Living Room Remodel With Chantilly Lace Paint

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Today I am sharing our lake house living room remodel with Chantilly Lace paint by Benjamin Moore and the before and after is amazing! Over the course of a few months, we removed a partition wall in the living room which added a little more square footage to the space and painted the dark stained wood planks the best white color (in my opinion), Chantilly Lace.

Chantilly Lace is a very neutral white paint color providing a clean crisp white that is not yellowish yet not stark white. It’s literally the perfect neutral white color.

Living Room Remodel Before and After

If you missed the post where we tore down the wall, be sure to click through this post why we knocked down an interior wall, to see that entire process.

Here is the living room kitchen area below when we bought the lake house(see lake house purchase post here) last Fall. The walls and vaulted ceiling were dark stain planks and while it was a cute cabin style look, we wanted a more modern coastal feel. That’s where Chantilly Lace paint came to the rescue!

This is a picture below from the real estate listing that shows the plank wall that we removed behind the couch.

lake house rental log cabin stained plank walls living room kitchen

This is a picture below that I took the day we bought the house. Our dog was making himself right at home!

lake house rental log cabin stained plank walls living room kitchen

As you can see above, there was a wall behind the couch – that is the wall we knocked down. The removal of the wall allowed us to add a side entrance door and add 4 feet of floor space to the living room. 4 feet might not sound like much but when you are dealing with an open space and trying to make it feel bigger (and fit more people), 4 feet of floor space is a lot!

Here is the new open concept kitchen living room below after we painted in Chantilly Lace white paint.

I absolutely love this living room before and after project!

I think the before and after is so dramatic and absolutely gorgeous. If you missed the post about the kitchen remodel in this home, be sure to click through this post lake house kitchen remodel on a budget and read about how Jim surprised me one Friday afternoon and how this space became what it is now, white! It was the best surprise ever! :).

I think the entire space including the vaulted ceiling was 15 gallons of Chantilly Lace paint. We did apply 2 coats of white primer first. The stain on the original walls didn’t want to cooperate but 2 coats of primer did the trick. If you have ever painted over stain, especially with white paint, you know what I mean!

Coastal Living Room Ideas

To get the modern coastal look we added neutral coastal elements through color and texture. The overall color pallet is white, brown, blue and green. Variations of these four colors help give a coastal feel and look to any space. Home decor and adding new design elements to a space from scratch can get expensive if you are not careful. Most of these home decor finds are from Amazon and very affordable.

For those of you wondering, the very cool 24″ blue leather top counter stools can be found here, the woven rope light pendants ( I LOVE them!) can be found here and the ceiling fan here.

Here is the view below of the living room from the kitchen when we first bought the house. The far wall was brick and the only access door was the door in the far right corner. The wall behind the couch provided a barrier between a bedroom, a tiny hallway that led to the bathroom and a loft storage space. If you look closely on the left, you will see a homemade ladder with carpet leading to the loft.

lake house rental log cabin stained plank walls living room kitchen

Here is the living room after we removed the wall!

Isn’t it amazing!?

We decided to add another side entrance to the living room in the far left corner with a new modern half glass door, a set of windows and we added a new wall (near the door) to create a smaller bedroom.

The living room with Chantilly Lace wall paint looks so much cleaner and modern. We decided to leave the beam color stained as it was when we bought the house as it coordinated perfectly with the white paint. The contrast is beautiful!

The blue coastal accent chairs (you can find them here) added the perfect coastal texture to the space while providing function and comfort. I did have to put them together but it took me under 15 minutes a chair. They are a great price, look good and are sturdy. The leather sofa (this one is similar) is from our local furniture store and the textured 8×10 Jute and sisal rug can be found here (this one is a little cheaper and similar!). The coffee table was a score from Homegoods for under $100. I added 2 coats of clear polyurethane to help protect it from glass/water stains. The cute lake pillow covers can be found here on Amazon.

