Easy Shiplap Ceiling Installation: Kitchen Transformation

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Revamp your ceiling easily with WOODHAVEN Planks and the Easy Up track clip system – no drywall, no painting, and minimal mess!

Today I am showing you how to install a shiplap ceiling in a kitchen we recently renovated. If you’re looking to add a unique, cozy touch to your home, a shiplap ceiling is the easiest way to do it.

I will break down the steps you need to take to install a shiplap ceiling, as well as discuss the different materials, tools and techniques needed to get the job done. Installing a shiplap ceiling can seem intimidating but with the right tools and some patience, anyone can do it.

split level kitchen and living room open wall remodel before and after
Beautiful kitchen shiplap ceiling

As popularized by shows like Fixer Upper with Joanna Gaines, a white kitchen with shiplap has become a hot kitchen design trend and an easy way to elevate the style of any room.

For this project, we partnered with Armstrong Ceilings and used their white Country Classic Planks for our shiplap ceiling. They have several color options below and honestly, any color would look great in a kitchen! These ceiling planks can be purchased online here at Lowes.

shiplap ceiling color ideas
shiplap ceiling color ideas
split level kitchen remodel open to living room with island
Love how the skylights look on the shiplap ceiling

What Is Shiplap

Shiplap wood is long and narrow separated by grooves which can be painted, stained or left natural (cutting strips of pine wood is an inexpensive shiplap option).

Shiplap has traditionally been used outdoors and made from wood. Over the years, shiplap ceiling products have evolved to a lighter faux wood product.

These products are durable, easy to install and perfect for indoor ceiling projects.

Here is a kitchen image below when we started to remove the wall and before we removed the ceiling.

As you can see below, the kitchen was typical of a 1970’s kitchen with low ceilings and a wall that boxed off the eating area and living room. 

The first part of the kitchen ceiling makeover involved removing the kitchen wall and adding a new load bearing / support beam as we wanted an open kitchen and living room space. 

1970's kitchen wall being torn down

Here is the kitchen with the walls and ceiling removed below.

LVL load bearing beam, open ceiling with strapping, cathedral kitchen, living room

The walls and ceiling of the two rooms were removed, revealing an attic space which was then transformed into a stunning kitchen and living room with a vaulted ceiling finished in white shiplap.

Shiplap Ceiling Installation Tip

Something to be mindful of if you are installing on a sloped ceiling, the Armstrong Easy Up® Installation System is intended for ceilings with a slope of less than 10 degrees.


Materials needed:

Order online and have everything ready for curbside pickup or have it shipped. Depending on your installation method, your tools necessary will vary (see instructions for specific method tools).

Tools you’ll need:

  • tape measure (to measure wall and ceiling)stu
  • saw
  • chalk line
  • utility knife
  • drill
  • drywall screws
  • hammer
  • level
  • stud finder

See our Amazon Storefront for our favorite tools and items below

Step 1: Install Ceiling Tracks

The first step of the shiplap ceiling installation is to install your Armstrong Ceilings Easy Up Track System by screwing the tracks to the strapping. 

We installed our tracks so they ran in the opposite direction of the strapping.

screwing Armstrong Easy Track to ceiling strapping

Normally you would install drywall to the ceiling strapping but in our case, we installed the shiplap ceiling planks.

The blown in insulation is what you see under the strapping.

screwing Armstrong Easy Track to ceiling strapping

The ceiling track installation took about 1 hour and was easy to install. The directions are very self explanatory as well.

Recessed Light Tip

If you have recessed lights, you will need to add a track on either side of the light and cut a hole in the shiplap ceiling plank around the light.

screwing Armstrong Easy Track to ceiling strapping with recessed light

Armstrong Ceilings also has a customer service hotline that you can call with questions.

Step 2: Mark Starting Point

The second step of the ceiling installation is to make a chalk line (see image above) to create your straight starting point.

Add your first ceiling plank (we started in the middle of the wall) using the clips to fasten the plank to the track.

Work your way to the end of wall and cut a smaller piece to fit at the end. 

Be sure to stagger your ceiling plank seams as shown below.

Step 3: How to Cut Ceiling Plank Recessed Light Holes

The third Step involves cutting around recessed lights or along the edges near the wall.

cutting around recessed lights shiplap ceiling planks

The process of cutting out the holes for the recessed lights is a little time consuming so depending on how many recessed lights you have, the installation may be quicker.

We used a utility knife and hand saw blade to cut the ceiling planks and staggered the seams to create the shiplap look we were going after. 

white ceiling plank cut with a utility knife

This tongue and groove ceiling is lightweight and they are fastened to the tracks with a clip. 

white shiplap ceiling planks Armstrong easy track and clips

As you can see above the planks fit into each other (tongue and groove) and the clip slides over the edge of the plank to hold it in place. Easy peasy!

white shiplap ceiling planks Armstrong easy track and clips

Our ceiling space was about 900 square feet which encompasses both the kitchen and living room. 

white tongue and groove ceiling planks installed on vaulted ceiling by man in blue shirt

The entire kitchen shiplap ceiling installation took about 6 hours with two people.

