Easy Barn Door Installation Without Removing Door Trim

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Today I am sharing how to install a barn door and you will be amazed at how an easy sliding barn door installation project can change the look of your room.  We are tackling a barn door installation without removing door trim and this step by step tutorial will show you how to update an original door in your home including closet doors and bathroom doors. 

Do you have a traditional single swing door in your home that when opened, creates a traffic jam?

The sliding barn door that we are installing is perfect for any door opening in your home, especially a basement, closet or bathroom door opening. 

Modern white interior sliding barn door Installation without Removing Door Trim

How to Install a Sliding Barn Door Over Existing Trim

We have partnered with JELD-WEN Window and Doors to show you the easiest barn door installation and their amazing new Barn Door Kit.

Barn style doors have come along way over the years. You can hang just about any style door giving you a traditional, modern or farmhouse barn door.

Our barn door cost is very affordable and available in many different styles: rustic craftsman, old world, contemporary, and farmhouse.

Hanging a barn door over existing trim whether it be farmhouse door trim, standard 3″ trim or colonial is a quick way to refresh or update a doorway. 

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How to Install a Barn Door 

A barn door installation usually requires removing the trim.

However, removing door trim can be a daunting and an expensive task so this tutorial on how to install a barn door (without removing the trim) will blow your mind!

Why is removing door trim expensive?

Once removed, you will need to repair the sheet rock, re-plaster, sand and paint the area which costs money.

My friend has a beautiful kitchen but unfortunately, their original door below (which leads to their finished basement) swings right into their kitchen island area creating a major traffic jam when the door is in use.

White basement kitchen door Barn Door Installation without Removing Door Trim
installing a sliding barn door was a great option for this kitchen

As you can see below, the door swing is completely annoying and not functional at all.

Woman sitting on stool , White basement kitchen door Barn Door Installation without Removing Door Trim
Installing a barn door and sliding track added character to the kitchen and solved the swing door issue

My friend Sophia and Gerry were thrilled when I told them about this opportunity with JELD-WEN and couldn’t wait to tackle the project.

At first when I told Sophia about us sharing how to install a barn door here on the blog, she giggled and said “what?” ha. 

The JELD-WEN Design Glide hanging barn door kit has easy to read instructions and took just a Saturday morning to install.

husband and wife kitchen island, White basement kitchen door Barn Door Installation without Removing Door Trim

Step 1: Remove The Original Door

We removed the standard sized existing basement door as well as the door hinges.

The nice thing about the JELD-WEN barn door kit is you can install the door right over your existing door trim.

You do NOT need to remove the trim! It doesn’t matter if your trim is traditional (like my friends trim above),  farmhouse door trim or colonial.  

You will need to use some spackle (we used the quick dry version) or wood filler to fill the area where you remove the previous doors hinges but that is all.

It took about 15 minutes to fill the holes, sand and add touch up paint to the existing door hinge spots.

Be sure to reference JELD-WEN’s site for appropriate sizing as well as tips on measuring the door opening.

men removing White basement kitchen door Barn Door Installation without Removing Door Trim
removing the existing door is the first step before installing the new sliding door

Barn Door Installation

Before purchasing a new door, be sure to measure the width of the door opening, the height and make sure there is enough room for the door to slide along the wall.

Step 2: Install Door Header

Once the original door was removed, we installed the pine wood header piece above the door frame.

JELD-WEN also supplied a matching white wood header but Sophia wanted the pine header to match the wall color so she purchased a piece of 3/4 inch pine and had it custom cut to the length we needed.

How To Install Barn Door Without Header

Note: If you do not want to see the header board for design reasons, then you can remove the drywall above the door, locate the wall studs with a stud finder and fasten the track hardware to the studs but this is a much more lengthy process and makes a bigger mess! We painted our pine header the same color as the wall and it blended in nicely. You barely notice the header!

She added two coats of paint (same as wall color) and we were good to go!

We used the lag bolts and screws that JELD-WEN provide to attach the base/header to the wall.

You can fill the screw holes with wood filler or spackle and touch up with paint.

Men installing header for sliding door hardware White basement kitchen door Barn Door Installation without Removing Door Trim
barn door pine header
husband and wife installing sliding barn door hardware, Barn Door Installation without Removing Door Trim

Step 3: Install Sliding Door Track

The next step was to attach the barn door track to the wall.

Black sliding barn door track , Barn Door Installation without Removing Door Trim
how to install a barn door without removing trim

Step 4: Barn Door Track Installation

The barn door track installation is pretty simple and the final step before hanging the door. The PDF instructions are straight forward and easy to follow.

Black sliding barn door hardware, husband and wife, Barn Door Installation without Removing Door Trim

Next, we fastened to the door sliding track and soft close feature to prevent the door from slamming open or closed.

The barn door hardware kit comes with a bottom door track and floor guide as well which we opted not to use as it wasn’t necessary for our install.

