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Hayward Pool Pump VS Omni Hub

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Learn why we Installed a Hayward Pool Pump VS Omni Hub with a variable speed pool pump and pool filter which saves us money and provides a more efficient pool system.

If you have been following us for a while, you know that our first year opening the pool in our new house was a nightmare. Today starts our Summer Pool Series with Hayward and I couldn’t be more excited to share with you the upgrades we have made to our pool system featuring this smart pool pump. 

I referred to the pool as the “swamp monster” which was full of frogs, snakes and black muck that had accumulated for a couple seasons.

Hayward Tristar vs 900 Omni Pump With Smart Pool Control

hayward tristar 950 VS pool pump omni smart control

Hayward Industries Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of both residential and commercial pool and spa equipment, as well as industrial flow control products, which are built on safety and reliability. One of the best things about Hayward is they are nationally recognized and Hayward pool pump parts are readily available. 

They manufacture and market a full line of innovative, energy-efficient pool and spa equipment, with brands including AquaVac [®] , AquaRite [®] (see here) , and TriStar [®] and their products are sold worldwide.

swampy pool

The pool isn’t looking like a swamp monster anymore!

pool party VS Omni Variable speed pump kidney design pool, rock wall flower bed, paver patio, potted pink hydrangeas
kidney design pool, rock wall flower bed, paver patio, potted pink hydrangeas
kidney design pool, rock wall flower bed, paver patio, potted pink hydrangeas

Hayward Pool Pump Variable Speed

Getting excited over a 1.85hp hayward pool pump filter, pump or anything pool related would have never excited me in the past but after last year, dealing with the mess we had on our hands related to the pool, nothing excites me more than efficient amazing products that make your pool clean and amazing! If you own or have ever owned a pool, you know exactly what I mean.

hayward tristar 950 VS pool pump omni smart control

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The best part, the pool company that helps us open and close our pool (and got me out of the nightmare last year with our pool), fully endorses Hayward pool products and confirmed, they are top of the line. In fact, last year, we replaced our old cartridge filter system with an upgraded Hayward sand filter.

My pool guys were not really sure what I meant when I said, “do you want to be on the blog?” Needless to say, they were in for a treat when I took a million pictures and Instagram stories of them during the install.

They were good sports!

If you are local to central Massachusetts, Tim Gibbs from Lee Gibbs pool is the guy to call for anything pool related.

installation of hayward tristar 950 VS pool pump omni smart control

Hayward Omnihub

So what did we do this past week to upgrade our pool system? We swapped out our old pool pump for a Hayward VS Omni™ Variable-Speed Pump with Smart Pool Control. In layman’s terms, the new pump is super smart and cycles the water through the pool and filter so much faster (significantly more horsepower than our old pump) creating a more efficient system and the model we got can all be controlled by the app. I love the Hayward Pool Pump with variable speed!

Do you know what a variable speed pool pump is?

It means we only need to run our pump at full speed for a couple hours, then we drop the speed significantly, and maintain that for a while – scheduling it all through the Hayward Omni Pool app. Not having to run it at full speed for hours on end is a HUGE win for our electric bill (cha-ching!). Plus, it also cuts back the noise of the running pump a ton and that’s huge when relaxing in the pool.

The install was so simple. Our pool maintenance company literally removed the old pump, cut the white pipes to fit the new pump and lastly, installed the new OmniHub Smart Pool Control automation system.

Here is the old pump below.

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You can see that salt pool pump system here. 

old single speed hayward pool pump

The new Hayward pool pump.

hayward tristar 950 VS pool pump omni smart control

Cutting the pipes to fit the new pool pump.

hayward tristar 950 VS pool pump omni smart control

Hayward Pool Pump – Smart Pool Control

The entire pool is now run from the OmniHub smart pool control panel which also syncs with the Hayward Omni app on my phone.

hayward tristar 950 VS pool pump omni smart control

Yes, you heard that right. I can control the entire pool system, lights, heater, sanitization, water features and other components from my phone. Of course, you can still manually control it from the control panel as well. Isn’t technology amazing?

We installed the TriStar VS 950 Omni 1.85hp (based on pool gallon size) which is a bundle that came with the pool pump and everything you need to install the unit pump and automation system including the wiring base unit, smart relay and control pad.

You can conveniently adjust pump speed, set water temperature, turn pool lights on/off with the touch of a button. It’s even compatible with Amazon Alexa voice control and other home automation systems.

potted hydrangea with white bacopa, german ivy, pool patio, flower bed, blue pool water

Check out this quick video if you are intrigued about the Smart Pool Control. It’s really cool!

Download the OmniLogic App on your mobile device

Simply create an account and register your MSPID number. It took me under 3 minutes to access my pool account and I can literally operate the entire system from my phone or desktop. You can see below my account and details of my scheduled settings. So simple! The Hayward pool pump manual & download section is also very self explanatory.

I love how you can see the weather for the week, sunrise and sunset information along with how your pool is currently operating.

Hayward Pool Omni Logic App

How much does the Hayward pool pump cost?

The pool pump price will depend on the horsepower you need which is ultimately determined by the size of your pool. Our pool pump cost is approximately $1500. 

Don’t miss our Hayward AquaVac 6 Series in action and me using the robot to clean the pool, it’s the best pool cleaner ever.

So today you saw the installation for the Hayward VS Omni™ Variable-Speed Pump with Smart Pool Control and next month, I will share the Hayward AquaRite® 900 Series (see here) (salt chlorination system) and in August, the Hayward AquaVac 6 Series (see here) (an amazing little robot that runs around  my pool and cleans it!). Be sure to head to Hayward Pool to checkout all the amazing products they offer for your pool.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Hayward. The opinions and text are all mine.

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