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DIY Coffee Station Cabinet

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Today, we’re creating a DIY coffee station cabinet. I’ve turned a cluttered cabinet into an organized area for my morning coffee routine. If you value starting your day smoothly, this guide will help you get your caffeine without the clutter.

Before we roll up our sleeves, let’s picture the end result.

Imagine opening your cabinet to see neatly arranged coffee mugs, wooden storage bins filled with your favorite blends, and canisters perfectly lined up, all dedicated to making your perfect cup of coffee. That’s what we’re aiming for!

DIY Coffee Station + coffee cabinet

Coffee Station In A Cabinet

You will find several coffee station cabinet ideas online and while many of them are absolutely gorgeous, they will cost a pretty penny.

Creating a built-in coffee station in a cabinet wasn’t in my budget, so I opted for a selection of cost-effective storage containers, baskets, and accessories instead.

The result?

A game-changing coffee station that achieved all my goals without draining my wallet.

The Mess Before the Magic

Let’s be real – we all have that one cabinet that’s a total disaster zone.

diy coffee station before pictures

Mine was filled with mismatched mugs, half-empty coffee bags, and forgotten tea boxes.

It was time for a change.

The goal?

To create a functional and beautiful coffee station cabinet that makes mornings a breeze.

Step 1 – Clearing Out the Clutter

The first step is always the hardest, clearing out the mess.

Take everything out of the cabinet and decide what stays and what goes.

This is your chance to get rid of any old or unused items.

diy coffee station before pictures

I decided that K-cups needed to be in a container and that the boxes needed to be tossed.

I found hot chocolate packages that expired 3 years ago!

Step 2: Deep Cleaning and Prepping

With an empty cabinet, give it a good clean.

Wipe down the shelves, and maybe even add a fresh coat of paint or liner for a clean slate.

This is also the time to install any additional shelves or hooks if needed.

diy coffee station before pictures

Step 3: Selecting the Essentials

Now, choose your coffee station essentials.

This might include your coffee machine, a selection of coffee pods, grounds, teabags, and of course, your new coffee mugs and wooden storage bins.

Think about what you use daily and make sure there’s a designated spot for everything.

Step 4: Adjust Cabinet Shelving

I purchased a tiered rack from Amazon that would allow for more storage which meant, I needed to adjust my cabinet shelving to accommodate the new rack.

DIY Coffee Station-5

I re-adjusted the existing shelving to allow for a free standing shelf (similar to mine but better! It has more levels) in the middle of the cabinet to hold the coffee mugs.

I didn’t have another matching shelf (which I needed to avoid that big gap of space in the cabinet) so I decided to try the pop up moveable shelf.

It worked like a charm!

DIY Coffee Station-2

I got rid of the coffee bags and added the grounds and beans into these gorgeous stainless steel canisters.

Personalizing Your Coffee Station Cabinet

Choosing Your Style

This is where you get to have some fun. Select canisters that match your kitchen’s decor, or go for something bold and different.

Add labels for a touch of personalization and easy navigation.

DIY Coffee Station-3

Accessorizing for Functionality and Style

  • Consider adding a small drawer organizer for sugar packets and stirrers
  • hang a cute chalkboard on the inside of the cabinet door for coffee quotes or to keep track of your coffee inventory
  • Consider labels. Purchased sticky labels and a chalk pen to label each container.
  • Baskets are perfect for storing tea bags, scoops and other miscellaneous items.
DIY Coffee Station-4

Invest In New Coffee Mugs

Many of our mugs were almost 15 years old, chipped and pretty gross.

Coffee mugs don’t have to cost a lot, yet new ones can significantly enhance the look of your coffee station.

Plus, there’s something special in enjoying your morning coffee from a fresh mug. After all, it’s the small details that make a big difference!

DIY Coffee Station-6

A coffee station cabinet isn’t just a fancy addition to your kitchen; it’s a necessity for coffee lovers. It keeps your coffee pods, grounds, teabags, and accessories neatly organized and within easy reach.

Plus, it frees up your counter space, making your kitchen look cleaner and more inviting.

Placing your coffee maker in a tray helps give a layered look on your counter and keep things organized. 

DIY Coffee Station-7

Turquoise mugs (similar) / bamboo bins / canisters / wicker basket (alternative) / scoop

The red coffee pot has been sold out for months but here is a similar one.

This is the newest Keurig that we just added to our kitchen and I love the latte maker! 

Coffee Station Accessory Ideas

coffee station in a cupboard with mugs, coffee canisters

Coffee Pod Drawer

This pod drawer is perfect for storing K-cups too. Fits nicely right under a keurig machine.

Look at how cool this drawer is, it holds so many pods!


The Benefits of Your New Coffee Station Cabinet

Streamlined Mornings

With everything in its place, your morning coffee routine will be smoother and faster. No more searching for the right blend or a clean mug. Everything you need is right at your fingertips.

A Beautiful and Functional Space

Not only have you cleared the clutter from your counters, but you’ve also created a dedicated space that’s both beautiful and functional. Your coffee station cabinet isn’t just practical, it’s a statement piece in your kitchen.

And that’s it! A touch of effort and some creativity turned a disorganized cabinet into a tidy coffee station. What’s your take? Ready to craft your coffee station cabinet? Let me know about your existing setup in the comments below!

kcup wood storage container, metal coffee canisters with chalk label, plastic pop up shelf coffee muggs

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  1. Beautifully organized! I especially love your new turquoise coffee mugs!

  2. Love it! Where did you find the wooden storage bins? I love those.

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