Sherwin Williams Sea Salt 6204 Paint Color Review

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Sherwin Williams Sea Salt SW 6204 is a beautiful green color with a slight blue gray undertone. Picking the perfect paint color can be daunting, especially when there are so many choices available. If you’re looking for a color that will give your room a refreshing and calming feel, then you should try Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.

SW 6204 Sea Salt
Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt 6204

This popular color has gained a reputation for being a go-to shade for DIY projects, and for a good reason. Let’s take a look at why people are raving about Sea Salt and guide you on how to incorporate this color into your home.

sherwin williams sea salt paint
Sea Salt looks green during the day and blue gray in artificial light at night

Features and Stats:

  • The LRV of Sea Salt is 63
  • Color family is green
  • Brightens up a space
  • Cool color tone

Paint Tip: What is LRV?

An LRV (light reflectance value) of 63 means that the light reflectance will help make the space appear bright. LRV is based on a scale of 0 to 100 with zero absorbing all the light and 100 reflects all light (provides brightness). If a room is naturally very dark, a color with an LRV at 100 or close to 100 will help brighten the room.

sherwin williams sea salt paint color bathroom
SW Sea Salt coordinates with Pure White trim

Is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Blue Or Green?

Sea Salt Sherwin Williams is a pale blue-green hue that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It’s more of a green color (almost green gray) but depending on the lighting, the tone can change making it appear blue.

The color overall has a cool undertone creating a beautiful green gray undertones.

sherwin williams sea salt paint
Sea Salt Paint is the perfect green color

Is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Warm or Cool?

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is a green cool toned color with a grey undertone. Be fair warned though, depending on the time of day, the color will look different.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt paint color Laundry Room
Sherwin Williams Sea Salt 6204

SW Sea Salt Dining Room

We used Sea Salt in our dining room and kitchen which shows as a blue gray due to the natural light. Sea Salt is a true chameleon color that changes based on lighting.

sherwin williams sea salt kitchen
Sherwin Williams Sea Salt 6204
sherwin williams sea salt dining room
SW Sea Salt 6204

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Living Room

Below, you will see how my friend Kim at Sand and Sisal used Sherwin Williams Sea Salt in her living room. The color has green tones in her home vs my home.

This is also a good example of how lighting situations will dictate the green undertones.

I love how her white cabinets in the kitchen coordinate with sea salt as well.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Living Room

What Colors Go With Sherwin Williams Sea Salt?

Accent Walls and Accessories

Coordinating colors like SW Spare White, SW Summit and SW Agreeable Gray all offer a nice contrast to sea salt providing visual interest and character to a room.

If you are looking for completely different colors that coordinate, try SW Smoky Salmon which is a beautiful pinkish tone, SW Iron Ore which is a great black but not “in your face” kind of a black, SW Hale Navy with is a gorgeous blue color and SW Fleur De Sel which is a light gray.

Coordinating Trim Colors

A simple white trim, like pure white or extra white, is all you need to really make this paint come together as it sets off its calming effects nicely.

sherwin williams sea salt paint color bathroom
SW Sea Salt 6204

Lighting Conditions

Lighting plays a big role in color tone so be sure to buy a paint swatch to see the color in your space during different times of the day.

One of the biggest considerations when picking a paint color is to take into effect which direction the room faces.

Cardinal Directions

North-facing rooms do not receive much light. Meaning, the sun doesn’t directly shine inside so the room receives less warm light where South-facing rooms tend to get direct sunlight and have an abundance of natural light throughout the day.

East-facing rooms are usually brighter in the morning and West-facing rooms have the most natural light towards the end of the day as the sun is going down.

SW sea salt paint color in the laundry room

Artificial Light & Bulbs

Artificial lighting will no doubt, change the look of your paint color so choosing a light bulb that will enhance your color is important.

I cannot tell you how many times I have come home with the wrong lightbulb and discovered my room and new paint color looked horrible!

It wasn’t until I learned a little trick from an employee at Home Depot that I had an “ahhh haaa moment.”

Lumens has a great tutorial on how to pick the right bulb so if you are confused, read head to this blog post.

Basically in a nut shell, the lower the Kelvin number of the bulb the more yellow the light cast will be. The higher the Kelvin number, the brighter white the color will be.

So when you purchase a light bulb, look at the number on the box!

2500-3500K Light Bulbs

These bulbs will give off a warm yellow tone and typically work well with warm toned paint colors. As you get closer to 3500 range, the warmth lessens but is still considered warm.

3500+ range gets cooler the higher you go and cool toned paint like sea salt, looks brighter and crisper. I personally have 3500 bulbs throughout the house and find it’s a happy medium between warm and cool but have 4000 in our basement because of how dark it is.

  1. Versatility: Sea Salt is a versatile color that can work well in a variety of different spaces
  2. Calming Effect: The soft, muted tones of Sea Salt can create a calming and relaxing atmosphere in a room
  3. Complementary with Natural Elements: Sea Salt pairs well with natural wood tones and works well with both light and dark wood furniture pieces. It also complements accessories that are made of natural fibers such as jute, sisal, and rattan.
  4. Timelessness: Sea Salt has a timeless quality that still looks fresh and modern

Color Comparison

Now that we have determined all the features and benefits of Sea Salt, I wanted to show you how it compares to 2 of my other favorite blue green colors, Topsail and Rainwashed.

If you are anything like me, you think you love one color because it looked great online in someone else’s home. I would highly recommend you sample these two other colors below along with Sea Salt.

SW Sea Salt vs. SW Topsail

Sherwin Williams Topsail is more of a green blue color where Sea Salt is more green. Honestly though, they are both similar and lighting will play a big role in the color tone.

SW Topsail in our lake house bedroom below is blue shade with a green undertone.

sherwin williams topsail
Sherwin Williams Topsail 6217

SW Sea Salt vs SW Rainwashed

SW Rainwashed is a blue green paint color and a little darker than Sea Salt and does not look “gray” like sea salt.

As you can see below in our previous homes living room, the SW Rainwashed gives off a deeper greenish blue hue.

If you are looking for a blue green color that will give the best pop of color and not appear gray, Rainwashed may be the perfect color for you!

sherwin williams rainwashed
Sherwin Williams Rainwashed 6211

Below is a comparison of the three colors:

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt vs Rainwashed vs Topsail
SW Topsail | SW Sea Salt | SW Rainwashed color comparison

Why You Need To Buy A Paint Sample

Paint Color Selection Tip:

Purchase a Sherwin Williams Sea Salt sample and tape it on your wall for a couple days and see how it looks during artificial and natural light. It’s worth the few bucks to make sure you like the paint color!

Wrapping Up & Summary

Try painting sea salt paint color in a bathroom, a master bedroom, guest room or kitchen to achieve a calming coastal look coordinated with seagrass, sisal and beige color schemes.

Whether you’re looking to update your living room, bedroom, or even kitchen cabinets, Sea Salt is a perfect color and provides a versatile and tranquil base.

Plus, with Sherwin Williams’ high-quality formula, you can trust that your walls will look stunning for years to come.

Don’t forget to sample your colors before you buy! Trust me, you do not want to skip this step.

Simple head to Samplize, purchase the color swatches (they are not expensive) and tape them to your walls and see how you like the colors during the day and evening under different lighting situations.

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