Satin Sheets” where we dive into the best sheets for your money.

You can shop all of our bedding on our Amazon Storefront. I have found all of our bed lines to be high quality (I sent a few back when shopping for the Airbnb as they didn’t wash well) and I think you will too!

Curious how to store your duvets? I use these blanket storage bags that fit perfectly under the bed or in a closet.

Many of you were confused (after I posted our board and batten wall post) about the differences and why we use them.

Personally, they are easier to clean (regardless if they are natural materials or synthetic materials), especially in our Airbnb and easy to swap out for seasonal design changes.

brown waffle duvet cover on a queen bed with coastal farmhouse decor
A duvet cover is the perfect bedding accessory allowing for frequent design changes

The image above shows a brown waffle duvet cover (we have the green duvet cover too!) which is one of my favorites.

As I wrap up, I just wanted to say thank you for the comments yesterday on our lake house board and batten post featuring our bedrooms and bedding.

You all know how to make a girl smile! I am glad many of you love the duvet covers and how we coordinated a coastal and farmhouse design. If you missed that post, click through this post, board and batten wall in a bedroom.

If you are familiar with Restoration Hardware bedding, this duvet cover will not disappoint giving you that same feel and look.

You can shop this entire room & the rooms below on our Amazon Storefront. Don’t see something on our storefront, email me and I’ll send you the link.

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