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Our DIY Wooden RV Steps

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Wooden RV steps are easy to make and today I am going to show you a DIY project that you can complete in a weekend. If you have a camper or any type of recreational vehicle, these RV steps with a landing will provide a durable entrance from your deck or ground level into your RV. 

Wooden RV Steps

how to build stairs

The seasonal campsite had two existing decks, the one over the lake and this deck where the camper sits.

camper and deck with no stairs

The existing camper deck is fairly stable with the exception of a few rotted pieces. We plan on re-bracing the underneath and re-decking a portion of the floor. First though, steps are necessary!

measuring for steps to an RV

Our camper came equipped with metal stairs but because of the distance between the existing deck, they were not conducive to entering and existing safely. The gap was fairly large. The wooden RV steps will look much nicer as well.

Items needed:

We used 2×6, 2×4, 4×4 and 2×10 pressure treated wood to build our RV steps with a landing. Be sure to use nails and screws that are meant for outdoors. We measured how wide we wanted our stairs to be and then cut the 2×6 pieces of wood to length and nailed together forming a box.

2x6 pressure treated wood box frame on a deck

I had no idea that steps are essentially “boxes” placed on top of each other. I guess I never really thought about the process before.

We then created “wooden legs” out of 4×4’s pressure treated wood. We decided to add a wooden brace (2×10’s cut to size) on the bottom of the legs because the ground was somewhat uneven and the wood allows for stability.

We fastened with 3″ nails and viola, cute little legs. You can also dig holes and use sauna tubes or a variety of different ways to stabilize your legs but for this project, we took the simple route and braced with wood.

pressure treated wood stair legs

We placed our “wooden box” where we wanted it on the deck and my job was to stand on it, to keep it in place. I thought my dad was kidding when he said, “stand on it.” Needless to say, I had to stand on it for about 30 minutes while he fastened it to the existing camper deck.

Wooden RV steps box frame

We added the wooden legs to the inside of the box and nailed together. You can also see that we added a wooden brace in the middle of the box to reinforce stability.

pressure treated 4x6 wood frame rv steps to camper

See below that we also used cut to size “cleats” on the inside of the box to fasten to the existing deck. This allows you to nail the box to the existing deck as well as reinforce with screws.

pressure treated 4x6 wood frame rv steps to camper

We used 1×6 pressure treated decking wood to create the floor. You will need to use a jigsaw to cut out the portion near the leg. We left a 1″ overhang around the edge as well.

pressure treated 4x6 wood frame rv steps to camper

Continue to add your flooring and nail on the edges and on the center brace.

pressure treated rv wooden steps with landing

Looking pretty good right? Repeat the same steps to build your second stair. Once we measured how large we wanted our second stair, we created another box and assembled to the legs. See below, we also added cleats on the inside to fasted the box to the first stair. You can see, we made our second wooden box smaller in order to create a 1/2 inch inset from the bottom.

pressure treated 4x6 wood frame rv steps to camper

pressure treated 4x6 wood frame rv steps to camper

Add your floor and you are done!

pressure treated 4x6 wood rv steps to camper

I love our wooden RV steps! I definitely prefer these over the metal rv steps that you can buy.

pressure treated wooden steps to Winnebago RV DIY project tutorial

We still need to stain the deck and stairs as well as add another foot of decking to the existing deck but slowly but surely, our summer lake project is coming along! It took us about 2 hours to build the stairs and now we need to build a smaller set for the back entrance door. 

UPDATED: Click here to see amazing full deck reveal {before and after}

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