The Ranch Style House Interior Is Gutted!

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The ranch style house interior is gutted and wow, it’s looking so good! Remodeling a ranch style house from a 1950’s style to a modern day showpiece often times requires removing walls, old tile and gutting just about the entire house.

Depending on the layout, you may be able to get by with minimal structure “re-design” which will save you money in the long run.

Over the last few weeks, Jim and his crew have removed just about every aspect of the interior related to 1950. The progress has been amazing so lets take a look at the current state of the ranch interior!

FAQs about Ranch Style Homes

Modernizing a ranch style house starts with updating the kitchens and baths along with opening up walls to create an open concept. You will see that we opted to widen the doorways between the rooms and add an arch to soften the transition between the rooms.

Installing arch doorways and an open concept kitchen will give character to a ranch style house. Creating a spacious floor plan that allows for a less boxy feel will not only add character to a ranch but also modernize the home.

Ranch Remodel Ideas

Replace & Enlarge Front Door

A home improvement project like replacing your front door (similar to how we enlarged the front door entrance at the split level house) is one of the easiest ways to modernize any style house.

ranch house front door with narrow black scrolling door

The existing front door was fairly old so we decided to install a larger more modern door with a sidelight from the Remodelers Outlet in Fall River, Ma. Click through this post, how to install a wider prehung exterior door, to see the new front entry!

cutting a front door rough door frame with a sawzall

Jim reframed the front door rough opening to fit the new door which I will share soon.

Enlarge The Entryway

The existing floor plan had arched doorways in the dining room and kitchen which we loved but the door widths were very narrow making the rooms feel closed off.

The view below is from the front door entryway.

1950 ranch style house with interior arched doorways, removing old wallpaper and modernizing

The view below is the same wall above (from the opposite side) after removing the existing sheetrock and exposing the studs.

For a ranch, the original floorplan was quite nice but still boxy feeling.

Enlarge The Hallway

  1. Open up the hallways by increasing arch doorway width
  2. Remove non-load bearing wall at front door to open into living room increasing entry way space

Here is the hallway before looking into the living room and the dining room (to the right).

removing wallpaper in a dated 1950s ranch style house

Here is the same wall above, shown below once the sheetrock was removed.

ranch house interior demolition, removing walls between dining room and kitchen

Living Room Remodel

  1. Widen arches and create open concept
  2. Vault the ceiling

The living room view to the hallway and dining room before.

1950 ranch house living room with arched doorway

In an effort to keep the charming feel but create a more open look, we decided to remove the walls and reframe the arches creating a more open feel between the kitchen, dining room and living room.

Ranch style house interior demolition removing walls in between living room , dining room and kitchen

The new arch transition between the rooms will create character and visual interest vs a boring standard opening with trim.

By keeping part of the wall in tact, we were able to save money by not removing the load bearing beam. If you remember, we removed the load bearing beam at the split level house remodel which eliminated the kitchen and dining room walls. This was a costly decision but necessary to accomplish the cathedral open concept.

ranch house renovation with walls between living room and dining room removed, ceiling in living room removed to create a vaulted ceiling

If you have the extra budget to open up the ceiling in the living room, consider it! We were able to remove the ceiling and expose beams to create an open concept living room which is going to look amazing when it’s finished.

As of right now, we still need to add new sheetrock and plaster but you can see, the openings are much wider!

Ranch Kitchen Remodel

  1. Close up window above sink
  2. Relocate heat register on left wall
  3. Install larger window on left wall and new full view door
  4. New U shaped cabinet layout with peninsula
  5. New cabinets, appliances

The existing kitchen layout was fairly basic sporting a traditional L style.

1950 ranch kitchen before

We decided to remove the window over the sink and relocate the heat register in order to create a U shaped kitchen with a small peninsula.

Removing all the cabinets and appliances took these guys about 1 hour which was crazy fast. I could not believe how quick the kitchen disappeared!

small ranch house kitchen demolition

As you can see below, the space now is ready for a full kitchen install with the sink being on the left wall under the new window, the range will be where the current window is and the refrigerator will be on the right side wall.

ranch house kitchen demolition and gutted

The new layout increased storage and provides a modern day style kitchen.

Click through this post, white kitchen cabinets with white countertops to see the full before and after makeover.

Ranch Bathroom Renovation

  1. remove everything down to the studs
  2. keep the tub and glaze
  3. new vanity, fixtures, lighting
  4. tile around tub and install glass doors
  5. install tile flooring
1950s pink bathroom at ranch style house

Removing the pink tile, pink toilet and sink was like being in a time warp. I know this bathroom was probably spectacular back in the day. Most everything in the house was the best of the best over 80 years ago when it was built.

1950s dated pink bathroom being demolished for renovation

Jim’s crew member loves demo!

removing pink tile from around a tub during bathroom renovation

In a couple hours, they had this bathroom totally gutted.

small bathroom being gutted for bathroom renovation

The basement is currently being finished incorporating another living space, enlarging the bedroom with additional windows, a laundry room and a full bathroom renovation. I will share the lower level progress soon!

Get caught up on the rest of our ranch home remodel by visiting the links below.

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In addition to everything I just shared, we installed larger windows, new exterior doors and board and batten siding making this cute little ranch well on its way to a modern ranch home.

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  1. Can’t wait to see how this turns out! We just bought a 50s rancher too and it needs some updating. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hi Rachelle! You are welcome and I’ll be sharing updates over the next 30 days πŸ™‚ Ranches are so fun to update, lots of potential! Have fun updating yours πŸ™‚

  2. Can’t wait to see the after of all your hard work!

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