Master Bathroom Door Ideas Including Sliding & Pocket

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​Today I’m sharing master bathroom door ideas and how we transformed the master bedroom at the Cape house renovation project.

master bathroom door ideas, frosted glass sliding door
I love this master bathroom door idea with frosted glass

The choice between a traditional hinged or sliding door for the master bedroom really comes down to the room’s size. At the cape house, we went with a frosted glass sliding barn door for the master bathroom, and it turned out to be the ideal pick for that area.

Why Your Master Bathroom Door Matters

Many people often ask about the best type of door for bathrooms, and the answer leans towards choosing a solid core door over a hollow core doors.

The reason? It all boils down to privacy.

Hollow core doors are paper thin and do not provide a lot of sound proofing. 

​The master bathroom door is the perfect opportunity to create a focal point in the room with a coordinating paint color or a sliding barn door to add character to the space.

master bathroom door ideas, frosted glass sliding door
I love the frosted glass sliding bathroom door

In many cases, especially with smaller master bathrooms where floor space is at a premium, a traditional hinged door might not be practical due to its swing.

This is where a sliding bathroom door or a pocket door often becomes the ideal solution.

Bathroom Door Ideas for Small Spaces

Sliding Bathroom Doors 

​The 1950s cape house master bedroom included a small walk in closet and bathroom and while not the smallest bathroom on the planet, the wall space for a traditional door wall limited. 

master bathroom door ideas with frosted glass

​There was plenty of room on the bedroom and bathroom wall for a door to slide so we installed a modern style sliding barn door with frosted glass panels. 

The door provides easy access to the master bathroom and closet area while not taking up any floor space. 

Pocket Doors: The Invisible Solution

​While a pocket door would have also worked in this master bedroom, we felt the room needed a focal point along the long wall leading to the bathroom. 

​If your master bedroom is small and you do not have a lot of wall space, consider a pocket door – similar to what we installed at our lake house below.

master bathroom pocket door ideas

This particular wall leading to the bathroom was short and didn’t provide enough space for a sliding barn door so the hidden pocket door was the perfect choice. 

master bathroom pocket door ideas

The bathroom’s tight space made a hinged door impractical, as it would interfere with the shower area.

Bathroom pocket doors are great space saving solutions for small rooms.

The Elegance of A Glass Sliding Door

We worked hard to maximize the open concept feel and increase the natural light in this master bedroom and bathroom and I love how the frosted glass door gives an elevated look while still providing bathroom privacy.

You can find a similar version of this glass shaker style barn door with free shipping at here at Walmart!

The bathroom features glass shower doors and a white gray marble countertop style, making the glass sliding door a perfect match for the bathroom’s style and ambiance.

If you are looking to blend modern elegance in small room, frosted glass doors are a great option.

Bathroom Door Ideas for Every Style

Sliding barn doors are a great option for a bathroom with limited space but tradition doors can also provide a beautiful focal point, especially if painted in a bold color!

Traditional Doors 

If your budget allows, consider a solid core bathroom door for ultimate privacy. 

Here is an example below of a small bathroom with limited floor space but a traditional door was perfect as the bathroom wall had plenty of room to accommodate a door swing.

5x8 bathroom remodel, Calcutta Gold tile on floor and shower, blue walls, 2 panel white door

Traditional doors come in a variety of styles offering several options whether they are sliding or hinged. 

You will notice that we used black hinges and hardware above to add character and visual interest to the traditional door.

This solid core bathroom sliding door below was a great door for the small bathroom at the split level renovation house.

white masonite 2 panel solid core interior door on barn sliding track
master bathroom door ideas with sliding barn door track

To add a modern feel to a traditional bathroom door, considering hanging the door on a sliding barn door track like we did below at a new construction home Jim built.

bathroom sliding barn door
master bathroom door ideas

All of the interior doors were 2 panel shaker style so instead of installing a hinged bathroom door, we opted for a sliding version.

3 white sliding interior doors to bathroom and closet, white oak floors, blue walls

If your master bathroom is a small space, the perfect solution may be sliding door instead of a swinging door. A smaller bathroom is already tight on space, why make it more cramped with a swinging door!?

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