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Camper Deck Ideas {our camper}

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Building a deck attached to a camper is a great way to extend your camper indoor living space. Today I am sharing our camper deck ideas and how we added a deck to our own camper. Whether you have a 5th wheel, travel trailer or a park model home, a camper with a deck provides additional storage and an outdoor living space for entertaining. 

Camper Deck Ideas

Our camper is now set up at a seasonal campsite on a lake. The camper deck needs to be re-braced and about 2 feet added on to line up with where the camper is situated. Ideally, we would like to be able to walk out of the camper, directly on the deck. I have rounded up some of my favorite decks as inspiration to keep my dad motivated. 

This is a 5th wheel camper below (you can see the built in storage under the bunk part below) and it’s such a great idea to use vinyl columns as the bracing for the camper deck roof structure. 

I love how you can walk right out to the deck from this camper and the tin roof creates a covered porch area.

deck ideas camper raised deck Source

This isn’t a camper shown below but the lower portion of the deck would be suitable for what we need.

deck ideas camper + sunroom


This floating camper deck below is perfect for a step down option from this Airstream. The existing deck that we are currently working with is already raised but we may end up using our camper stair to create the stairway area.

deck ideas camper airstream


deck ideas camper ground level Source

Isn’t this next deck option clever? They actually wrapped the trailer in stained wood.

deck ideas camper stained wrapped deck


Here is the deck below that we need to fix. This is the before picture prior to us removing some of the rotted boards. I can’t wait to get this deck stained and setup with outdoor furniture. We are hoping at some point to screen in a section to increase the living space. When my parents are staying over, it would be great to have the screened area for sleeping. We can all fit inside but lets just say, it’s a bit to cozy :).

our campsite and home for the summer-8

Our camper with a deck

Updated: Here is our camper with a deck after we fixed it! This was our first travel camper and we used the awning as a roof. You can see here how we repaired and made wooden RV steps into the camper. 

our campsite in the snow {before & after winter-summer}

Here is the backside of the camper deck. 

campsite + deck makeover before and after

You can see the floating stairs above that lead to the camper. See tutorial on how we built the steps here

The campsite renovation chaos starts today, I hope it goes smoothly! We need to keep in mind that whatever we build, we need to be able to pull the camper out for maintenance as well as visiting other campsites. The structure essentially needs to be “floating” and we need the ability to just “pull up” to the structure. Feel free to share ideas, we are new to this camping thing ;).

Click here to see full campsite + deck full reveal {before and after} or click this search term “camp” to see all our camper and campsite projects.  

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