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How to Install Bifold Doors to Upgrade Your Closet

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If you need closet doors but don’t have room for conventional ones, try bifold doors! They’re surprisingly easy to install and will give any space a nice seamless finish. The best part, this is a moderate-level home improvement project that relatively straightforward and can really transform a closet in no time.

In this post, I’ll be guiding you through the entire process of installing bifold closet doors. Whether you’re trying to figure out how challenging this project is or are ready to pull out your toolbox, you’ll find everything you need to know right here!

white bifold doors in a modern house.

We have a handful of closets at our lake house that needed an upgrade but didn’t have enough room for a traditional swing door. So we decided bifold doors were the best option. This particular bifold door from Masonite is a solid core, high-quality closet bifold that comes with all the necessary hardware to install the door. 

These closet doors really fit the moulding around the closet and look perfect with the style of the house. They were a brilliant solution, and I’m thrilled with how they turned out!

What are bifold doors?

There are two main types of bi-fold doors. Some are basically one large door cut into two smaller doors that open out into a space.

Other types are accordion doors that actually fold in half when you open them. This allows you to access the room or closet without taking up nearly as much space. They’re a great option for small spaces like narrow closets or tight pantries. 

What is the purpose of bifold doors?

Unlike regular doors, bifolds require much less clearance to open in a space. You can find them as interior doors or even exterior doors (which tend to be really expensive glass doors). 

What are some disadvantages of bifold doors? Some cons of bifold doors may be people avoiding a bifold door closet because they had a bad experience pinching their fingers in them when they were kids. Fortunately, many of the modern doors are made with a unique anti-finger pinch system and are much safer.

Plus, they come in so many popular styles now and really enhance the look of your space. You can even buy barn door-style doors for a modern look!

What can I use instead of bifold doors? Although you can also use sliding doors or pocket doors, both can be more challenging in some ways. Sliding doors often come off the track (unless you install a high-quality system like this sliding door ) and pocket doors must have access to the inside of your door frame or wall. Bifold doors are a much easier option that still looks great. If you are on a strict budget, a curtain or drape will work wonders as a closet door!

step by step instructions for how to install bifold doors.
This is the closet we started with. It definitely needed some type of bifold door!

Components of a Bifold Door

Depending on the type of bifold door you’re installing, you may have fewer parts. The accordion-style options have specific brackets to help them fold in half while the two-door styled ones operate more like regular doors.

The main parts of a bifold door include: 

  • Guides
  • Hinges
  • Tracks
  • Panels
  • Door knobs
  • Pivot bracket
  • Jamb bracket
You can see we have a small accordion door inside of this closet to hide some equipment.

Equipment Needed

Gather a few common tools and supplies if you’re ready to install your bifold closet doors.

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Cordless drill
  • Hammer
  • Level

Materials Required

  • Bifold door kit (includes the doors, tracks, guides, hardware and more)

How to Install Bifold Doors

​1. Measure the opening

Use your tape measure to measure the width and height of the opening of your closet. Double-check your numbers to make sure you buy the right size doors.

man measuring the top of a closet to install bifold doors.

2. Prepare the opening

Take off any old doors or hardware. Give the area a good clean. It may be necessary to sand or patch spots to make sure the doors fit well.

3. Install the track

Once the opening is ready, install the track for the bifold doors. Screw the track into the top of the opening and make sure it is level.

how to screw in the track to install bifold closet doors.

4. Prepare the doors

Hammer the door pivots into the tops and bottoms of your doors.

Proper installation of the top pivot is crucial for ensuring the bifold door operates smoothly and evenly. It helps distribute the weight of the door and keeps it balanced during use.

What is a bifold door pivot?

  1. Rotation: The top pivot is installed at the top of the bifold door frame, near the corner of the door. It consists of a pivoting mechanism that allows the door to rotate smoothly.
  2. Folding: When you open the bifold door, the top pivot allows the door to pivot at the top, while the bottom pivot remains stationary.
  3. Sliding: Once the door is folded, the pivoting action enables the door to slide along the track, guided by the bottom pivot, to either side of the closet or opening.
  4. Stability: The top pivot ensures that the door remains stable and properly aligned during the opening and closing process. It prevents the door from swinging outward or inward, keeping it on the intended track.
how to install the guides for bifold doors.

5. Install the floor Guide

install the bottom feet for bi-fold closet doors.

On the floor, find the center point of the opening and screw in the bottom part of the track.

how to insert accordion closet panels into tracks.

6. Install the doors

Position both doors into both tracks.

As you can see, hanging these doors is pretty easy! The trickiest part is finding the exact spots to screw in the tracks to ensure the doors are positioned evenly. 

Don’t these doors look fantastic in the natural light? They really don’t look like the flimsy closet doors of the past.

How can you modernize a bifold door?

If you have outdated bi-folds in your home but don’t quite have the budget to replace them, here are some ideas for a DIY bifold closet door makeover.

DIY Bifold Closet Doors

In need of a DIY solution? You can make your own with this bifold door DIY from the Modern Renovator!

Can’t find doors to fit your unique work space? Make doors to fit any sized opening with these plans from Hunker.

How Much Do Bifold Doors Cost?

An average decent quality bifold door will be under $250 depending on the size and style you want. Bifold doors with louvers will be less expensive and bifold doors with glass will be more expensive. If you are on a strict budget, you can find hollow bifolds or even louvered bifolds on Amazon for under $150.

Here is a quick look at the closet before.

Below is the closet after we renovated the entire bedroom and closet. If you would like to see more of this house, check out our lake house remodeling page!

step by step instructions on how to hang bifold doors.

How to Install Bifold Doors

Revamp your closet by installing updated bifold doors! It's such an easy project and will give you prviacy in any space.
Print Instructions
step by step instructions on how to hang bifold doors.


Supply List

  • 1 Bifold door kit

Instructions : Step by Step

Measure the opening

  • Carefully measure your closet space to get the right sized doors.

Prepare the Space

  • Remove any existing tracks or hardware. Touch up any dents or dings.

Install the Track

  • Start by using a tape measure to locate the center point of the top of the closet.
  • Mark the spot on both sides of the closet using a pencil.
  • Use a cordless drill to screw the top of the track into place.

Prepare the Doors

  • Hammer the roller guides into the top of your doors.
  • Find the center point of the entryway on the floor and screw in the bottom part of the track.

Position the Doors

  • Position both doors into their respective tracks.
Author: Jessica Bruno

If you are looking for bifold replacement parts for an existing bifold door, these are great! You can also find some of my favorite bifold doors on our Amazon Storefront Door List.

If this post helped you learn how to hang bifold doors, will you add a comment below? I’d love to see photos of your final product. I absolutely love how these doors turned out, and they’ll look amazing in your space, too.

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