Best Camper Deck Ideas

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Building a deck attached to a camper is a great way to extend your camper indoor living space. Today I am sharing our camper deck ideas and how we added a deck to our own camper. Whether you have a 5th wheel, travel trailer or a park model home, a camper with a deck provides additional storage and an outdoor living space for entertaining. 

During our camping days when my son was younger, we had our camper set up at a local seasonal campsite on a lake. RV living was a blast and honestly, I sometimes miss it. The memories we made as a family were amazing and I feel so lucky to have had the experience.

FAQs about RV Decks

Yes, adding a deck to an RV or camper is as simple as building a platform and a set of stairs leading to the RV. Attaching the stairs to the deck will allow you to park the RV or camper next to the deck.

RV Deck Ideas

Our seasonal campsite below had an existing deck that was rotted and needed to be rebuilt. The deck was built on top of a small hill that had bracing that also needed to be rebuilt.

The campsite was a mess but the view was amazing!

our campsite and home for the summer-8
campsite overlooking lake

We started our camping adventures with a Winnebago travel camper which we upgraded to a Kropf Park Model Home two years later.

I searched travel trailer rv deck ideas for days looking for ways to build a deck and found many rv ideas which with a little tweaking, would work for our campsite setup.

Here is our camper below after we rebuilt the existing deck and built wooden RV steps. We used the awning on the camper as a roof which worked great keeping the debris from the trees off the deck.

our campsite in the snow {before & after winter-summer}

Here is the backside of the camper deck. 

campsite + deck makeover before and after

Once we parked our camper next to the deck, we quickly realized the existing deck was too low so my dad built a new platform directly on top of the deck to increase the height.

You can see the floating stairs above that lead to the camper. See tutorial on how we built the steps here

If you are building a camper deck, be sure to keep in mind that whatever you build, the structure essentially needs to be “floating” and have the ability to just “pull up” to the structure.

RV Porch Ideas

Once we upgraded our travel trailer to a park model home, we invested in a screened porch with a canvas roof. This option was roughly $3200 but well worth the investment because it added additional square footage to our park home allowing for a fully covered outdoor space.

Our park model below was more of a “house” and not considered a travel trailer or rv. You will see that we painted our deck gray as the brown stain we originally had with our travel trailer didn’t match the park home.

2016 Park Model Island Series Loft For Sale

Camper Decks

1. Metal Roof Deck Cover

This is a 5th wheel rv below (you can see the built in storage under the bunk part below) and it’s such a great idea to use vinyl columns as the bracing for the camper deck roof structure. 

I love how you can walk right out to the deck from this camper and the tin roof creates a covered roof area.

deck ideas camper raised deck
source unknown

2. Deck with Attached Porch

The deck shown below would be a great solution for an RV porch if spaced allowed. We are not allowed to build permanent structures at our campsite but if you are, this is a nice setup! 

deck ideas camper + sunroom


3. Ground Level Platform Deck

The ground level camper deck below is perfect for a step down option from this Airstream.

deck ideas camper airstream
source unknown

4. Wrap Around Deck

Isn’t this next deck option clever? They actually wrapped the trailer in stained wood. A wrap around deck is a great idea to hide items placed under the rv for storage.

deck ideas camper stained wrapped deck


RV patio ideas can range from simple to elaborate depending on the space available and budget. Even if you have a small deck area, you can create a cozy outdoor space with string lights, outdoor rugs and camping chairs. If you want to step things up a notch, invest in wicker outdoor furniture and a variety of solar outdoor lighting as well as a firepit.

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