Cute Ranch House Remodel (Makeover)

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We bought a new ranch style house and our cute 1950’s ranch house remodel is underway. Today, I wanted to give you an interior tour before we start remodeling and share all of the features of this home. The inside is circa 1950/ 1960’s and is in very good shape, just dated. We bought this house in October as a flip and once we finish the renovation, we will be listing it for sale in Spring 2023.

This will be a full winter project and we will be sharing several home improvement tips, ideas and things to consider when planning a full house renovation.

1950’s Ranch Exterior

Built in the early 1950’s, this ranch had many decorative elements and architectural features that were were considered custom “back in the day.”

brown ranch house with yellow shutters, overgrown shrubs and large grass yard

This isn’t the best picture but as you can see, the landscaping is very overgrown and the house is hidden behind the large shrubs.

brown ranch house with overgrown shrubs covering the house

We will be removing all the existing landscape around the house and starting over to increase the curb appeal. The exterior siding is currently rotted in some spots and not salvageable so we will be installing new white windows with white board and batten siding similar to what we did at the split level flip house. Click through this post, “split level exterior before and after” to see that amazing transformation.

Ranch House Floor Plan

A ranch style house is customarily a one floor living area. This particular home has a finished basement that includes a large living room, bedroom, laundry room and full bathroom. While the square footage is only 1400, it feels a lot larger.

The home has a nice floor plan with two bedrooms on the first floor, a bathroom, kitchen, dining room and living room.

Typical ranches often have 3 bedrooms on the first floor but I like how this home has the third bedroom in the lower level. The house appears much larger on the first floor than a typical ranch would feel.

Currently the front door leads to a dining room with beautiful arched doorways and an oversized living room with a fieldstone fireplace.

Ranch Front Porch

I love a ranch house with a front porch! Big or small, it doesn’t matter – it gives the house architectural style!

Whether you are adding a front porch to a ranch or already have one, this feature can really enhance the curb appeal and set your house apart from every other ranch on the street.

old outdated 1950s ranch front door

The front entrance has nice a stone walkway and porch area which we will be keeping. We are planning to add recessed lights, a new wider front door and a few other surprises to modernize the front porch area.

Ranch Front Porch Update: Click through this post, how to install a wider prehung exterior door, to see the new door! The wider front door and modern style really dressed up this front porch entrance.

RELATED: If you are looking for home improvement projects regarding “increasing front door size,” click through to this post, how to increase width at your entrance here at a recent split-level home we remodeled.

Ranch House Remodel Interior

As you walk in the front door, there is a small entryway with a closet.

The large living room has a fieldstone fireplace that I believe the previous owner built himself back when the house was built. We are planning to add a door to the one car garage as right now, you need to go outside to enter the garage. Ranches don’t always have a garage so this is a bonus!

The left side of the fireplace will be removed to make room for the new door and we also plan to remove the ceiling creating an open vaulted ceiling. It’s going to look amazing!

We removed the ceiling at the split level house too and it really transformed the space. You can see that project by clicking through this post, “shiplap ceiling planks” to learn more.

1950s stone fireplace before updating

The living room looks into the dining room, hallway and kitchen.

We plan to remove the wall to the right making the entrance from the front door larger and increasing the width of the archway in the hallway and dining area.

Update: See how we removed some of the interior walls (not load bearing) and opened up the rooms!

dated ranch living room with arched doorways leading to the dining room.

1950’s Kitchen

The kitchen is super cute and I’m sure back in the day it was one of the most stylish! The vintage oven and wall paper is adorable!

1950's kitchen with vintage Kitchenaid appliances, brown cabinets, blue wall tile and floral wallpaper.

I love this archway with the flower wall paper! The corded phone reminds me of when I was a kid.

One of the biggest projects in this ranch house remodel will be gutting the kitchen and taking it down to the studs.

Originally, we planned to remove most of the walls but after visiting the house a few times, I really liked the arches so while Jim rolled his eyes at me, he agreed to keep them and make them larger 😍.

1950's kitchen with arch doorway, blue wall tile and blue/green wallpaper

The kitchen leads to a hallway where the bathroom and 2 bedrooms are located.

The hallway and stairway will be completely remodeled with a more open staircase and modern balusters. We will be adding recessed lighting throughout the house and painting all the interior walls and ceiling.

