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Installing A Walk-In Closet Step by Step

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Today is install day of our new closet and I will be showing how to turn a spare bedroom into a dream walk in closet. This project is part of our partnership with Easyclosets and you may remember Jim’s closet that we shared last week, featuring how we removed wire closet shelving and replaced with wood. 

DIY Walk-In Closet

The biggest obstacle with any closet is making sure you utilize every square inch and pack in as many organizational closet features as possible. 

empty spare bedroom with plywood flooring

Once the room was empty, we worked with our free design specialist named Patty (she is great to work with!) at Easyclosets and designed a dreamy walk in closet. 

This is our closet design below.

Easyclosets design for dreamy walkin closet

By working with a design specialist, they can maximize every square inch, offer closet accessory ideas and help you create your dream walk in closet. The best part, they are free at Easyclosets!

This installation was the same as installing Jim’s closet.

Walk In Closet Installation Step by Step

We started by constructing the base units (all boxes are marked and referenced in the directions so it’s very easy to follow) and attaching them to the wall.

Easyclosets installation of wall unit for hanging clothes

The base units go together very easily. 

The biggest tip I can offer when building your closet is to organize all  your boxes by product and follow the directions step by step! 

Do not be tempted to skip ahead and construct on your own. The directions are very easy to read and the images are self explanatory. 

Easyclosets wall system

Once we got all the boxes organized and constructed a couple of the wall unit boxes, the process was fairly quick. 

Build The Closet Shelves

Two hanging rods (top and bottom) will be installed in the below unit. 

Easycloset white closet shelving unit


This spare bedroom only had 2 walls to work with when creating the closet design as one wall has french doors that lead to a small veranda and the 4th wall leads to Jim’s closet and a bathroom. 

measuring a wall for easyclosets wall system

We did measure and remove the existing baseboard so the closet system would fit snug up against the wall.  

removing baseboard with cutter

As you can see, we created an L shaped closet system featuring units for hanging racks and shelf storage.

Our dream walk in closet was starting to come to life!

bedroom turned walk in closet - white closet system

Install Hanging Rods and Shelves

Once the closet wall units were completed, it was my job to install the shelf pegs, brackets and hanging racks.

Jessica Bruno with white closet system with shelves and hanging racks

At this point I was getting really excited to get this closet install done and move in my clothes!

The next step was to install the drawer glides in the drawer bases.

We opted for a drawer base along the wall as well as a full center island featuring double sided drawer units. One for Jim and one for me.  

installing drawer glides for closet pull out drawers

Install Drawers

Do you want to turn a spare bedroom into a dream walk in closet but worried about the cost? I don’t blame you!

The biggest thing you can do to save money if converting a bedroom into a closet is to do the install yourself. You will find that the labor savings is huge so if you can follow directions and have patience, you can do it!  

The island below was one of the biggest wishes I had when our designer was creating the space.

I remember emailing her asking if she thought she could fit an island and her response was, “well let me see what I can do!” I was so excited when she sent back the draft of the space and it had an island. 

walk in closet white island with satin nickel hardware

Install Closet Accessories

Two really cool accessory features that we added were the pull out built in ironing board and valet rods.

I love this pull out ironing board!

pull out ironing board walk in closet

The install took us 2 weekends and that included installing Jim’s “work clothes” closet

I snapped this picture of Jim as we were in the home stretch of the closet install and he was getting ready to celebrate ;). -ha. 

white closet system walk in closet with island

Here is the final install of our walk in closet before we moved in our clothes.

I am so happy we turned our spare bedroom into a dream walk in closet. (see full reveal and closet filled with clothes here.)

DIY bedroom turned into a walk in closet with island

Looking pretty amazing right? 

DIY bedroom turned into a walk in closet with Easyclosets

Does adding a walk-in closet add value?

I thought long and hard about whether or not I should turn our spare bedroom into a closet. As many of you know, I have my Real Estate license so everything we do, always revolves around resale value.

While many would prefer the extra bedroom when purchasing a home, it just wasn’t functional for us to keep the bedroom. We hardly used it and when Jim moved in, we need more closet space.

However, when we do sell this house someday, I will sell it as the option to convert it back to a bedroom by offering to remove the closet system.

Although you never know, a multigenerational family may purchase this house someday and want a second master suite – leaving this closet as is!

Either way, it’s a win for us. If we ended up needing to remove the closet system, we would take it with us to our new house. It goes together and comes apart very easily. 

That concludes today’s post, how to turn a spare bedroom into a dream walk in closet. Check back here on the blog tomorrow morning for the full reveal of our bedroom converted to a closet. It looks so good filled with clothes and I’m loving my shoe storage space! UPDATE: See full closet makeover before and after here. 

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Easyclosets. All opinions and words are 100% my own. 

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    1. Haha I agree about the closet 🙂 I love it ! Yes, Jim and I are having fun combining our businesses and working on projects together.

  2. That walk in closer looks gorgeous! What a great idea. Will you show us pics with your clothes in it please?

  3. Easy Closets is the company I used in New England. I loved my $2000 closet! I created my own salon-style sitting area/desk with shelving to the side of it for my hair care products. I had a pull out rack for hanging my clothes for the day, a tall stack of drawers, slide out pants rack. Not a large closet but it was beautiful!

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