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Our DIY Coffee Station Ideas for a cupboard

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Today I am sharing our DIY coffee station and the best storage containers!

Are your kitchen cabinets a mess?

Like, everything falls out when you open the door?

That is exactly what happens when I open many of our kitchen cabinets. I don’t know how they get so disorganized but they do.

Create your own DIY coffee station

kcup wood storage container, metal coffee canisters with chalk label, plastic pop up shelf coffee muggs

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Today, I am sharing our DIY coffee station and our newly organized coffee cabinet at our old house. We did not have a lot of room in our kitchen (prior to the big kitchen renovation) so I dedicated a cabinet near the coffee pot as our coffee station.

How to make a coffee station in a kitchen cabinet

DIY Coffee Station + coffee cabinet

Here is the cabinet before.

diy coffee station before pictures

First, remove everything from the cabinet and dispose of trash and items you haven’t used in months!

I found hot chocolate packages that expired 3 years ago!

diy coffee station before pictures

I decided that K-cups needed to be in a container and that the boxes needed to be tossed.

Coffee Station Storage Container Ideas

DIY Coffee Station-2

I re-adjusted the existing shelving to allow for a free standing shelf (similar to mine but better! It has more levels) in the middle of the cabinet to hold the coffee mugs.

I didn’t have another matching shelf (which I needed to avoid that big gap of space in the cabinet) so I decided to try the pop up moveable shelf.

It worked like a charm!

diy coffee station before pictures

I got rid of the coffee bags and added the grounds and beans into these gorgeous stainless steel canisters.

I LOVE these canisters!

They do not come with the labels but you can purchase any label at Michaels (that is where I got these chalkboard sticky labels) and make your own.

DIY Coffee Station-3

Doesn’t the coffee cabinet look so much better?

DIY Coffee Station-4

Baskets are perfect for storing tea bags, scoops and other miscellaneous items.

DIY Coffee Station-5

Many of our mugs were almost 15 years old, chipped and pretty gross.

I disposed of the old mugs, donated the others and added these new beautiful turquoise mugs.

It’s hard to believe that most of the same items are still in this cabinet but looking so much more organized.

DIY Coffee Station-6  Another before:

diy coffee station before pictures

You can find many of these items at Amazon and I have listed them below. 

The red coffee pot has been sold out for months but here is a similar one and updated for 2021. Placing your coffee maker in a tray helps give a layered look on your counter and keep things organized. 

DIY Coffee Station-7

Turquoise mugs (similar) / bamboo bins / canisters / wicker basket (alternative) / scoop

This pod drawer is perfect for storing K-cups too. Fits nicely right under a keurig machine.

This is the newest Keurig that we just added to our kitchen and I love the latte maker! 

Look at how cool this drawer is, it holds so many pods!


coffee station in a cupboard with mugs, coffee canisters

Getting organized in kitchen can be very overwhelming.

I prefer to take one cabinet or drawer at a time. Most of us in our household like things neat and orderly so our DIY coffee station cabinet has been very well received! 

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  1. Beautifully organized! I especially love your new turquoise coffee mugs!

  2. Love it! Where did you find the wooden storage bins? I love those.

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