DIY Owl Tree Topper For A Christmas Tree

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A DIY owl tree topper is a fun and easy way to put a unique spin on your Christmas tree. Instead of a traditional bow or star, try a Christmas tree owl topper!

Lets take a look at how I used items from around my house, fresh greens and pinecones to create a beautiful owl tree topper.

DIY christmas decoration owl tree topper

Owl Tree Topper

This was the quickest and easiest DIY decoration ever.

I used an empty candle holder that I had purchased over the summer and filled it with fresh holiday greens to create a nest.

The beautiful thing about this candle holder was that the bottom had openings so all I had to do was slide it over the top of the tree.

DIY christmas decorations owl tree topper

I originally was thinking about cutting a hole in the middle of a basket and sliding it over the top of the tree stem but as I was shopping my house for that perfect basket, this candle holder jumped out at me.

It was perfect!

I used fresh boxwood, juniper and clippings from our Douglas fir tree.

Simply stuff them in the sides until you achieve a full nest look.

DIY christmas decorations owl tree topper

Once I was done filling the candle holder with fresh greens, I placed on top of the tree and attached the holder to the tree with crafting wire.

The owl surrounded by pinecones looks so fun!

If you are short on cash and looking for a way to spruce up your Christmas tree, try this owl topper!

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  1. This is too cute! I am so glad I found your tutorial via Pinterest!
    But, now I want THIS owl, hehe.
    Did you make or buy him? I wonder where I could find similar?


  2. Love the idea! I too have decided to do one of my 5 trees this year in the woodland theme. I have been buying owls everywhere I see them, but didn’t know what to do for a topper. Great idea!!!

    1. Yay , glad this might work out for you! It’s fairly simple and looks pretty cute 🙂

  3. Hello Jessica, this Owl ornament is adorable where can I buy all this ?? Pls advise !

    1. Hi, I think the owl is from HomeGoods or Pier One? It’s two years old but I know pier 1 has some similar. I just put it inside of a basket from HomeGoods and filled with greenery 🙂

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