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Lady Loft French Closet Doors with Magnetic Catch

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Today my dad and I are installing the french closet doors with magnetic catch in the Lady Loft. We partnered with Horner Millwork here in Massachusetts (check out their site for closet door ideas) and I am so happy to have fancy double swing wood doors for our new closet. I mean, bifold doors would have worked but something about double swing doors always catch my eye.

empty loft with slanted ceiling, sky light window, beige carpet and sectional

If you saw last weeks post, how to frame a closet with a slanted ceiling, you know that we added a closet to our loft. The loft project happened sort of by accident. If you read my blog post about my divorce last Sunday, you know that the last year or so sparked many changes. So what does a girl do when she gets divorced in her 40’s?

North Atlantic Corporation Horner Millwork truck delivering french closet doors

She rips apart rooms and creates amazing lady spaces! -ha. Just kidding, well kind of. My bedroom makeover with Nova White walls will be live on the blog soon and the Lady Loft which will encompass my office and new TV space is currently in the works.

If you missed the initial Lady Loft post, you can see the full Lady Loft before here.

Jessica Bruno screwing drywall to the 2x4 frame closet wall

Prehung Interior French Doors

A prehung door simply means the door comes put together with the hinges attached and hardware. You do not need to do anything except install the door into the door opening. Our closet door opening was 38″ so Horner Millwork sent us a prehung double swing door that measure 37 3/8″ which made my dad very happy. The french closet doors with magnetic catch are a great solution for any closet door opening.

wrapped wooden french closet doors with no stain on beige carpet

The prehung double closet door from Horner Millwork was delivered a couple days ago wrapped to perfection to prevent any damage. If you are in New England, specifically Massachusetts, you need to visit a Horner Millwork location. We have partnered with them several times in the past and they are amazing. If you missed our Patio French Doors Foyer Makeover and our new pool house french doors, you need to check out those posts.

The doors are gorgeous!

french closet doors double swing wrapped in cardboard for shipping

Choosing a door can be complicated whether it is for the interior or exterior and choosing wisely can help with your property value, especially when considering curb appeal.

French Closet Doors with magnetic catch

 I will share the magnetic catch feature once the door is installed but a few key features are:

  • No latch noise when opening and shutting door (unlike a roller/ball catch)
  • Completely concealed when door closed, no unsightly protruding strike plate lip
  • Adjustable magnet strength

wrapped wooden french closet doors with no stain

The Horner Millwork driver who delivered the french closet door is the same driver who delivered our exterior french patio doors 2 years ago at our old house. The first thing he said to me when he arrived was, “didn’t you live a mile up the street a couple years ago?” I laughed and said, “yep, we moved 22 driveways down the hill about a year ago.”

Jessica Bruno and Horner Millwork driver delivering french closet doors lady loft makeover

French Closet Doors with Magnetic Catch

Jessica Bruno nailing 2x4's every 16

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French Closet Doors vs Double Closet Doors

I always thought french doors were double doors that open outward (or inward by design). When googling french closet doors, the definition says a door with glass panes throughout its length however double swing doors are often referred to as french doors. Google shows french closet doors with the majority of the images as solid wood double swing doors. Technically speaking though, french doors have glass. Stay tuned, more to come this week.

Disclosure: This post is part of the Lady Loft series and the french closet door was sponsored by Horner Millwork. All opinions and words are 100% my own.


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