Cheap and Easy DIY Board and Batten Bathroom Tutorial

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Transforming your bathroom with a DIY board and batten treatment is our latest project at the ranch house remodel.  This home improvement project not only adds character to your home but is also surprisingly doable, even if you’re new to the DIY world.

Let’s take a look at how we remodeled this small bathroom into a modern spa like retreat.

board and batten bathroom with PVC
I love this small board and batten bathroom makeover using PVC

What Kind of Wood Do You Use for Board and Batten in a Bathroom?

When it comes to choosing the right materials, the type of wood you select plays a key role.

Board and batten refers to the “board” being the wall pieces and the “batten” being the vertical boards or strips. 

Over the years, I have done several board and batten projects and used both pine boards and MDF boards. 

However, for our bathroom project, we decided to take a slightly different route. 

PVC board and batten is not only an inexpensive way to add visual appeal to a bathroom but it’s super functional as it can withstand bathroom humidity.

The basement bathroom below was in desperate need of an update and once we removed the wall paper and tile, the existing walls were in rough shape.

Its moisture resistance is nothing short of a game-changer, ensuring your beautiful bathroom stays that way for years to come.

small 1950s bathroom makeover

The newly remodeled bathroom featuring a board and batten wall treatment looks amazing!

It’s hard to believe it’s the same bathroom.

diy board and batten bathroom makeover
Perfect DIY board and batten bathroom tutorial for even a beginner

This is a terrible before picture (it’s a screen shot of a video) but I wanted you to see how the shower was prior to the remodel!

small bathroom shower makeover

The new bathroom shower features the same floor tile around the shower offering a big impact!

Pretty spectacular right?

small bathroom shower makeover
bathroom makeover with walk in tile shower
small bathroom shower makeover
small bathroom makeover with board and batten and custom tile shower

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Board and Batten in Your Bathroom

Ready to get started?

You will need your board and batten supplies from your local home improvement store, a nail gun (we used a brad nailer as the nail heads are small and easy to fill with wood filler), braid nails, liquid nails and a stud finder. 

Preparing Your Space:

Begin by clearing your bathroom walls of any fixtures and ensuring a smooth surface. 

After removing the wallpaper and old tiles from the walls, Jim filled in the holes with joint compound and smoothed everything out with sanding, creating a perfect surface to attach the PVC board to.

Measuring and Cutting Your Boards:

Measure the length of your wall and cut your boards accordingly.

diy board and batten bathroom tutorial

Remember, accurate measurements are key to a seamless look.

Fasten your board pieces first to the wall and then add your baseboard.

diy board and batten bathroom makeover

Then add the vertical batten pieces adhering with construction adhesive and then reinforce with braid nailer.

Be sure to space out the batten pieces the same distance throughout the bathroom.

diy board and batten bathroom tutorial
diy board and batten bathroom

Attaching Boards and Battens:

Next step, use a brad nailer, brad nails and construction adhesive (we used liquid nails) attach your boards and battens securely. 

diy board and batten bathroom tutorial

The Finishing Touches:

Apply wood filler to nail holes and seal edges with paintable caulk.

diy board and batten bathroom tutorial
diy board and batten bathroom

Choosing the right paint color is the final step in bringing your vision to life. We painted ours pure white, the same color as the trim for a seamless look.

Just a quick tip: make sure the material you choose for your board and batten is suitable for painting!

Floor to Ceiling Board and Batten in Bathroom: Elevating Small Spaces

There are several different ways to install board and batten.

One of my favorite tricks to make a small space appear larger is opting for floor-to-ceiling board and batten. 

diy board and batten bathroom tutorial
DIY board and batten bathroom

This design technique not only creates the illusion of height and space but also adds a seamless look that’s both elegant and timeless. 

Usually, when you’re going for a board and batten style on sheetrock walls, all you really need are the vertical battens because the sheetrock is your “board.”  Check out how I tackled this by installing vertical battens in our dining room at our old house. I added a top board too, setting it up at three-quarters of the wall’s height.

For this bathroom diy project though, the ceiling height was just under 8′ so we wanted to draw the eye all the way up the wall to give the illusion the small bathroom was larger.

board and batten bathroom with PVC

This is an easy way, without breaking the bank, to add character to a blank wall.

Whether you are installing board and batten in a bedroom, a guest bathroom, living room or dining room, this wall treatment is a great way to elevate any room in your home.

The Advantages of Using PVC Board and Batten

Choosing PVC board and batten for your bathroom isn’t just about battling humidity—it’s also about ease of maintenance and longevity. 

Unlike traditional wood, PVC won’t warp or rot over time. 

Plus, it’s incredibly easy to clean, which is always a win in my book. PVC board and batten ensures your space not only looks fabulous but is also practical for everyday use.

Why Install Board and Batten in Your Bathroom?

One of the biggest reasons we opted for a batten wall treatment in this bathroom was the wall texture was rough and typical of older homes. 

diy board and batten bathroom tutorial

It’s always a good idea to way the pros and cons of material cost when remodeling a bathroom in an older home as you may be able to save money by using PVC board and batten. 

This easy DIY board and batten project not only adds visual interest but also a touch of sophistication to your bathroom. Once we painted the bathroom white and installed the new tile and vanity, the overall vibe was clean and modern .

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