White Flocked Christmas Tree Ideas Decorated 5 Ways

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Today is all about our White Flocked Christmas Tree Ideas Decorated 5 Ways!  A flocked Christmas tree features branches covered in a white powder that give the illusion that the tree is snow covered. There are several types of “flocked trees” some heavier in the white powder and some with less. I’m sharing our Christmas trees from past years and showing you how to get a full looking Christmas tree without breaking the bank!   

I recently shared a post, how to decorate a flocked Christmas tree, so be sure to click through that post for a handful of secret tips and snowy Christmas tree decoration ideas I learned along the way working as a prop stylist for Homegoods. 

Flocked Christmas Tree Ideas

Our Christmas tree from 2019 was more of a traditional classic look sporting a bright red bow and plaid Christmas ornaments from Target and Homegoods. 

flocked christmas tree decorated 5 ways , white black rug, red plaid ornaments, red cardinals, red vintage truck ornaments, red bow, pine wood logs, metal wood bucket, stone fireplace with fire

You can see this full Red Christmas room tour and holiday mantel here. 

What are the best flocked trees and where do you buy them?

My flocked Christmas tree is from Wayfair and I’ve had it for over 7 years now

The flock is still amazing and looks great. My tree is 59% off (2022) so it’s a great time to invest in a flocked Christmas tree if you have always wanted one! 

My White Flocked Alaskan Christmas Tree (this flocked tree is a little cheaper and really nice too!) | Red Satin Ribbon | Red tree picks

We also have this slim lined flocked tree from Amazon that my mom uses in her den. It’s a beauty and a little cheaper than the larger one we have. 

Flocked Christmas trees come in various versions of “flock.” I prefer the heavier flocked (the white stuff) Christmas trees. This one is also very nice and has a heavy flock. The 6.5′ tree size is also perfect for smaller spaces. 

It’s no secret that Christmas is my favorite holiday and I have been known to have multiple Christmas tree themes in our house during November and December. 

Designer Tip 1: Add Christmas tree picks or bunched ribbon to fill in the gaps on the tree

Adding tree picks or ribbon helps fill in the awkward openings that always seem to happen when decorating a Christmas tree.

The key to making the tree look professional is to fill in all the gaps! Large Christmas ornaments can also help fill in the gaps but they can be pricey. Christmas ribbon and/or tree picks are usually more affordable.

2. Farmhouse Flocked Christmas Tree

Here is the same white flocked Christmas tree from last year (2020) with a DIY burlap advent garland and tree picks as the Christmas tree topper.

flocked christmas tree, goldendoodles, red christmas ornaments, red pillows, black ottoman coffee table, stone fireplace, wood mantel, tv over mantel, white sectional

White knit Christmas stockings (buy on Amazon) 

See how I made the advent garland here.

See our 2020 Christmas living room and tree decorating ideas here. 

3. Coastal Blue Flocked Christmas Tree

Tell me this Coastal flocked Christmas tree isn’t the best (see full coastal dining room tour here)!!!? This is one of my favorite Christmas rooms from the past and I love how the burlap and jute roping look against the flocked tree. I used thick manila jute roping to achieve this look and you can get it here on Amazon.

Coastal Flocked Christmas tree with blue, silver and burlap ornaments

We have 3 flocked trees. I know, it’s a lot but in the past, brands were shipping trees to bloggers to decorate and I couldn’t turn down a flocked tree! 

My White flocked tree (cheaper alternative) | coastal ornament pack | jute roping | burlap ribbon 

Tour our Coastal Dining Room here. 

4. Flocked Christmas Tree with Gold Decorations 

Our red and gold Christmas living room with black and cardinals featured a rustic lodge theme which came out beautiful. This was the year before our bullmastiff died and he was featured in this space for Home Depot so it brings back a lot of memories :). 

Red + Gold Woodland Themed Christmas Tree and Family Room

My White flocked tree (cheaper alternative) | Red and Black Ribbon | Gold OrnamentsRed Cardinal Ornament

See our Red and Black plaid Christmas living tour here. 

5. White Owls and Pine Cone Flocked Christmas Tree 

A few years ago I decorated our foyer at our old house and these white owls (from Pottery Barn) looked so good on the flocked tree with scattered large pinecones and dark jute roping. 

our frosted fraser fir christmas tree

My White flocked tree (cheaper alternative) | White Owl Ornaments (alternative to mine) | Pinecones | Seagrass floor basket | dark roping

What is the best color scheme for a flocked Christmas tree?

For me personally, I think a red and gold flocked tree, blue and earth toned flocked tree and a gold and white flocked tree are amazing color schemes that are classic and stunning. Honestly though, a the white flock will look great with any color scheme, it’s all a matter of preference. If you are looking for more Christmas tree ideas, check out our 50+ Christmas trees galore post!! It’s an extensive list of amazing Christmas trees from around the web!

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  1. All great ideas. So beautiful. You’re getting me so excited for Christmas.

  2. Kim Beaulieu says:

    I absolutely love the one with the owls in it. So pretty!!

  3. Love all of them but the first one is my favorite.

  4. marilyn hull-parkes says:

    Thanks Jess they all look fabulous, but my favourite one has to be the Coastal Blue one and second the Owl and Pine Cone,s one,, and your dog is adorable,,

    1. Thank you Marilyn! I love the coastal blue too! It’s so bright and makes me think of warm weather! 🤪