The Soft Close feature is by far one of the coolest features on this door.

black sliding barn door track hardware for a white modern barn door with glass, Barn Door Installation without Removing Door Trim

Hanging Barn Doors – An Easy Solution For Tight Spaces

They have two kids and this door leads to their playroom in the basement so you can imagine the slamming that would take place without the Soft Close!

We installed the Soft Close on each end of the track so that if you are opening or closing, the door doesn’t slam in either direction. Hanging barn doors solve so many issues!

Modern white interior sliding barn door Installation without Removing Door Trim
Doesn’t this modern sliding barn door with glass look amazing?
White kitchen basement door, sisal chair, Barn Door Installation without Removing Door Trim

The kitchen before with the original door leading to the basement.

White basement kitchen door Barn Door, white quartz countertop, black island, Installation without Removing Door Trim

The kitchen after we installed a modern sliding barn door.

Jeldwen white modern barn door, black barn door sliding hardware, black island, black stool, flowers, Barn Door Installation without Removing Door Trim
Loving how the white sliding barn door coordinates with the black island and white quartz counter

This modern frosted glass sliding barn door from Amazon is similar! 

Barn Door Hardware Kit

Isn’t the black sliding barn door hardware gorgeous?

The black door handle and hardware coordinates perfectly with the black kitchen island and black stools.

It is truly amazing how the barn door hardware draws your eye to the ceiling (that normally is a white blank space) and creates a cohesive look throughout the kitchen.

My door is out of stock but this white modern barn door is similar from Amazon.  

If you are considering installing a barn door, I highly recommend getting a door that is already prepped for the sliding track.

Barn door hanging kits will make your life easier when it comes to installing the barn door.

Tip: Just be sure to order a track that handle the weight of the door.

Can a barn door go over molding trim? Yes!

Many of you have emailed asking if the barn door trim designs matter when it comes to a barn door installation and the answer is no.

So to answer your question, “should barn doors cover trim,” yes, you can install a barn door over any door trim or molding. 

White basement kitchen door black island Barn Door Installation without Removing Door Trim
loving how simple this barn door installation was

Barn Door Styles

Sliding barn style doors come in all sizes, shapes and designs. Barn doors can be interior or exterior, a single barn door or double barn doors.

Here are a 3 barn door styles below featuring Old World, Modern Craftsman and a rustic Farmhouse door.

The white barn door is my favorite and I think you are going to love these barn door ideas below. 

Sliding barn doors are great in tight spaces like hallways, a laundry room or bathroom.

Installing a sliding door is an easy to install simple DIY project so you should not need to hire a contractor.

If you don’t like the barn door style, why not convert a traditional door to sliding door?

Farmhouse barn door, old world barn door, modern barn door, Barn Door Installation without Removing Door Trim
installing a barn door is a great option if limited floor space

Personally, I think hanging interior barn doors (convert door to barn door) in your home is a great way to add visual interest to a plain wall and enhances the interior design of the space.

Barn style doors are perfect for a closet, basement door, bathroom door or even a built in bookcase as well as a nice alternative to a pocket door.

Be sure to check out our double interior sliding barn doors we installed to cover a bookcase that we converted to store baking dishes and small kitchen appliances.

Here is the kitchen basement door before we swapped out and installed the new sliding barn door.

White basement kitchen door Barn Door Installation without Removing Door Trim
the original door before we installed a barn door without removing the trim

Questions you need to ask yourself before you install a sliding barn door 

  1. Is there enough wall space for the door to slide? Make sure the space is wider than the opening.
  2. Does the style barn door you like, fit the style of your home. Be sure to pick a barn door that is similar to the style of your home. 
  3. Will the barn door when open cover any wall art or light switches that may be on the wall. 

Barn Door Installation Cost?

The cost to install a sliding barn door will be between $300 and $1200 depending on what style barn door and track kit you purchase.

The installation cost will be minimum if you are handy and have a little bit of DIY know how.

Where should I hang a sliding barn door? 

  1. Closet barn doors are very popular (see image below) especially when you do not have a large room as they save space. We have utilized several of the sliding barn door ideas below in our own home and flip houses.
  2. A pantry sliding barn door is a unique solution in kitchens large and small. See our double sliding barn door tutorial to see how we turned a built in bookshelf into a kitchen pantry using two barn door slabs that we hung with a barn door track kit.
  3. A sliding barn door for bathroom privacy is a great choice in a master bedroom that has a tight space entering the bathroom as many single doors hit the bathroom vanity or linen closet door.  Click through this post, how to install a barn door for a bathroom (see image below) to see the sliding bathroom barn door we installed in a new construction home.
3 white sliding interior doors to bathroom and closet, white oak floors, blue walls
Don’t miss our how to install a barn door for a bathroom post!

Below is a 2 panel door with black sliding barn door hardware that we installed at the split level house between the bathroom and laundry room.

white masonite 2 panel solid core interior door on barn sliding track

There wasn’t enough room for a traditional swing door so the sliding door was the best choice.

