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If you’re looking for the best way to store your blankets in a small bedroom, look no further! Under the bed and closet blanket storage are two of the most popular solutions when it comes to keeping your blankets neat and organized. Whether you need large blanket storage bags, or simply want to keep them tucked away out of sight, these solutions provide an easy and affordable way to maximize space.

As many of you know, we have a small lake house in New Hampshire that we Airbnb about 25% of the year. The bedrooms are small and storage space is tight so I had to get a little creative when it came to storing large blankets and duvets. My blanket storage solution will work for anyone who wants to keep their linens and blankets, neat and tidy and well organized!

Let’s take a look at how we store our large comforters and blankets at our lake house!

Best Blanket Storage Bag

A blanket storage bag is typically made from durable materials such as heavy-duty canvas, polyester, or nylon. These materials are designed to protect the items stored inside and keep them safe from dust and moisture. I prefer the bags with one side that is clear so I can see which blanket is inside.

  • Zipper storage bags provide a neat and organized way to store comforters and blankets, allowing easy access when needed.
  • Storage bags with zippers help protect the comforters and blankets from dust, dirt, and other environmental elements that could damage the fabric over time.
  • Blanket storage bags provide an extra layer of protection from pests like moths, which can ruin valuable bedding items if left unchecked.

This is the bunk bed room below at our lake house and I love how the blue bags coordinate with the blue checked bedding.

Our blanket storage bags fit nicely under the beds

How Do You Store Blankets Away?

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have already seen the questions asking ” how do you store large blankets and comforters.” I decided to make a video below showing how easy it is to use these bags. Storing large blankets in a bag can seem like a lot of work so I made this video to show you how simple and easy it really is!

I also have these same storage bags below in our own home which I used for seasonal blankets when not in use.

Blanket Storage Bag Size

The “large” size will fit a queen duvet or comforter. I have 3 sets of these in large and 3 sets in medium which are used for sheets and pillows. You seriously can’t go wrong with these storage bags!

My Blanket Storage Bags

See blanket bag here ↗

These are my absolute favorite storage bags because they won’t tear, the zipper is sturdy and I can see what’s inside!

Jessica Bruno Four Generations One Roof

Behind The Scenes: I’m pretty sure our cleaner that handles our Airbnb thinks I’m crazy! 😜 It doesn’t matter that she has cleaned a gazillion times for us, I always ask every.single.cleaning – that she wash the duvets and store it under the bed or in the closet if it’s not being used. The thing with Airbnb is you need to have blanket options for your guests. Some people get cold and some are like, “get the blankets out of here!” So we typically leave the large comforters stored in the bags under the bed. That way, if they don’t get used, they are kept clean in the bag.

Blanket Storage Ideas

Blanket ladder

A blanket ladder is a great way to store your blankets during the summer months while also adding a bit of decoration to your home. You can find blanket ladders made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and even plastic.

Blanket Chest or Cabinet

A blanket chest is a great option if you have a lot of blankets to store. Blanket chests are typically made from wood and have a lid that opens up, allowing you to easily access your blankets.

We opted to purchase this affordable wood storage cabinet which is perfect for extra blanket bags, games and beach towels. As you can see below, I write which bed the blanket is for inside the storage bag – another reason why I love the clear plastic side. I happen to use this blanket bag for storing the sheets and blanket for our pull out couch!

This storage cabinet is the best cabinet ever! It’s perfect for our blanket storage bag, extra towels and games


If you don’t have a lot of floor space for storing blankets, you can always hang them on hooks. This is a great option for smaller blankets or throws. You can find hooks that go over the door or that can be mounted on the wall.


Baskets are another great option for storing blankets. You can find baskets made from a variety of materials, including wicker, fabric, and even plastic. Baskets are great because they can be easily moved around and they offer a bit more protection than simply storing your blankets in a pile on the floor.

basket to store blankets

My basket to store blankets

See basket here ↗

You can’t see it in the picture below but I have this wicker woven basket beside the couch for the sofa cozy blankets!

living room with white shiplap ceiling and brown beams

Best Storage Bags For Blankets

In my opinion, pretty and functional blanket storage bags are important because they help keep the blankets organized and wrinkle-free, while also adding an element of style to the home. Blanket storage bags also make it easy to quickly access blankets when needed, making them a practical and decorative addition to any room. The bags also stack nicely on top of each other if you are storing more than one comforter or blanket in a closet.

These are the best blanket storage bags that come in a variety of sizes

Things to Consider When Buying Storage Bags

1. Size: Consider the size of the blanket storage bag and how much space it will take up.
2. Durability: Look for a bag that is made with durable material, such as canvas or nylon, to ensure that it will last for a long time.
3. Portability: Think about how easy it would be to transport the bag from one place to another, if needed.

Conclusion and Summary

This Blanket Bag is the perfect storage solution for keeping your favorite blankets safe and secure while not in use. With a durable construction and secure zipper closure, this blanket storage bag is designed to keep all your blankets free from dust and pet hair. The dual-layer handles make it easy to store and transport multiple blankets at once. This versatile bag also comes in a variety of colors and prints to match any décor. Whether you’re looking for a stylish way to store extra blankets or need easy transportability, this blanket bag is the perfect choice for you!

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