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How to spray paint a rocking chair {navajo white}

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Today I am sharing how to spray paint a rocking chair a Navajo White color. Painting furniture is one of the easiest ways to spruce up a tired piece of furniture.   We have all new kitchen cabinets coming this week which is kind of starting to freak me out. More on that soon! If you follow along with us regularly, you may know that we are an ambassador for HomeRight. I absolutely love their products and they make DIY projects so easy. We had a couple rocking chairs in need of new paint so I used my finish max pro sprayer and made the rocking chairs beautiful again.

how to spray paint a rocking chair with Navajo White Paint

The chair is probably 15 years old and has been left outside in the rain on more than one occasion. We usually keep them in our pool house or on our covered porch but the weather still beats on them.

How to spray paint a rocking chair {navajo white}

Painting Step by Step guide

I lightly sanded the chairs to get off any loose paint. You can also use a palm sander if you have a large area to sand.

How to spray paint a rocking chair HomeRight Paint Sprayer

Clean off any dust from sanding with a cloth and start spraying.

How to spray paint a rocking chair with a sanding block, sanding an old weathered wood chair

Total time to complete the project, under one hour.

How to spray paint a rocking chair with a HomeRight Paint Sprayer

Navajo white paint by Benjamin Moore is a timeless shade of creamy white with a slight yellow undertone. It’s a warm white but is a neutral white color.

Spray Painting Steps for a smooth finish

I used exterior latex paint in navajo white and applied 2 coats.

Setting up the HomeRight sprayer takes less than 5 minutes and cleanup is so simple. I can’t even imagine painting this chair by hand. Now that would be painful! The sprayer allows you to achieve a custom finish very quickly.

How to spray paint a wood rocking chair in one hour navajo white

The dry time is minimal as the paint sprayer leaves a fine smooth finish. Once the first coat was dry, I applied another. My grandfather was watching me as I took this sad rocking chair and turned it into something beautiful in no time at all. He said, “good job kid, I am glad you didn’t throw it out, it’s looks brand new again.” He is from the era of “save everything and dispose of nothing.” I am with him all the way when it comes to making something old, look new again.

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  1. Beautiful! I love the little nook it is sitting in. We have a couple of those rocking chairs and they are so comfortable, well worth saving! 🙂 I had to laugh at your paint splattered leg, I spend half of my life like that! 🙂

  2. Jessica I love how the rocker turned out. Wow! I think I am going to invest in one .. You are the umpteenth person … Lol…to write about how easy it is to paint with. Good job ! 🙂

  3. I know this is an older post, love to hear the amount of time invested in sanding? I have 8-12 director chairs I saved from the dump. I feel overwhelmed every time I think about how to sand -8 are painted white, and a lot of spots its worn out. 4 are wood and varnished. I had 2 power hand held, and it seemed a project just trying to sand one?

  4. I do not have a power gun for stapling. Can you suggest an alternative?

  5. Teresa Young says:

    Can you please share exactly which Home Right Spray model you used? Perhaps give the model number.
    There are so many out there, and many have horrible reviews…..

    1. Hi there! This project was a few years ago at my old house and I left the sprayer for the new owners! I am not sure on the model # but I can look back in the post to see if I showed a close up of the product that may indicate the type of sprayer.