January Organizing Ideas

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As we transition from December’s festive decorations and gifting, January is the perfect time for organizing and bedroom refreshing. I’ve curated the best Amazon products and January organizing ideas from our home to streamline and elevate your living spaces, making life more organized and joyful.

I don’t know about you but when my home is organized and my bedroom is freshened up, I am a much happier person!

January organization tips and tricks to get your drawers, refrigerator, closet and home organized
Get organized in January and I promise it will feel so good!

January: Let’s Get Organized Month

January is my annual reset time, where holiday decorations are stored away and bedrooms get refreshed.

Organizing my drawers and closets are also high on the priority list.

This month sparks my inspiration to begin new and lay out my plans for the year ahead. It all begins with a tidy home; once that’s in order, everything else seems to fall into place more smoothly.

How To Get Organized In 2024

Let’s take a look at the best January organizing ideas that are simple and affordable!

1. Change Bedding

Swapping out your sheets for a new set will instantly give your bedroom a fresh new feel. We have multiple sets of these Luxury Queen Sheets at our Airbnb and they are affordable, soft and cooling with a luxurious hotel feel.

brown waffle duvet cover on a queen bed with coastal farmhouse decor
Affordable soft cozy sheets are one of the best ways to refresh a bedroom

They are easy to fit with deep pockets and wrinkle-free which is a BIG bonus.

I love deep pocket and wrinkle free sheets – win win!

They’re perfect for a quick and delightful refresh and come in a variety of colors. Today, they are 49% off so run, don’t walk to grab this deal.

2. Organize Your Drawers

We all have drawers that are a disaster! Whether it be your junk drawer in the kitchen, your bathroom vanity or desk drawer, organizing bins are a game changer!

We have these Clear Drawer Organizers in several drawers in our house and they are ideal for stashing makeup, utensils, gadgets, and more.

I love clear plastic bin organizers to keep bathroom toiletries organized

They are perfect for tidying up your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or office.

AND the best part, they are washable!

Start the new year with a clutter-free home by integrating these sleek, transparent organizers into your drawers. Today, they are 37% off!!

3. Silverware Drawer

Who remembers our kitchen drawer makeover at our Airbnb?

I LOVE this wooden silverware drawer organizer and bought one for our house too!

wood kitchen drawer organizer for silverware and utensils
wooden bamboo drawer organizer is a great option for silverware

4. New Velvet Hangers

As crazy as this sounds, hangers can make a huge impact in. your closet. For me, half the battle with keeping our closets organized involve keeping the clothes “on the hangers.”

We recently transformed our closet and these amazing Slim Velvet Hangers are Non-Slip Clothes Hangers and have been a total life saver in keeping our closet organized!

valet rod with orange blouse and jeans
slim velvet hangers are perfect for organizing and keeping your clothes from sliding off the hanger

The slim design has freed up so much space, making our wardrobe look neat and expansive. I absolutely love the velvet coating—no more clothes slipping off and creating a mess!

velvet lined hangers have been a total game changer in our closet preventing clothes from sliding off the hanger

Plus, the sturdy metal core means they’re built to last. I got a light cream and a pink color for my clothes and black velvet for Jim’s. You’ve got to try them for that satisfying, well-kept closet feeling!

5. Blanket Bags

If there is one piece of advice that you take from me this year, invest in these Blanket Bags!

blanket storage bag
I love storing our extra blankets at our Airbnb in these large blanket bags

Absolutely don’t snooze on this blanket bag! Today it’s 47% off and we have several of these in our Airbnb and home.

I also wrote a special post also dedicated to why I think these are the best blanket bags, so be sure to check it out here if you are looking to organize your bed linens!

best blanket bag storage

Best Blanket Bag

See blanket bag ↗

The bags fit perfectly under a bed or in a closet. I usually toss a Bounce or April Fresh laundry sheet inside to keep the bedding smelling fresh!!

blanket storage ideas in a storage bag

They are perfect for storing duvets, comforters, bedsheets and extra blankets.

6. Refrigerator Organization

The refrigerator is always the deep dark hole in our house and honestly, it wasn’t until we started using clear plastic organizing bins and containers that it started to resemble some sort of tidyness.

January is the best time to clean out and organizing your refrigerator!

Plastic Refrigerator Storage containers for juice boxes, fruit, yogurt, deli meats, soda | Refrigerator Storage Ideas |
refrigerator clear organization bins are the best for drink boxes and fruit

I’ve rounded up all of our kitchen and pantry organizing bins on our Amazon Storefront.

7. Laundry Room Organization

You can’t go wrong with January organizing ideas that start with your laundry room!

We are planning a small laundry room organization project in January and I will be purchasing just about everything from our previous homes small laundry room. Do you remember our laundry room closet and basement laundry room at our previous house? I LOVED these two makeovers!

Here is is our laundry room closet at our previous house:

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt paint color Laundry Room
our laundry room closet makeover with DIY wood shelves

You can find all of our laundry room organization items on our Amazon Storefront.

Our basement laundry room at our previous house:

This laundry room had a stackable and was also in a closet so we used wire shelving, a stainless steel rolling cart for additional storage and a peg board with hangers on the wall for scissors and handle cleaning accessories.

diy basement laundry room in a closet
organize your laundry room in January to start the new year off on the right foot!

You can find everything above in our basement laundry room on our Amazon Storefront.

Our Current Laundry Room:

I just purchased this laundry hanging rack for our current laundry room and I think it’s going to be perfect as it folds up against the wall when not in use.

Best Laundry Room Rack

See wall rack ↗

Amazon laundry room wall rack

I am hoping to get Jim on board to help me make DIY wooden shelves (like we did here in our previous house) so we can remove the wire shelving we have. I’ll share pictures soon of our current laundry room!

January Bonus: Stanley Tumbler

Earlier this year, I started drinking more water. 64 ounces minimum a day is my goal and I’m finding that it not only is helping my skin feel better, it’s helping me not snack as much and keeping “bloat” to a minimum.

For me, getting inspired to be organized and having energy to complete tasks starts with my health. I haven’t focused on that in a few years and my body and brain are suffering because of it.

That’s a story for another day but let’s just say, menopause has completely wreaked havoc on my body and 2024 will be all about a healthier life style.

I plan on sharing my journey from this past year and what I have done to adjust to the uninvited guest in my life, called menopause.

This Stanley Quencher Tumbler H2.0 is stylish, stainless steel and perfect for all-day hydration.

teal stanley tumbler Amazon

Stanley Tumbler

See tumbler ↗

It’s durable with a handy lid and straw and helps me keep track of my water in-take. If I can drink 3 of these filled with water a day, I’m on the right track!

Looking for Post Holiday Decor Organizing Tips?

Check out this post, the smart Christmas organization ideas.

This is how we organize all of our holiday decor!

As we wrap up December, remember that these January organizing ideas are not just about getting organized and refreshing your space, it’s about setting the tone for a year of peace and productivity.

With your home in order, you’re free to focus on what lies ahead with clarity and confidence. I am on a mission to get our house totally organized in January so that I can plan to mess it up again through out the year!! haha.

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