I love the idea of using a regular door and hanging it with a black hardware sliding kit. Sliding barn doors do not need to look like “barn doors!”

Sliding Barn Door Kits You Will Love

Convert interior door to sliding barn door

If you already have an interior door that you love, considering purchasing a sliding barn door kit and hang the interior door!

We have used this sliding barn door kit for a double bypass doors and this barn door kit for a single door. Just make sure the kit you purchase comes with the anti jump and door stop.

Amazon also has this 2 panel white barn door with hardware too.

This white classic modern door (similar alternative) comes in 1 box and everything you need is in the sliding door track kit. White doors with black hardware coordinate nicely together and give a modern clean look.

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  1. Your friends are fortunate!! I live up the road in North Grafton….do you design on the side? Love your taste in home design. Good luck and many blessings in your new home.

    1. Thank you 🙂 Yes I do design consulting on the side 🙂 Feel free to email me at jessica (at) fourgenerationsoneroof (dot) com

  2. Looks great! In love
    Very much interested in replacing my existing door for what I call my study, catch all room which is directly left of opening my back door. 70’s rancher, open back door and the steps lead directly to basement or turn head to left step up your in our study or turn head right step up your in kitchen so not sure if it would work or how much room is needed of wall space. What do ya think?

  3. This is perfect! We want to install a barn door on our panty and wasn’t sure which hardware to go with. I’ll have to check out Jeld-Wen

  4. WOW! I have a friend who wants to put one of these in but is afraid. I’m telling him about your post!

  5. This door looks fantastic and is a great solution. Does it have a fixture at the bottom to keep it from swinging?

  6. Kim prager says:

    Question- when you take down the original door what do you do with area where original door hung? I have ugly holes now.

  7. Jess,
    When I saw this I thought immediately of installing a barn door! But, that is only because I’ve been following you for so long, lol! Love seeing/reading your DIY, decor and renovations. ????

  8. Lynn DUnbar says:

    Is there a gap between the door frame and the door? I’m afraid that if we use one of these for our bathroom doorway which has similar trim around it that there will be a gap.

    Please let me know.

    Thank you,

    1. There is a small gap because you wouldn’t want the new door sliding and hitting your trim but unless you are right up on top of it and looking for it, it’s not very noticeable.

  9. Anneliese says:

    Lovely and so practical! Do you have a handle of any kind on the other side of the door? If so, what did you use?

    My husband and I are looking to install a barn door on a bathroom (the current door hits the tub and makes it impossible for two people to share the room). We are considering an inset handle since a standard handle would obviously bump the wall and prevent the door from opening all the way.

  10. Where can I find the hardware? Looked on their site and didn’t find much

  11. Christine Brennan says:

    Hi what is the distance you need from the top of the door frame to the ceiling I have low ceilings.. thank you..

  12. Did you also patch the door entry trim on the opposite side of the hinges where the door knob goes into the trim to keep the door shut? Also, you left the door stop trim that stops the door when closing? I can’t tell by the pictures.

  13. Love this idea! Love the paint color can you tell me what brand and color you used?

  14. Looks great, but hard to tell from all the white, you had filled the holes where the door old door hinges was, but did you leave the door stop piece. I;ve found that taking this off can be a pain, and was wondering if you just left it?

  15. Keena Stainbrook says:

    Question: No one ever shows the other side, like coming up from the basement in your case, what is the door hardware on that side? Is it flat? And did you intall the floor guide piece? do you feel it is necessary? We are going to put a barn door on the laundry room because the door opens in and makes it tricky to get to the closet in the laundry room.

  16. I feel like I have looked everywhere, what is that top long Black rectangle piece that is attached to the door and to the rollers? Is this part of the “soft close” or is it just an accent attached to the door? My husband and I bought a door that was mistakenly too short so we were trying to find a way to salvage this project. I recommended having someone fabricate a kicker plate on the bottom to “close the gap.” it almost looks like the piece on your door gives you additional inches that we could benefit from.

    1. The black piece is the barn door sliding kit. You need a sliding kit (Home Depot or Lowes has them) .

  17. Hi, I am interested in doing same. Did you also fill, sand and paint the jam where lockkeeper was? Did you remove the small piece of trim that runs from the top of jam to the bottom to stop the swing of the previous door ( door stop)?
    I’d love to see pictures of the jam and how the repairs came out please.

  18. Janet Smart says:

    We recently put up a barn door on the entrance of our small bathroom in our bedroom. We didn’t remove the trim either. Our bathroom was small and when the door opened up into it, it took up what little space we had. Very glad we did it. My husband loves it. We put a handle on the outside, but didn’t need to put one on the inside, but I guess you could put a recessed one if you wanted to.

    1. Hi Janet, that’s great! I love sliding doors, especially in tight spots. If you have a picture, upload it, I would love to see 🙂

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