By the way, the new bedroom below (the space near the exterior door above) is the cutest little nautical bunk room ever. The bedroom is small so a swing door was going to take up a lot of space so we opted for the pocket door. Isn’t it cute? Here is a quick peek at the bedroom below.

All of the interior doors are from Masonite and are solid core featuring a 2 panel Logan style (you can see them here)which are absolutely gorgeous! We painted all the doors Chantilly Lace as well for a seamless transition between the trim and walls. I will be sharing a full door post soon featuring the installation process of the new doors.

The blue plaid bunk bed bedding can be found here and the iron bunk bed frame here.

All of the bedding, furnishings and home decor mostly came from Amazon, Wayfair, Target and Homegoods.

How To Renovate a Living Room On A Budget

  1. One of the first things to consider when remodeling a living room, especially an open concept kitchen living room, is whether or not removing an interior wall is an option. If you have a partition wall that is not load bearing like ours, you can easily have someone remove that for not a lot of money. If it’s a load bearing wall, then that may be a little pricey. Click through this post, remove a load bearing wall, to see the cost associated with our flip house/split level kitchen remodel.
  2. Updating interior doors is also a must when renovating a living room if your budget allows. All of the interior doors for this remodeling project were provided by Masonite and they are solid core 2 panel livingston style (see this post, why we chose solid core interior doors for more door details).
  3. Paint is your best friend when remodeling any space. Changing the wall color and painting the trim and doors are a few of the easiest most cost effective ways to update a space.
  4. Purchasing quality furnishings from Wayfair or Amazon will save you money. You do need to hunt though online for quality as some of the furniture pieces will not be constructed of solid wood and/or have less than favorable ratings. You also will most likely have to put things together too. Honestly, if you spend time reading the reviews, you can usually get a good idea of the quality and many provide pictures of the product in their space.

Here is the view from the new exterior door. The living room and kitchen have a beautiful view of the lake and the entire back wall is all windows. Jim made the floating stone fireplace wall so we would have a spot to hang a tv and electric fireplace insert. That Jimbo of mine is pretty talented! 🙂

The black modern ceiling fan ended up working out perfectly as it’s simple, sleek design coordinated nicely with the rope woven light pendants. Our overall theme for the house is modern coastal with the bedrooms sporting a hint of farmhouse. I’m not sure if there is such a design theme of modern coastal farmhouse but that is somehow what we ended up with in the bedrooms. I will share the bedrooms soon, they are the cutest ever!

Living Room Remodel Ideas With Fireplace

When we bought the house, there was a small TV mounted up high between the windows (see below picture) on a swing arm and while it served the purpose, I wasn’t exactly loving it. The picture below is really dark, I tried to lighten it but the glare from the windows made it difficult to see. The old deck below was in need of some major TLC which I will also be sharing soon!

We were torn by adding a fireplace wall because we didn’t want to obstruct the gorgeous view but ultimately (after weeks of back and forth) we decided to add a stone accent wall to create a spot for a TV and an electric fireplace insert.

Essentially, this stone fireplace is a floating and because it sits in the middle of a glass wall full of windows, the backside of the fireplace shows to outside. So, we ended up making a stone fireplace wall identical to this one outside on the deck. I will share a DIY stone fireplace wall tutorial soon!

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This living room remodel with Chantilly Lace paint has proved itself worthy of one of the best transformations yet! Even if we had not torn down the partition wall, the new white paint on the ceiling and walls provided a fresh modern feel and completely transformed the space.

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  1. Beautiful remodel! I’m trying to figure out what that is against the stair wall. Is it something that can close off the stairs? Just wondering because we need to figure out a way to close off our basement stairs so that our grandson won’t fall down the stairs.

    1. Thanks! We are loving how it came out 🙂 Are you talking about the metal black baluster rails and handrail?

  2. I love everything! Where did you purchase the wall clock?

  3. Susan Toto says:

    That house remodel is amazing!

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