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Teenage girl bedroom ideas for small rooms

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Today I have rounded up the best teenage girl bedroom ideas for small rooms featuring two different bedrooms, one with a queen bed and the other with two twin beds. Successfully decorating a small bedroom mostly depends on furniture scale and using products that help make the room feel larger. 

Decorating a small bedroom with a queen bed can appear difficult but if you use slim lined side tables, you can usually accomplish fitting one or two in the bedroom.

Teenage Girl Room Ideas 2022

Elegant Teen Girl Queen Bedroom With Fluffy Accents

The first bedroom I am going to show you is the queen bedroom that originally had dark gray walls. Normally, I would suggest painting the walls a lighter color to make the room seem larger but in this case, we opted for a moody pink and gray chic feel and mixed in lighter colored bedding and a cream colored headboard to offset the darker walls. 

Elegant Teen Girl Queen Bedroom with Fluffy Accents

The white and gray teenage girl bedroom after shows a pink diamond blanket, a textured duvet cover (like this one) in white with a faux fur blanket to add additional texture to the queen bed. We opted to leave the blue denim curtains as the bold color kept the doorway simple and classic.

Elegant Teen Girl Queen Bedroom with Fluffy Accents

Teenage girl bedroom ideas for small rooms on a budget

  1. Purchase a mattress that does not require a box spring
  2. Purchase a platform bed for the mattress that is headboard compatible 
  3. Purchase the headboard separate (this will save you money vs. buying a frame headboard set)

One of the biggest areas you can save money when decorating a teenage girls bedroom is the mattress, bed frame and headboard. We have used Zinus mattresses from Amazon and have been very happy with them! We have used them in our lake house bedrooms (see here)  and the fact that you do not need a box spring is an additional savings. 

We used a black platform queen frame and purchased a tufted velvet headboard separately. 

Elegant Teen Girl Queen Bedroom with Fluffy Accents

Adding throw pillows varying in colors from gray, white and pink are an inexpensive way to make a bed look amazing. 

This room may be small but it’s mighty! Balancing the design theme with cool modern decor pieces on the wall, side table and bed is a great way to add character and interest to a teen bedroom.

Elegant Teen Girl Queen Bedroom with Fluffy Accents

I layered 3 bedding sets from a white duvet on top, a pink comforter set for the second layer down to the first layer featuring a gray textured quilt. Yes, that is 3 layers of bedding! Keep reading, a lot of these products are from Homegoods but I will share additional shopping links below. 

See my “how to layer a bed post” if  you want more design bedding inspiration. 

Elegant Teen Girl Queen Bedroom with Fluffy Accents

The white faux fur was under $20 and it ends up being adding that extra layer of pizazz to the bed. 

Elegant Teen Girl Queen Bedroom with Fluffy Accents

Throw pillows are  your best friend when it comes to decorating a bed. I always buy more than I need and return the throw pillows I don’t use. 

Elegant Teen Girl Queen Bedroom with Fluffy Accents

How do you style a teenage girls bedroom?

Teenage girl bedroom ideas for small rooms and styling a teen girls bedroom can be tricky especially if your teenager is picky! One of the easiest ways to satisfy your teen is to choose a group of decorative items in the color scheme and style they like. For example, throw pillows, wall art, lights and throw blankets are key decorative elements that will not break the bank. Staying within the the style or theme your teenager likes, whether it be modern, boho, chic, romantic or elegant will help dictate the type of decor you add to the bedroom. 

A simple wall art piece between two wreaths is a great way to add decorative elements to a small bedroom and will create a balanced focal point above any queen headboard. 

Elegant Teen Girl Queen Bedroom with Fluffy Accents

Decorating a small bedroom (for girls or boys) with a queen bed can pose a challenge especially if you are trying to fit night tables and bureau. In this bedroom, I decided to use one smaller side table as a night table and forgo the 2nd night table. I wanted to add a full length bureau in the room so the 2nd night table was not going to fit. 

Love what you see in this pink and gray bedroom? You can shop the look below by clicking the links or the images. 

White fluffy bedding | Textured tufted bedding | Blush Velvet bedding | Round mauve pillow | White fur pillow | Gray texture bedding | White fur throw | Zinus queen mattress | Zinus platform bed |fur footstoolLuggage rack for clothes | Ivory Queen Headboard| Woven Pink Diamond Pillow

The bureau is to the left of the bed below but you can see how I used a small fur footstool next to the bed as a secondary storage space. 

Elegant Teen Girl Queen Bedroom with Fluffy Accents

Try this Ivory Headboard or this ivory headboard  

Elegant Teen Girl Queen Bedroom with Fluffy Accents

2 Teenage Girls Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms

Do you have two teenage girls who are sharing a small bedroom? This bedroom below is a room a designed and decorated in our last house and while two twin beds take up more room than a bunk bed (see this bunk bed set we used in our lake house), not all teenage girls sharing a room want bunks. 

The small room below shows how we incorporated two twin beds and a shared oversized night table. Finding an oversized night table is not always that simple so I opted to purchase a living room side table that worked perfectly. 

Sophisticated teenage girls bedroom makeover

When 2 teenage girls are sharing a small room, it’s important to try and have storage options for both (under the bed pull out containers work great!) and enough room for them to each have a lamp for lighting. Led string lighting is also a great idea for a teenage girls bedroom.

You can find all the products and the full before and after makeover of this room (wow the before and after is amazing!) above by clicking through this post,  Sophisticated Teen Girl Bedroom Makeover (twin beds).

Looking for other bedroom decorating ideas? Don’t miss my  Mint Green Bedding Master bedroom makeover with a king bed! Here is a sneak peek below. I created this bedroom below after my divorce and I absolutely love how it came out. It’s seen a few changes over the years but the green, white, cream and pops of pink bedding is beautiful.  

fluffy white comforter, white scroll headboard, mint green bedding, mint green comforter, white night table, white lamp, blue tassel throw pillow, green plant, french country bench, cable knit beige throw blanket

If you search teenage girl bedroom ideas for small rooms on Pinterest or google, you will also find several great ideas. Decorating a teenage girl’s bedroom is so much fun! The fluffy bedding accents add an elegant simple charm that is carried through in the pillows, throw and lamp shades. Hopefully if you have a teenage girl and a small bedroom, you found some inspiration to help get you motivated to spruce up her room! 

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  1. Juanita in OH says:

    I LOVE the peacefulness of the room and bedding, you did a fantastic job! I think if you add a blue pillow/accent it will tie the drapes in. TFS.

  2. The room is gorgeous and very elegant with the colors that you chose. It’s look so peaceful and restful! Great job!

  3. Looks great ! Love the saying over the bed. Nice job !

  4. Diana McLean says:

    Absolutely lovely. You knocked it out of the park. Did your daughter give you any input?

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