Jessica Bruno installing ceiling planks

Shiplap Ceiling Ideas

1. Basement

Many are installing shiplap ceiling products over popcorn ceilings in basements or simply to add a farmhouse style to vaulted or cathedral ceilings. 

2. White Shiplap Ceiling

If you have been following along on our split level home renovation, the newly vaulted kitchen and living room shiplap ceiling is gorgeous! The white shiplap ceiling planks are stylish, lightweight and can be installed using the Armstrong Easy Up Track Clip System or with adhesive (see instructions for best installation method based on your project).

Shiplap on a ceiling offers a variety of styles depending on the material used. If you are looking for a modern farmhouse look, this is DIY project is for you!

3. Vaulted Shiplap Ceiling

A vaulted shiplap ceiling is a unique and stylish design element that can bring charm to any home.

This type of ceiling features horizontal wood planks that are placed at an angle to create a dramatic v-shaped effect. The result is a beautiful, rustic look that adds character and warmth to any living space while also providing enhanced acoustic benefits for sound absorption.

white shiplap installation armstrong ceilings screwing easy up track to ceiling joist

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bathroom shiplap ceiling with glass shower doors
Solid wood shiplap ceiling and walls (with moisture resistant paint)

How much does a shiplap ceiling cost?

A shiplap ceiling cost depends on the type of product or material you buy plus installation cost. For a faux wood product like this, you will pay between $4 and $7.50 a square foot plus labor costs to install. You can also save on the labor if you install yourself. 

white shiplap ceiling planks Armstrong easy track and clips

FAQs about Shiplap Ceilings

Yes, depending on what type of material used will determine the installation method. If you are using pine wood cut to strips, you will use screws to fasten to the studs. In our case, we used faux shiplap tongue and groove that attached to clips and ceiling strapping.

You will need to weigh the cost difference of a sheetrock ceiling vs a shiplap ceiling. In most cases, sheetrock will be cheaper. However, if you are planning to cut inexpensive pine wood and install on the ceiling yourself with a finish nailer/nail gun, the cost difference may be minimal. It all depends on the scope and type of materials used.

These ceiling planks would also be great installed over a popcorn ceiling, drywall and even a new construction ceiling. Ceiling planks are also perfect for older homes as you can hide any imperfections in the existing ceiling or wall.

Here is a look below at the final vaulted kitchen remodel (click here) and living room shiplap ceiling and white cabinets.

split level kitchen remodel with island and vaulted ceiling
split level kitchen living room layout, platinum wall color by Behr, natural oak flooring, vaulted ceiling with recessed lights

A wood floor and shiplap kitchen ceiling that ties in with an adjoining living room creates a cohesive feel and helps the rooms flow together.

How to Install a Shiplap Ceiling (Print Tutorial)

Learn how to install a shiplap ceiling with step by step instructions using tongue and groove, clips and a metal track system.
Print Instructions
cutting around recessed lights ceiling planks


Supply List

  • Ceiling tracks
  • Shiplap boards & clips

Instructions : Step by Step

Position ceiling tracks

  • Screw the ceiling tracks into place. If installing shiplap on an unfinished ceiling, place it going the opposite direction of the strapping.

Find the starting point

  • Add a straight line using a chalk line or string to make it easy to position the shiplap evenly.

Add the shiplap panels

  • Clip the first row into place, then position the next rows following a staggered pattern. Trim any edge pieces to fit flush against the wall. Continue clipping and adding the shiplap panels until you cover the entire surface.

Make holes for recessed lighting

  • Use a hand saw blade and utility knife to cut holes for recessed lighting.


If you are installing shiplap tongue and groove boards on an existing ceiling, install the tracks following the instructions above and add the shiplap panel. You do not have to remove the sheetrock or drywall!
My favorite source for shiplap ceilings is Armstrong because their tongue and groove system is so easy and straightforward. Plus, the shiplap is high quality and looks fantastic. Armstrong will provide you will all the instructions and information you’ll need and their kits even work on sloped ceilings.
Author: Jessica Bruno

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  1. What brand of flooring do you use?

    1. Are you talking about these floors in this blog post? These are existing floors that we are having refinished to a white/gray finish.

  2. Ariana Curiel says:

    I live in a traditional split level home with the entrance, kitchen, living room and dining room on the main level. I like the idea of vaulted ceiling in the kitchen and dining room but am concerned about losing attic space. At 1600 sq ft my house does not have enough storage space. Would I lose storage space by installing a vaulted ceiling?

    Thank you for your blog. I am on the lookout for anything that would improve my 1962 split-level!

    1. we still had storage on the other half of the house (the hallway/bedrooms/bathroom) end. we only vaulted the kitchen/dining/living room area.

  3. Hello, beautiful renovation! We are trying to figure out what trim color to use. What is the trim paint color that you guys are using in the house? Thank you!!

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