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20 colorful front door colors 2024

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I’m excited to share with you 20 vibrant front door colors that will completely elevate your entrance and enhance its curb appeal. Get ready to transform your home with these stunning shades!

If you’re looking for an easy way to add a touch of elegance and character to the exterior of your home, why not consider changing the color of your front door? Picking out a new front door color is an exciting project that can really transform the look of your house in no time. Not sure how to select a color? Don’t worry—we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to figure out exactly what kind will make your entranceway look its best!

Stained arched front door summer decorating tips
Our brown front door

How To Pick A Front Door Color

The color trends for picking a door color in 2023 featured a lot of black and natural wood tones. Moving into 2024, you will see pops of color as well as traditional black and wood.

Choosing a color for your front door can be a fun and exciting way to add some personality and curb appeal to your home.

Here are a few popular front door colors to consider:

  1. Red: Red can add warmth and energy to your home’s exterior. A classic and bold choice this color is a very popular choice!
  2. Blue: A calming and neutral color, shades of blue can work well with a many architectural styles.
  3. Yellow: Bright and cheerful, yellow can add a pop of color
  4. Green: A natural and peaceful color, green coordinates with landscaping and gives your home a relaxed feel.
  5. Black: A timeless and sophisticated choice, classic black can add a touch of elegance and contrast to an exterior.
  6. White: Clean and fresh, white can give your home a modern and minimalist look.

Why does your front door color matter?

When it comes to the exterior of our homes, choosing the right color for our front doors can make a significant impact on the overall aesthetic.

Front door paint colors such as yellow and red are perfect for those who want to make a statement and create an inviting atmosphere. If you prefer a more natural look, wood tones are a great option that can add warmth and coziness to your entryway.

For a calming and relaxing feel, blue and green shades are the way to go. Whatever color you decide on, remember to choose one that matches the tone of your home’s exterior and expresses your personal style.

When picking a front door,  you need to be mindful of whether or not you want to let natural light in or not. Front doors with sidelights and glass provide a lot of natural light!

Front Door Color Combinations

Front door colors for a white house

  • black
  • blue
  • red
  • yellow
  • green

Front door colors for a beige house:

  • red
  • black

Black Front Door (interior and exterior)

I love the side-lights on this black front door below. I personally love a black interior and exterior door!

Traditional Home

Our lake house below features a side door (which is the front door) and the classic black paint color was the perfect choice for our white house.

black front door white house
Our lake house black front door white house

Yellow Front Doors

Yellow front doors or mustard yellow, are perfect if you are daring and want a bright pop of color. 

mustard yellow front door color ideas
yellow front door
Soft yellow front door color ideas
Light yellow front door

Source: BHG

Source This Old House

Blue Front Door

Source Southern Living

Front door colors for a white house are limitless! A baby blue front door looks gorgeous with the white siding and bronze light fixtures.

Source: Southern Living

Source: Leen The Graphic Queen

A navy blue front door is perfect if you have light colored exterior siding and you want to add a pop of color. Navy blue doors are traditional and classic. The navy blue Craftsman style front door below looks gorgeous with the cedar shingle siding below.

Source : BHG

My friends blue front door below coordinates nicely with gray cedar shake siding.

Pretty Christmas Garland + Greenery: Front Door Decorating Ideas
Blue front door – Gray house

Red Front Door Ideas 

I love the deep red doors below with the contrasting warm wood ceiling. Another Craftsman door below for the win!

Source: Houzz

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I think a bright red door is #1 on my list.

Bright red front door color ideas
red front door

Source: BHG

bright red orange front door color ideas
red front door with white trim

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Green Front Door with White Siding

The light green door below with glass is beautiful and looks pretty with the natural beauty from the plants and trees.

lime green front door color ideas

Source: Coastal Living

Another lime green front door below with smaller windows across the top provides privacy while letting in natural light. 

Source: HGTV

Front Door Color Ideas

Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams have several paint color variations that are perfect for a front door. An option if you are having trouble visualizing is to use either of the visual color tools and play around with the colors. You can upload your image and swap out colors to see what you like.

