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Ikea Gold Shelving With Rust-oleum Spray Paint

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Today I am showing you my do-it-yourself Ikea gold shelving with Rust-oleum spray paint. For under $140, I updated black metal glass shelving unit to a gorgeous gold color with wood shelves. I replaced the thin glass that came with the shelving unit for plywood shelves that I painted white. 

Ikea Hack Vittsjo shelving {spray paint + wooden shelf}

Ikea Shelf Hack

We needed a small shelving unit on either side of our fireplace in in the playroom and these shelves were perfect but they were the wrong color and had glass shelving.

Gold shelves are expensive to buy, even at Ikea. Black shelves from Ikea are the most cost effective and if you enjoy DIY projects, you can update a metal shelving unit for little money.

Vittsjo IKEA Hack {spray paint + wooden shelves}

I purchased 2 Ikea Vittsjo black shelving units that were decent quality but the glass shelves seemed thin and flimsy so I opted to replace with wood.

The glass shelves would have been fine for lighter nicknacks but I wanted to store books and heavier objects so we cut plywood to fit the shelves that I painted white.

Ikea Hack Vittsjo shelving {spray paint + wooden shelf}

Spray Paint

I removed the glass shelves and spray painted 2 coats of gold Rust-oleum.

Ikea Hack Vittsjo shelving {spray paint + wooden shelf}

I picked a windy day to get these sprayed and I remember thinking, “why am I doing this right now?”

Ikea Hack Vittsjo shelving {spray paint + wooden shelf}

Plywood Shelves

To make the wood shelves, I used a large piece of plywood left over from a previous projects so my new shelves were free!

Ikea Hack Vittsjo shelving {spray paint + wooden shelf}

After two coats of paint on the top, sides and bottom, my new wooden shelves were finished.

Ikea Hack Vittsjo shelving {spray paint + wooden shelf}

DIY Ikea Gold Shelving with Rustoleum Spray Paint

How to spray paint Ikea black shelving gold and replace the glass shelves with wood.
Print Instructions
Ikea Hack Vittsjo shelving {spray paint + wooden shelf}

Supply List

Instructions : Step by Step

  • Remove glass shelving
  • Wipe down metal shelving unit to remove dust
  • Spray 2 coats of spray paint allowing each coat to dry thoroughly before applying next coat
  • Cut 1/4" plywood to size for wood shelving. I used the same measurements as the glass shelving
  • Prime the wood shelves with Zinsser Bin to ensure a smooth paint finish
  • I painted the wood shelves white to coordinate with the playroom wall color


  1. Consider applying a coat of Zinsser Bin before painting the wood
  2. Be sure to allow the shelves to dry thoroughly before adding to the shelving unit.
Author: Jessica Bruno
Cost: 140.00
Ikea Hack Vittsjo shelving {spray paint + wooden shelf}

The Ikea shelves painted gold are perfect for books, games and other smaller items that you would find in a playroom. Like I said earlier, the glass shelves would be fine for lighter items but I would not use glass in a playroom or for heavier objects.

Ikea Hack Vittsjo shelving {spray paint + wooden shelf}

For the cost of the metal shelves and spray paint, I was able to add functional storage that is designer friendly.

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  1. Hello, gorgeous!! I have a shelf from Ikea similar to that all in white. Yours looks so glamorous! It’s amazing the power of spray paint! 🙂

  2. I love the gold. I used to not really like it but I am starting to incorporate it more into my own home. This turned out really beautifully!

  3. Wow! What a great transformation! I love gold and white and it looks so great next to those bright pops of color! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jessie Anderson says:

    I love this! I also plan on buying a Vittsjo Shelving unit and doing exactly what you did! Thanks for the idea.

    PS: I also live about an hour and a half from the Stoughton IKEA. (I live in NH) I dread driving there especially since the traffic is so bad sometimes! 🙂

    1. Hi Jessie! Yes the traffic is horrible but well worth it once you get there 🙂

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