1950's small ranch stairway with half wall

Pink Bathroom #1

The pink bathroom reminds of the one at my parents house growing up as a kid. While pink tile and round glass pendants are super stylish right now, this bathroom still feels dated so everything will be removed and replaced.

You can tell that the previous homeowner (they lived here for over 70 years) took great pride in this home because every last detail was perfect, even wallpapered ceilings!

We plan to do something similar in this bathroom like we did at the split level flip house by adding tile around the bathtub and adding a new linen closet. Click through this post, “how to update a 5×8 bathroom and cost” to see exactly what we did.

1950's ranch dated pink bathroom with flower wallpaper.

The two bedroom are very large for a ranch and just need a coat of paint on the walls, trim and ceiling.

Bedroom #1

1950 ranch bedroom before remodel

We will replace the closet doors and once the new windows are installed, the rooms will be perfect.

Bedroom #2

1950 ranch bedroom before remodel

Basement Living Room

The basement is huge and is a walkout which is nice. We are planning to remove the ceiling to increase the height, add a sliding glass door and paint the walls an off white color to brighten up the space.

We we install luxury vinyl plank flooring and this space will look like a million bucks (see this basement remodel with vinyl planks post to learn more).

pine wood paneling wall in a basement with pine wrapped lally column

The lally columns are already wrapped in pine which is great!

Bathroom #2

This bathroom sink in the lower level reminds me of a jail bathroom- ha. It definitely needs updating so we will be removing everything and starting fresh.

1950s dated bathroom with black floors, utility sink, yellow subway wall tile and wall paper

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How Do You Modernize a Ranch Style Home?

Below are the ranch house remodel projects that are on the hit list to modernize this home over the next several months.

  • Paint the interior a fresh neutral white color
  • Installing new windows, exterior doors (sand interior doors
  • All new exterior siding (see how to update your exterior to learn more)
  • Existing porch makeover – accent wall
  • Stone or planks on porch exterior wall (to create an accent wall)
  • Replace garage door and stain to match new front door
  • Exterior makeover with new siding and shutters
  • Gutting the kitchen and installing new cabinets with better layout, countertops and fixtures
  • Gutting both bathrooms and installing new tile, tub/showers, vanities and fixtures
  • All new hardwood flooring throughout home
  • All new insulation to make the home more energy efficient
  • Increasing the width and height of all the archways through the home to make the rooms feel larger
  • Opening up the ceiling in the living room to create an open and airy room
  • Updating and modernizing the fireplace (if you have ideas, leave them in the comments below)
  • Removal of all wallpaper, sand walls and repaint entire interior
  • Update the stairway, balusters and railing to the finished lower level (like the split level home)
  • Enlarge the 3rd bedroom in the lower level
  • Remove the low panel ceiling in basement to create more height
  • All new luxury vinyl flooring in lower level (like we did here at the split-level house)
  • Add a new laundry room in lower level
  • All new interior and exterior lighting
  • Create an interior entrance to the garage

Get caught up on the rest of our ranch home remodel by visiting the links below.

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Needless to say, we have our work cut out for us with this small ranch house remodel but if you have been following us for the last couple few years, you know that we love taking dated homes and transforming them into beautiful modern showpieces. If you have any ranch remodel ideas of your own, feel free to leave them below in the comments.

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  1. Oh my gosh I felt like I was in my Aunt Mary Helen’s house when I was young. The pink bathroom and kitchen are exactly the same! And her house was in Illinois, far from this one!

    Can’t wait to see the results on your flip. I know it will be spectacular!

    1. haha that is funny! In 50 years “kids now” will be saying that about today’s design styles πŸ˜‚

  2. Jessica, I was raised in a split-level home constructed in 1964. We had a green bathroom and a yellow bathroom. Now it has all been remodeled and we call it just ‘the hall bathroom’ and the master bathroom. Not much of a master bathroom to be honest. That pink just brought back memories of my grandmother’s house.

    1. Isn’t it funny how we remember things from our childhood πŸ™‚ The pink bathroom reminded me of my own bathroom growing up as a kid.

  3. Beth Prokopf says:

    I can’t wait to see the finished project. I know it is going to look awesome. Every project you and Jimbo do looks like something out of a magazine.

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