If a painted front door isn’t your style, then how about a stained front door? Maybe a dark or lighter shade depending on your exterior house color? I personally love the darker stained front door below against the stone facade. 

brown stained front door color ideas
brown wood tone front door

Source: Houzz

The light natural color stained door below has a peep hole similar to our front door below.

4th of July front door porch decorating ideas
brown stained front door with stucco

Our front door above features a dark brown stain color which brings out the wood grain.

front door color ideas with lantern
natural stained front door

The split level house below that we renovated features a warm toned stain on the front door which we also added to the garage doors to create a cohesive look

split level house with white board and batten siding black windows and brown front door
brown front door with white house

Pink Front Door

A pink front door (I’m not a fan of a purple front door) can look beautiful if coordinated with a historic stone building or featured with older barn trim as shown below.

Source: Babble 

 Via Houzz

I remember when we had to pick a door color at our previous house, it was such an ordeal! My dad didn’t think much of the door design (we had to get a new door) and could have cared less about the door paint color! 

Can you tell I like yellow doors along with the color red? Colorful front door colors are so easy to implement with paint and little bit of time.

Simply buy whatever color paint you love, and start painting! Depending on the texture of your door and what it is made of, you may need to apply a primer as a base coat. I think I may paint our front door a bright red for the spring until we get our new door. How about you, do you have any front door colors in mind for your front door? For more decorating inspiration, see our Our DIY Home Projects Page.

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  1. I love a yellow door. The 764 yellow door is exactly like mine. I think you have to take in account the exterior colors of your home. My house would look terrible with a yellow door.

  2. LOVE this roundup! Such a cheerful post!

    Painting our front door is on my list this year, but I am so overwhelmed with all the amazing color choices! Any one of them would be fab!!


  3. I’m trying to find a door color that will look good with red/orangey brick home with white door and white shutters and accents. There’s a pic of it on my blog in ‘welcome, my first post.’ This is something I’ve been fretting over for awhile. Spring is here in Texas, and I want it done. I love black, but think it might stick out like a sore thumb…

  4. I am soooo ready for Spring. LOVE this post. We have a yellow front door & I love it. I don’t think it’s my husband’s favorite, but I told him he needs to deal with it. 😉


  5. I like the green door with the etched windows! I wanted a green door, but my family went with a red door instead. (Which also works, but I LOVE green!)

    Also — did you think about what color you would want the interior side of your door to be? Ours is just plain white …. but maybe I can paint that part green!!! I know some people like to paint their interior doors black, but that is too dark for my home.

    Good luck!

  6. Love these doors! I really like the ones with the windows towards the top, so people can’t see inside. I’ve been wanting to paint our front door plum, but I need some warm weather!

  7. We moved eight months ago into a home whose front door was rotting and moldy :/ We bought a new door and side-lights (more wood-rot, y’all!) and I painted them the perfect bright red. It’s called “Front Door Red” and it’s Valspar. Our new door was primed so I thought I’d be OK, but good gravy. I had to paint three coats of the red and it’s still not perfect. It was recommended that instead of painting the bright red over white/primer, I paint the door with a tinted gray primer. Lesson learned! If Spring ever comes, I’m going to sand it down some and touch up.

  8. #14 of 21…………what color yellow is that?

  9. This is beautiful – can you give me some info on where to find this? is it custom?


    1. it’s door number 1206 – graphic queen! thanks

  10. Can you tell me what the color of door number 6 is please??

  11. Edward Allen says:

    Nice selection of door designs and color. Having great deal of difficulty duplicating the exterior colors of picture # 8. It would be helpful if the paint and stain colors were listed with the pictures. Do you have the paint and stain selection? If so would you make it available?

    1. Edward Allen says:

      Can you please tell me color of the front door and siding of door #8 please.

  12. What is the name of the green paint color you used?????

  13. What color is the blue with the black shutters?

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